…(Fold | Instrument) In a dream, a flute represents good news. To hear the sound of a flute in a dream means announcing someone’s death. Playing the flute in a dream means developing a good understanding of things. If one is given a flute in a dream, it means an appointment to a high rankingjob, protection from trials, becoming pious and living an ascetic life. (Also see Oboe)…

To dream you hear a flute signifies your fondest hopes will be blighted. To dream you are playing the flute is a sign you will have a pleasant, prosperous life.

…To dream about a flute or any other wind instrument suggests an upcoming excessively frivolous party. When the instrument appears broken or is badly damaged it indicates that the dreamer self- criticizes for defrauding his/her friend’s, partner’s, etc., faith and trust. To dream that you’re listening to music produced by flutes or other wind instruments suggests that you (especially if you’re women) will have to defend your honor or a family member’s honor. To dream that you’re playing a flute suggests that no matter what is scheme against you, you’ll end up doing great and defending your honor. When a woman dreams this way it suggests that she’s likely to formalize a romantic relationship with a military or someone who normally wears a uniform….

…Dreaming of hearing notes from a flute, signifies a pleasant meeting with friends from a distance, and profitable engagements. For a young woman Dreaming of playing a flute, denotes that she will fall in love because of her lover’s engaging manners….

If you heard the flute or were playing with one by yourself, then it symbolizes the happy and balanced life. At this time of your life you feel joy and happiness. The future will bring harmonious and stable life for you.

Play with a flute, discussion, longing for something or someone.

…To dream you play or hear playing on a flute, signifies trouble and contention with your friends. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 47, 8….

Portends upcoming romance, party or wedding.

Arguments, disappointments and sorrows.

…(Flute | Musical instruments | Wind instruments) In a dream, an oboe means amusement, distractions, entertainment, pleasures, celebrations, weddings, enticing rebellion, or corruption. If one receives an oboe as a gift from a governor in a dream, it means that he will preside over an administration. Placing one’s fingers over the holes of an oboe in a dream means learning, memorizing and understand- ing the Qur’anic revelations. Playing the oboe in a dream also means having a beautiful voice and good diction. Carrying a golden oboe in a dream represents a wise man. If a sick person sees or holds an oboe in his dream, it means his death. If a backbiter holds an oboe in his dream, it means slander, and if one who desires to have a son sees himself carrying an oboe in a dream, it means that he will beget a son. (Also see Flute)…

…dogs’ yowling, drum beating, the ringing sound of cymbals, or it could mean a wedding. Sitting in a place where people are lamenting and mourning their dead in a dream means that an ominous evil may take place in that locality, or perhaps it could mean separation between families and friends. If one sees himself mourning a deceased person in a dream, it means that harm will come to him from the descendents or family of the departed person. Lamenting with great pain and sorrow and mourning over a deceased person in a dream also means waking up to a great joy and happiness. Lamenting in a dream also means adversities which are driven by the person who is lamenting. It also means going astray, or it could denote a flute, as the flute denotes lamenting in a dream. Lamenting in a dream also represents the work of ignorance….

…In a dream, the Psalms of God’s prophet David (uwbp) represent wailing, lamentation, crying, repentance, fear of wrongdoing, devotion, har- mony between people, unity, good luck, flute music and percussions, learning about strange news, or earning one’s livelihood from reciting poems, or from delivering sermons….

(See Flute | Oboe | Tambourine | String instruments)

…Dreaming you see a comedy, farce, or some other recreation, indicates good success in business. To dream you see a tragedy acted, implies labour, loss of estate, with grief and affliction. To dream one plays, or sees another play upon a flute, violin, or other musical instrument, betokens good news, concord, and a good correspondence between man and wife, master and servant, prince and subject. To dream one plays tunes on small bells denotes discord and disunion be- tween subjects and servants. To dream you play, or hear playing on wind instruments, as flutes, flageolets or small bag- pipes, or other such instruments, shows trouble, contention, and being overthrown at law. If anyone dreams he plays at any of those plays which company use to divert themselves as, at questions and commands, cross-purposes, blind-man’s buff, hot cockles, barley-break, and such like — it implies prosperity, joy, pleasure, health, and…

…way in this manner, when I suddenly saw, stretched across our track, a white coffin which rose up on end, and shook off its lid, and disclosed to my startled eyes a man, clad from head to foot in red tights. Stepping out from his prison, he placed his fingers in his mouth and whistled shrilly, whereupon the scene once more changed and I found myself back again in the forest, sitting at the foot of a huge, black tree, with the red man opposite me. “You are fond of music? He said,” Then listen!” and placing a flute to his lips, he blew. The most ghastly, the most hellish of noises rang through the forest, and, ere my shocked senses had time to recover I found myself once again in motion — this time on my own legs — with all the trees, headed by the red man, in…

(See Flute | Oboe)