TREES dream meaning

The alder in dreams presages travels, chiefly by sea; unrest in home life and work.Ash, bad news of all sorts.Banyan, journeys and surprises.Beech, disaffection (or going abroad) of friends; disappointments in general.Birch, success in work.Broom, illness, sometimes death.Brambles, troubles, both domestic and financial.Cedar, presents of all kinds; loss (by death) of old friends.Chestnut, success in courtship, falling in love.Clematis, reunion of friends and lovers.Elm, death of a relation, of an old friend; or loss of employment.Hawthorn, sickness.Hazel, success of an extraordinary nature; recovery from illness; escape from an accident.Lilac, new clothes; present from lover; unexpected invitations.Mistletoe, great success in courtship and the arts.Olive, falling in love; the forming of new friend-ships.Palm, success in work and rise in social life.Pine, death, illness; and a journey to foreign parts.Poplar, danger from drowning or falling.Willow, death of a great friend or near relation; and sorrow due to illness.Addendum to TreesTo dream of holly portends illness and domestic trouble.

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