Metals dream meaning

To dream of metals has different significations and interpretations according to the metal you dream of. To bring our readers to more readily discover the meaning of their dream, we subjoin a list of the metals with their explanations:

Brass. To dream that you see a brass ornament, is a sign your sweetheart will be false to you. To see any one working in brass, or cleaning that metal is a sign you will hear of the death of a distant relative who will leave you a legacy.

Lucky lottery dream numbers – 43, 11.

Copper. To dream of copper, signifies that your sweetheart is deceitful and loves another, it also shows secret enemies.

Lucky lottery dream numbers – 54, 8, 40.

Gold. To dream of receiving gold is a good sign, and shows you win be successful in all your undertakings. To dream you pay gold betokens increase of friends.

Lucky lottery dream numbers – 49, 7.

Iron. For one to dream that he is hurt with iron, signifies that lie shall receive some damage.

Lucky lottery dream numbers – 44, 5.

Lead. To dream of lead denotes sickness, but to dream of leaden bullets good news. If you dream you are wounded by a leaden bullet it is a sign you will be successful in love.

Lucky lottery dream numbers – 49, 50.

Quicksilver. To dream of this metal is a sign your friend will all be false to you, it is also a sign of losses in property.

Lucky lottery dream numbers – 19,41.

Silver. To dream that you are presented with spoons, or any silver plate for household use, foretells that you or some neat relative, will shortly marry: if you dream of buying these antiques, it is a sign of poverty: to dream of silver dollars, or bars of silver, used in commerce, is a sign that you will gain money either by a legacy or speculation.

Lucky lottery dream numbers – 49, 6.

Steel. To break a piece in a dream, shows that you will overcome your enemies; if you only touch it, your position in life is secure; if you try to bend it, and cannot, you will meet with any serious accidents.

Lucky lottery dream numbers – 41, 50.

Tin. To dream of tin is a good omen and signifies you will marry a rich wife, and make money at business.;;41, 8.

Zink. To dream of this metal denotes happiness and prosperity to the dreamer. To lovers it is a sign of success in love affairs.

Lucky lottery dream numbers – 43.

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