Pursuit dream meaning

To dream that someone is following or pursuing you, means that you are refusing to accept influence from others. Maybe someone is trying to help you or to make some influence on your decisions, but you refuse to accept that. If you are dreaming that something is in pursuit of you, then this dream is interpreted as the refusal to accept new idea. Maybe you are refusing to acknowledge a certain viewpoint. Dreaming that you are in pursuit of someone, symbolizes the rejection of your power and ability to persuade certain people. If you following or pursuing something, then this dream can be interpreted that some idea is not accepted by someone, because this person has inability to accept your power and influence. It means that you need to re-evaluate your strengths and concentrate. You should try to put more efforts to change your own mind or someone else mind. Alternatively, if there isn’t any chances to achieve what you are trying to, then do something else, what will be more worthwhile.

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