Hand dream meaning

The hands in a dream represent your ability to connect with the outer world. The hands are also the part of communication, mostly used to express the emotions. The dream about hands could show the necessity to give a hand to those around you. It is known that the right hand is the symbol of manhood and the right one is a symbol of feminine factors of the dreamer. The dream, in which you were holding the hand of other person, indicates the strong bond, love and affection you have towards that particular person. The dream could also indicate the actual fear of being no longer in connection with that person. If you have abnormally large hands, then such dream symbolizes the proficiency in your life. If you hands were closed, then it might show you are hiding something or have made the acceptance about something. If your hands are hairy, rough, then such dream suggests you to be more intelligent and softer with people you are making deals. In a dream, to see your hand being dirty, denotes to the guilt and fault you are carrying with yourself. If you were washing your hands in a dream, then it means you got rid of some duties or finished the certain work, relationships or project. If your hands are bleeding or are wounded in any other way, then it shows you will lose the respects from other people, because of something you did or didn’t do.

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