Receiving proposals. 204.

Vexation and disagreeableness, or receiving sad tidings. 206.

Being really happy, faithfully loved. 206.

A soon journey. 320.

Increase of wealth. 209.

Happiness and contentedness, peace of mind. 201.

Misfortune. 202.

Death, disappointment, loss. 120.

…sentiments so that you need not be surprised at my asking you into my dining-room, which I have observed you admiring from the road for some little time. Oh! Bother the sergeant, he won’t see you, and you need only stay a few minutes, just to taste a bit of the good fare which you will find every bit as good as it smells.’ He badgered me so, sir, that in the end I gave in, and after assuring myself that the sergeant was nowhere about, I slipped through the doorway and into the dining-room. The gentleman very thoughtfully drew down the blind, and, bidding me be seated, left the room.”Well, I said to myself, ‘ here’s a pretty go” and no mistake! Here I am, P.C. Hardy K. 202, supposed to be on his beat, and stumping along towards the Common — instead of which he is the guest…

Being honoured. 209.

Power and honour, good news. 208.

…One’s request not granted. 203….

Treachery, disagreeable tidings. 202.

Good luck. 204.

Dangerous sickness, hostility. 201.

Self humiliation. 202.

Great honour. 204.

Happiness, good fortune. 200.

Loss of many friends, being put in a bad light by malicious persons. 204.

Invitation to a party. 209.

Sickness. 209.

Transitory pleasure. 220.

Great misfortune. 207.

Good trade, plenty of work. 220.

The greater need, the greater joy. 206.

Great change in fortune. 203.

Excitement and disaster. 209.

Wrath and- disunion. 320.

Luck. 203.