Water dream meaning

Drink it warm, means danger to be apprehended from an incensed enemy, as harsh as the water is warm in a dream. Drink cold water, signifies tranquility of the soul, devoted friends. Water in general, abundance and multiplication. Holy Water, symbolizes purity, health. Warm water, danger of illness through sickness. Leap into water means persecutions. See water over your head, walk on it, symbolizes triumph, success. Water coming from a spot where it cannot be found, portends cares, torments, afflictions. Collect up some water, trouble proportionate to the quantity of water that has been collected. See it dry up means good times. Water carried in a broken pitcher, linen, or other thing which could not contain it, signifies losses, damages through abuse of confidence, or thefts in the house. When the water is not spilled or lost, absolute greatness of property. Concealment of this same water or what has fallen, great afflictions for dreamer who concealing it. Scatter water around the house means troubles proportionate to the quantity scattered.

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