Moon dream meaning

If anyone dream that he sees the moon shine, it shows that his wife loves him extremely well; it also implies the getting of silver; for, as the sun represents gold, so the moon doth silver. Dreaming you see the moon darkened, denotes the death or sickness of your wife, mother, sister, or daughter; loss of money, or danger in a voyage or journey, especially if it be by water; or else it denotes a distemper in the brain or eyes. To dream you see the moon darkened, and grow clear and bright again, implies gain to the woman that dreams, and to the man joy and prosperity; but to dream that you see the moon clear, and afterwards cloudy, presages the contrary. To dream you see the moon in the form of a full white face, implies to the virgin speedy marriage; to the married woman, that she will have a handsome daughter. If the husband dream it, it implies that his wife will have a son. To dream you see the moon at full, is a good sign to handsome women, of their being beloved by those who view them; but it is bad for such as conceal themselves, as thieves and murderers, for they will certainly be discovered; but it signifies death to those that are sick, and to seafaring men. To dream the moon shines about your bed, implies grace, pardon, and deliverance by some woman. To dream you see the new moon, is a sign of expedition in business. Dreaming you see the moon decrease, betokens the death of some great person. To dream you see the moon pale is joy fullness. To dream you see the moon dyed with blood, indicates travel or pilgrimage. Dreaming you see the moon fall from the firmament, is a sign of sickness. To dream you see two moons appear, betokens increase of sorrow. Eclipse of the moon signifies gain in business. See Eclipse.)

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