Without going into detail with regard to variety in shade, colour in dreams, especially when it is vivid and predominant, has much significance. The separate meaning of each separate colour in dreams is as follows:Light blue signifies impending trouble, particularly matrimonial and domestic troubles; serious quarrels between husband and wife, and parents and children; also suicide and murder.Dark blue, recovery from illness; reconciliation of husband and wife, relatives and friends; presents of animals.Brown, success in work and business.Black, illness; and death.Green, success in anything appertaining to the arts; also an impending visit from an occult presence.Gold, success in speculation, commerce, and courtship.Grey, trouble and even danger from unsuspected quarters.Mauve, death; and violent catastrophe, not infrequently with regard to the sight.Orange, illness; treachery.Pink, a wedding or engagement.Purple, accidents, more particularly on land.Red, quarrels, voyages, great changes; and accidents, chiefly by fire.Violet, success in the arts — viz. painting, music, literature.Yellow, treachery on the part of a friend; act of ingratitude and jealousy.White, deaths.Examples, A lady who is intensely psychic, prior to the death of her husband dreamed the bedroom suddenly became black, and that a huge black lobster slowly descended from the ceiling and settled on her. Another lady, whom I have met in literary circles, shortly before her first manuscript was accepted, dreamed that on all the fingers of her right hand she saw rings set with enormous emeralds, and that the sky, stars, and moon were all of the brightest and most vivid green. Prior to going on a quite unexpected trip to America, a man I met dreamed a red pocket handkerchief fluttered through the air and fell on his lap, and when he put out his hand to pick it up, each of his knuckles emitted a lurid scarlet glow. Lastly, prior to a piece of base deception on the part of one who had always posed as her friend, a lady I knew well as a child dreamed she saw a boy walking in front of her with bright yellow hair, and clad from head to foot in the most startling yellow clothes.

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