Hate and hostility. 186.

Lions in dreams portend marriages; success of all kinds, viz.: in love, work, and sport; and unexpected journeys.Prior to a voyage to the West Indies, planned on the spur of the moment, a lady once told me she dreamed she was crossing the road opposite the house when, on glancing up, she perceived, to her terror, the face of a lion glaring down at her from the nursery window. In an agony of fear for her children’s safety, she turned to seek the aid of a man with a gun, when, with a tremendous roar, the Hon leaped down and dashed after her — a proceeding which awoke her.I recollect, too, dreaming I was eaten by a lion, shortly before I made up my mind to go to Oregon, in the summer of 1894….

Unaccountable bad luck. 187.

One night, as far back as 1894, 1 dreamed I was in a desert in Phantomnia, and that bounding towards me from a distance, came a white kangaroo decorated with large, brown spots that looked as if they had been recently painted, and which imparted to it a wooden appearance. It came right up to me, and eyeing me in the friendliest manner possible, said, “Have you seen my mother?” “No!” I replied, “I have not seen anyone here for the last two years, because it is fully that time since I visited these parts. What is she like?” The kangaroo was greatly perplexed. “Why,” he said, “To tell you the truth I haven’t the slightest idea. I thought, perhaps, you might know; but, of course; since you have been absent for so long, it is very obvious you are the last person I should have asked. Good-bye.”…

Soon realization of wishes, luck and plenty. 188.

Convalescence, late marriage, hindrance in business. 184.

Unexpected misfortune, being deceived. 189.

Continual sickness. 189.

Unexpected visitors arriving, love-intrigues. 188.

(See Marriage.) To dream of being at a jolly wedding, is a sign of a funeral: if you imagine that you kiss the bride, it foretells the death of a dear friend or relative. In an old dream book published 1808, it is stated that to dream of kissing the bride, is a sign of your own death, but on referring to the best authorities, I find it is necessary to dream that the bride should herself be the kissing party, and that an impressive kiss from her on the occasion denotes the death of the person kissed. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 42, 78, 2….

Vexation of all kinds, trouble, or making a journey. 183.

Getting plenty of work. 318.

Hardship, toil. 188.

Sorrows. 185.

Vexation, misfortune, poverty and sorrows. 185.

Vexation, sorrow. 183.

Something good. 118.

Small, but clear profit in business. 218.