Plays dream meaning

Dreaming you see a comedy, farce, or some other recreation, indicates good success in business. To dream you see a tragedy acted, implies labour, loss of estate, with grief and affliction. To dream one plays, or sees another play upon a flute, violin, or other musical instrument, betokens good news, concord, and a good correspondence between man and wife, master and servant, prince and subject. To dream one plays tunes on small bells denotes discord and disunion be- tween subjects and servants. To dream you play, or hear playing on wind instruments, as flutes, flageolets or small bag- pipes, or other such instruments, shows trouble, contention, and being overthrown at law. If anyone dreams he plays at any of those plays which company use to divert themselves as, at questions and commands, cross-purposes, blind-man’s buff, hot cockles, barley-break, and such like — it implies prosperity, joy, pleasure, health, and concord among friends and relations.

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