Lion dream meaning

To see lion means that the inner power in you is ready to take some important action in order to obtain some goals. See lion that is chained, captivity or surprise of an enemy of the dreamer, whoever this enemy may be. To eat lion’s flesh, signifies riches, honors, powers, and authority emanating from the surroundings. To mount upon a lion’s back, favor of the people or of some influential man will be received. Be frightened by a lion, peril or danger jumping from a powerful source, however this will not have a disastrous termination. Fight with one means that a very dangerous quarrel or discussion waits for you. To triumph over one means complete success. To find a lion’s skin or some part of his body, signifies ease for an ordinary dreamer, but for a powerful man, considerable treasure will be taken from an enemy. See many lions menacing you, are clear signs of a bitter arguments. To attack a lion and vanquish him, a quarrel happily terminated. Lioness or her cubs, happiness at your home life.

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