MURDER dream meaning

To dream one is being murdered portends domestic troubles, and trouble with neighbours, and losing things. To dream that another person is murdered sometimes signifies great danger to that person — indeed, the dream is occasionally verified — or trouble of some sort to that person, or to someone connected with that person.For example, I have been told of a lady, who dreamed most vividly that she saw a woman enter her aunt’s room, whilst the latter was asleep, and smother her with a pillow. Everything was most realistic — the door slowly opening; the white-faced, evil-eyed servant with a candle; her stealthy, gliding footsteps; her coarse hands, knotted knuckles and broken nails; the expression of fiendish glee in her eyes as she took up the pillow, and the quick, subtle jerk with which she brought it down on to the sleeper’s face; the tightening of her lips; the straightening of her bare arms as she pressed on her victim with all her weight; and the kicking of the bedclothes, at first frantic and then faint, and finally ceasing altogether with one tiny tug at the sheet — when the sleeper awoke. All was most graphic, all most hellish. Some few days later, this lady heard of the death of her aunt. She had been robbed and murdered in a boarding-house in Vienna.

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