Griffon dream meaning

The griffon in dreams is the symbol of something special. Everything that the dreamer has his best is presented in the griffon. All of the talents and great abilities are shown in the object of griffon. The griffin or griffon is the creature that is made of lion and eagle, therefore the characteristics these animals have are forwarded to the dreamer. The dreamer is strong and able to handle any situation he is going to get in. The dreamer is strong not only physically, but mentally either. The griffon as the symbol could also be associated with the symbol of the sun. Sun is something where all of the life is coming from. Otherwise, the sun can burn you, therefore the griffon can be interpreted as a very good omen and a bad omen. Perhaps the dream suggests you to use your abilities in a smart way, otherwise you or somebody else will get burned. The dream shows that you have special powers, therefore you should use them wisely and affectively.

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