Horse dream meaning

The dream in which you see the horse is known as having a very important symbolism, depending on the circumstances of the dream. The horse could indicate the necessity to become more tolerant and calmer. Perhaps you are no longer able to control the wild side of your personality. There is also a possibility that you are too arrogant towards the others. When you see the dark or black horse in a dream, then it shows something mysterious, unknown and unrecognizable. Maybe you are taking some risk in your waking life, therefore you see the black horse. If you dream about the horse which is white, then such dream indicates the purity, goodness and richness. The good days are coming your way. If the white horse was going after you, then such dream represents your inability to deal with sexual aspects of your nature. The dream in which you see the dead horse, symbolizes the end of something important in your waking life. You are going to finish some relationships, business matter or other. When you see the herd of wild horses in a dream then such dream signifies freedom. The herd of wild horses could also indicate shortage of responsibilities. Perhaps you do not want to be in charge of some things in your waking life or have too many duties on yourself. If you are riding a horse in a dream, then it denotes to achievements of your goals. The dream shows that you are taking the right path, because the success is already on your way. If the horse that you are riding is not in your control, then such dream represents your inability to manage your own life. Perhaps you did everything to reach your goals, but the luck was not with you. If the horse which you see in a dream is armored, then such dream represents the power, strength and ability to stand for yourself. You are the person who will never let others to humiliate yourself. This dream could also show that other people are afraid of you, because you look more after yourself than the others. On the other hand, if the horse is armored, then such dream could indicate your sexual wishes which have been suppressed. If you see yourself bathing the horse in a dream, then such dream symbolizes something new, fresh and pure in your waking life. At this time of your life you are ready to start anything new.

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