MICE dream meaning

Whereas in some cases mice-dreams would appear to import nothing in particular, in others they undoubtedly point to illness, and death. I remember one lady telling me she had several times dreamed she was surrounded by mice, and that on each occasion the dream was followed by the illness of one of her children.Another case, in which the mouse-dream foretold illness, is that of a lady who dreamed that she was at a dance one night, and as she was about to commence waltzing a mouse suddenly leaped from off her partner’s head on to her own, and bit her on the ear in the most vicious manner. She awoke smarting with the pain and, a few days later, was laid up with a severe attack of influenza. The dream had been so vivid that she could not help remembering it, and associating it in some way with her sickness.And to quote a case in which the mice-dream foretold death, a lady I once met dreamed that, on going to bed one night, she saw a succession of mice, in Indian file, run across her dressing-table; and on the following morning, she heard one of her brothers had been drowned at sea.

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