HORSES dream meaning

To dream of white horses foretokens good luck of various kinds; of black horses, serious misfortune in the shape of accidents (frequently on the water), deaths, loss of money or property, violent quarrels and rupture in love affairs; of roan-coloured horses, journeys; of grey horses, good fortune in many forms, viz.: legacies, presents, success in love affairs and work; of brown horses, nothing in particular; of chestnut horses, danger of all sorts, from fire, water, and other accidents, from assaults, and from illness. To quote even half the horse-dreams that have been told me would fill a book, so I must content myself with merely quoting a few. Shortly before a violent rupture with her husband, which terminated in a divorce, one lady I met told me she had dreamed she heard a loud neighing outside her house, and, on looking out of the window, saw a gigantic black horse, with intensely evil eyes, gazing up at her. Greatly terrified, she turned to run downstairs to see that all the gates were shut, when, to her horror, the horse stalked into the room and rushed savagely at her. She then awoke, and was too frightened to sleep again till the morning.Another curious dream befell a gentleman I met in Liverpool. Shortly before his house caught on fire and was all but burned to the ground, he dreamed he was cycling along a hot and dry country road, when a chestnut horse appeared upon the scene, and commenced to plunge and shy immediately in front of him. Much alarmed, he got off his bicycle, and was preparing to seek the shelter of a garden he now observed for the first time; close at hand, when the horse rushed at him, and, seizing him viciously by the back, threw him on the ground, and was about to stamp on him when he awoke.Of a pleasanter nature, was a dream I once had, prior to receiving the welcome tidings of the sale of a manuscript. I dreamed I was toiling pain- fully along a dusty road, when a beautiful grey horse suddenly trotted up to me, and, with the gentlest expression imaginable in its fine dark eyes, bid me mount. Not in the slightest degree surprised at hearing it speak, I climbed on its back, and the next moment found myself flying through the air. I forget exactly how the dream terminated, but I fancy it was in some remarkably pleasant manner, and that the horse landed me in a floralElysium, where I fell head over ears in love with a gorgeously apparelled woman.Then, too, I have dreamed of a roan horse; of seeing it struggling desperately to extricate itself from a morass, till gradually sinking and sinking it disappeared out of sight; and nothing was left to mark the spot where it had vanished but a hideous black bubble. I dreamed this before travelling quite unexpectedly from Bristol to Scotland.

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