When you dream of providing assistance to someone, it means that there is someone who is looking for help and you are the one who should help him. If you see yourself receiving an assistance, it means that you need a hand from someone in particular situation. This dream is a sign how fragile and hesitant you are. Maybe there are areas in your life that can be changed and you could become more self confident person.

…Giving assistance to any one in a dream, foretells you will be favored in your efforts to rise to higher position. If any one assists you, you will be pleasantly situated, and loving friends will be near you….

To dream that you are comforted by anyone, to the rich people signifies mishap and injury, but if the poor dream of it then aid and assistance will be received.

…(Courtesy) If a respected person sees himself showing friendliness and kindness toward lowly people in a dream, it means self-degradation, loss of status, dismissal from one’s position, poverty and need for other’s assistance….

…To see this beast of burden, signifies that you will entertain great patience and fortitude in time of almost unbearable anguish and failures that will seemingly sweep every vestige of hope from you. To own a camel, is a sign that you will possess rich mining property. To see a herd of camels on the desert, denotes assistance when all human aid seems at a low ebb, and of sickness from which you will arise, contrary to all expectations….

When you see yourself looking at advertisements in your dream it means that there is a message your subliminal wants to tell you. What you have to do is think over of what part of your life needs to be changed, make sure you hear out your inner voice, the message that has to be told. If you dream of your friends, family or someone you know advertising themselves, this is a sign that the person who is advertising himself can help you with your future. Make sure you are going to ask for assistance if you need one. When you dream of yourself putting out an advertisement it symbolizes how tough is going to be for you when you will try to reach out your dream. Make sure you are going to work hard, otherwise you will not succeed.

If you dream of getting an advice from someone, it symbolizes that you have to listen to yourself, make sure you hear what the inner voice is telling you. When you dream of giving and advice to someone, it signifies that you could assist someone who needs an assistance. Make sure you do not refuse helping the others.

…A nurse treating one’s wounds in a dream represents healing of one’s sickness or sufferings. If a nurse visits a healthy person in a dream, it means that he may be wounded, and in that case he will need such assistance….

…(Noria) In a dream, this type of water wheel which is used to raise and discharge water from a low level stream into a higher ground means help, assistance, keeping one’s promise, or complying with preset conditions. (Also see Noria)…

…Horse’s tail, long and well supplied with hair, means assistance will be received from friends in an initial enterprise, happiness and success proportionate to the length of the tail, advantageous marriage. The tail that is cut and separated from the horse, signifies that you will be abandoned by friends, servants and companions, or brother soldiers, if the dreamer be in the military….

Rings mean superiority and power. Dreaming of wearing rings suggests that in the immediate future, you will start new affairs successfully. Dreaming that other people wear rings means prosperity for others, with some impact in your own interests. Dreaming of a broken or faulty ring suggests that difficulties, jealousy and misunderstandings are appearing in your home. When that dream is between lovers, is a sign of a breakup. If young woman dreams of getting a ring as a gift from a man, then such dream suggests that her lover will soon ask her to marry him. If you receive a ring as a gift, it is a sign of wellbeing and happiness. If you give a ring as a gift to someone else, it means that you will soon have to provide assistance to a family member or friend.

If an artist dreams of soul, then this indicates that he will soon have a great success. Dreaming of the soul of another person implies that you are receiving effective spiritual assistance. Dreaming that your soul leaves your physical body it’s usually a reality, and it means you’re experiencing what is known as splitting, which normally occurs at night while we sleep, although we don’t consciously perceive it. For everyone this dream is understood as a warning and symbolizes an advice from subconscious mind. This intelligence indicates that you are proceeding wrongly by sacrificing your own interests for the benefit of a cause that is not worthy.

(They represent the parents especially.) To have them broken or injured, indicates sickness in a foreign country, far away from the assistance of parents. When this dream comes to a young female, or she is the subject of it, then it means that she will marry a foreigner and live in a country far off from her parents. When the dreamer is a married woman widowhood, loss of power. To have well-proportioned thighs, indicates a speedy venture of a voyage, which will succeed perfectly. Receive a wound on the thighs means torment from parents.

Assistance of friends or relatives. Hall porter, indicates scandal, small talk and consequent discussion.

If you dream of being stranded, then such dream denotes to singleness and privacy you have at the moment. Maybe you are trying to find the assistance to get over those feelings and loneliness.

Needing the assistance of a physician.

If you see as stranger in a dream, then it shows some of your feelings that are luring deep down inside you and you are not able to show them off. On the other hand, the dream indicates the unknown person who is going to help you at the aspects of your life that need assistance.

Help and assistance in the resolution of delicate and sorrowful businesses.

The dream, in which you see the columns, indicates the power and abilities you have in your personality. The columns could also represent the tiredness and need for assistance from others.

…The peach tree symbolizes spring and abundance. Its flowers are marriage flowers. Its wood provides magical protection. Peaches symbolize prosperity and love. To dream of a peach tree means that we will receive protection and assistance. If we see it with flowers it’s an omen of happiness and love. If it’s full of peaches fruits, especially if you eat any of them, the protection and support will serve to achieve wealth and happiness….

Dreaming of a shiny flock of sheep or dream of them grazing quietly is a sign that we will have powerful fortunes and possessions. To pick up a sheep represents immediate fortune. If we carry it on our shoulders the fortune will be very important. To hear a sheep bleating portends that we will have very effective protection and assistance. If the herd comes to us and the sheep get between our legs it indicates that we will achieve success but with difficulty. If the sheep are dead that bodes bad news. To see them lost, doubt and uncertainty in our affairs.

…(Blow | Criticize | Smack) To lightly slap someone in a dream means to reprimand him, or to oblige him to recognize a favor, boasting about one’s generosity, or constantly reminding the other person of some shabby assistance. If one playfully slaps someone lightly on his cheek in a dream, it also means that the latter owes him something or a favor and the opposite is interpreted accordingly. Slapping someone’s face with anger in a dream means that the victim will triumph over the assailant. To slap someone in a dream also means recognition of his seniority or superiority. Threatening someone in a dream also maybe a recognition of his superiority. (Also see Digging up the past | Slapping | Threat)…

In perfect condition it indicates that you will get assistance and protection. If it’s in bad shape or broken, the concerns and obligations will be obstacles for your wishes.

…To hear your name called in a dream by strange voices, denotes that your business will fall into a precarious state, and that strangers may lend you assistance, or you may fail to meet your obligations. To hear the voice of a friend or relative, denotes the desperate illness of some one of them, and may be death | in the latter case you may be called upon to stand as guardian over some one, in governing whom you should use much discretion. Lovers hearing the voice of their affianced should heed the warning. If they have been negligent in attention they should make amends. Otherwise they may suffer separation from misunderstanding. To hear the voice of the dead may be a warning of your own serious illness or some business worry from bad judgment may ensue. The voice is an echo thrown back from the future on the…

Business set right, assistance from successful people.

A faithful servant and a great assistance or internal peace. See one being very fat, means good times, felicity near at hand. Very lean ox, means scarcity of grain/famine in the land. To see white oxen at pasture, indicates honor, profit, dignity. To see a red one running wild means imminent danger. A black one signifies madness, peril of life. See oxen at labor, inestimable advantages. See them without horns means disarmed enemies. Oxen that are fighting, commencement of intestine quarrels. See oxen going to water is interpreted as a very bad omen.

If you wore the talisman in a dream, then the dream suggest you to ask for assistance when it is needed. The dream shows that you are looking for security.

…(Mediation) Interceding on behalf of someone in a dream represents honor, a seat of authority, or influence. Intercession in a dream also means cheating, or earning a wage for one’s work without humiliation. If one sees the Day of Reckoning in a dream and people searching for an intercessor among the prophets, upon all of them be peace, it means social unrest and privation of the poor and needy from one’s assistance. If one’s neighbor intercedes for him on such a day in a dream, it means that one will benefit from his neighbor, or receive his help, or find a helper in a friend in times of difficulty. If one sees his own son interceding on his behalf in a dream, it means that he will benefit from him or through his business connections, and the same is true if one intercedes on behalf of someone else in…

If you are at the clinic and looking out for some assistance, it shows that you are feeling very bad and need for help. Perhaps there are some happenings in your waking life that makes you feel very bad. You shouldn’t be afraid to seek for help, otherwise you will have these kind of dreams again and again. If you received the help while being in this clinic, it shows that you are doing great and the help will be provided to you as well in reality.

…If you dream that your right hand is injured, or anything is the matter with it, it shows that you will soon be called upon to assist a friend in distress; if it is your left hand, assistance will be solicited from you for an unfortunate stranger. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 22, 78….

…If you are female and you dream that you are wearing a bra, then your dream stands as a symbol of support, assistance, aid, help or promotion. For a man to dream about wearing a bra, is a sign to be more supportive and protective. For both genders, in the dream wearing a bra, may mean uplifted spirits. On the other hand, bra may indicate your caring and nurturing side. Also, it is indication of maternal feelings. Dreaming that you are not wearing a bra, is interpreted as suggestion that you don’t obey rules or a code of behaviour. Maybe you don’t have enough discipline or control. Alternative, it may reflect your hidden desires coming from your sexual nature….

…To dream of seeing a long military or civic procession, is a, sign that some of your friends will come to poverty and ask your assistance; if you imagine that you are in such a procession yourself, it foretells that you will either make a loss, or be very short of money. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 2….

To dream of being on crutches or seeing someone using the crutches denotes to support you are looking for. The dream shows that you desperately trying to find the assistance from those around you.

If you are dreaming of being a physician, but in reality you are not, it means that you wish to give your knowledge and help for those who need it. If you were seeing the physician, it means that your body and mind needs extra help, therefore you should go and look for it instead of denying the fact that the assistance is needed.

…If one sees himself entering someone else’s house in a dream, it means that he will defeat him, gain the upper hand in business over him or control his interests. To enter the house of the governor and to feel comfortable and at ease therein in a dream means that he is soliciting the governor’s assistance in a personal business. The coming of a just person to a house in a dream means blessings. If an unjust person enters a place in a dream, it means that evil and calamities will befall such a house. If it is customary for such a person to enter that place, then no harm will incur from his coming or going. If one sees himself entering a house of unfamiliar substance, ground or structure, and if he meets departed souls whom he recognizes in the dream, it means that he has entered the…

Dreaming about a talisman, represents the action of protecting someone or something, or the state of being protected. If you are wearing a talisman in the dream, then it indicate your requirement for protection. You need to put away your arrogance and ask for outside assistance. If some person is wearing a talisman, then it may symbolize that this person may need help.

Dreaming of yourself receiving a telegram is an announcement of bad news, or that you’ll soon receive news that will demand an immediate and effective intervention. Dreaming of yourself sending a telegram is a sign of your own difficulties, that could be an illness or a bad financial streak, for which you’ll require urgent assistance. Dreaming of yourself in a telegraph office, either as a visitor or as an employee, insinuates that you’re in danger of entering complicated and unpleasant matters.

To dream you are buying raw meat, signifies that friends will step forward, and be of great assistance to you, if one insists on conveying it home, and partakes of a part of it, if married avoid him, he may hide himself under your bed. To dream you buy dressed meat, you may expect a legacy. If a maid dreams of raw meat, it denotes, if she gets it, she will speedily marry, if not, she will be disappointed.

To dream you are traveling over hills and wading through great difficulties, and meet with assistance in the way, shows that you shall have good counsel, and overcome all your troubles.

…To dream that you’re wearing gloves suggests that you must be cautious, mainly how you manage your money. This is a warning so you can prevent legal problems. To dream that you’re using a pair of dirty and torn gloves warns you to take precautions, as you may experience different losses; you could even loose some valuable objects. To dream that you’ve lost your gloves indicates that you should not rely on others assistance; you should plan to solve your problems by yourself. To dream that you find gloves indicates a probability of getting married or a new business. When a man dreams that he’s holding a woman’s glove in his hand, it indicates that a woman will try to dominate and blackmail him. To dream that you’re pulling off a glove suggests that your businesses will experience problems and if you don’t address them properly they’ll worsen….