Jewelry dream meaning

The jewelry in dreams may have various different meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream and your life. If you see the person putting on the piece of the jewelry, it means that this person or you care a lot about the way they look in front of the others. It shows how the person who wears the jewelry would like to be seen. Make sure you pay attention what kind of jewelry you or other person is wearing, because it shows the better piece of jewelry, the better opinion about yourself you have. For example, the cheap piece of jewelry shows that you do not value yourself enough, you think you are not worth good and valuable things in life. If the jewelry is expensive and beautifully shaped, it shows that you respect yourself and have a good opinion about yourself. Sometimes the piece of jewelry such as the ring could represent the commitment and love the one has to another. The specific types of the jewelry have different meanings, therefore the dreamer should look into it deeper; what kind of stones or diamonds it has, what kind of jewelry it is: earrings, rings or bracelets. If you have lost some kind of the jewelry, it shows that you lost some part of your personality. Perhaps you should take care of yourself.

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