Vegetables dream meaning

Wearisome toil; to gather them, quarrels; to eat them, losses in business. Cabbage. Health, long life. Cauliflower: Sickness, infidelity; Beans: Criticism; green beans: considerable loss; Peas: Good fortune; Asparagus: Profit, success; Artichokes: Pain, embarrassment; Turnips: Annoyance, disappointment; Cucumber: Serious indisposition; Onions: Dispute with inferiors; Leeks: Labour; Lettuce: Poverty; Garlic: A woman’s deception; Rue: Family annoyances; Herbs: Prosperity; to eat, grief. Corn, Riches and happiness; Walnuts: To dream that one sees and eats walnuts, or hazelnuts, signifies difficulty and trouble.

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