Glass dream meaning

The glass in dreams is the symbol of security and stagnancy. The dream may show that you are trying to put invisible wall between you and others. Maybe there is some kind of situation that you are trying to protect yourself from or relationships you are tired of. The dream in which you see yourself drinking from the glass is a good dream, because it brings luck. If you look through the glass, then such dream points the openness you have while dealing with those around you. On the other hand, the dream could show the invisible wall you put between you and others. If you ate the glass in a dream, then such dream shows your apprehension, powerlessness and helplessness. You do not find the way to express your feelings and emotions. On the other hand, eating the glass in a dream could show the times of your life where you felt destroyed and turned away by others. The dream could also suggest you to be more aware the way you talk to others. There is a possibility that you are hurting others with your opinion and words.

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