Stones dream meaning

The significance of stones (precious and other-wise). Amethyst, success in courtship; blood-stones, legacies; coral, a birth; cornelian, treachery; diamonds, drowning; emeralds, great success in the arts; jasper, inconstancy; opal, separation, divorce, rapture in friendships; pearls, great sorrow; rubies, lover’s kisses; turquoise, the breaking off of an engagement; sapphires, a wedding; common pebbles, petty troubles; black rocks, illness and death; sand, a serious calamity; chalk, ailment or death of a child; granite, accident on land; marble, death.To dream of teeth coming out portends illness or death, but not necessarily of the dreamer. For example, a man told me that, on the night preceding the death of one of his brothers, he dreamed his teeth fell out, and that on one of them was a portrait of the brother who died.

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