…(Astral | Celestial spheres | Constellation | Dog star | Moon | Procyon | Sirius | Stars) In a dream, a star represents thebest and the most noble of people. Seeing the stars scintillating with lights and gathered inside one’s house in a dream means that great people, or some of the leaders of the country will meet at that house. If the stars are gathered in one’s house, and if their light is dimmed in the dream, it means that such people will secretly meet in that house under constraint, or because of a calamity. Holding a star in one’s hand in a dream means begetting a noble son who will grow to be a great leader. Stealing a star in a dream means stealing a valuable thing. Seeing a star falling from the skies in a dream means that a calamity will befall that place and it…

…In the world of dreams seeing of the stars means looking at our destiny or current projects. If the stars shine that is a good omen and we will move forward successfully, but if they’re covered with clouds, or show a faint light we can expect difficulties in reaching our goals. Some authors suggest that if the stars flicker that means disease or duels….

To dream about a clear and beautiful starry sky symbolizes good health, inner peace and a positive future. However, if some parts of the sky are cloudy and some of the stars are colored red, it’ll mean the opposite. To dream of shooting stars suggests sadness and misfortunes.

…(See Alight.) To dream of seeing multitudes of bright stars in a clear sky, is a sign (to a lady) that she will have a great many children, and troops of good friends: to a man of business, such a dream denotes as many customers as he sees star in a clear sky. If a girl dreams of seeing stars, and notices one or more to be brighter than the rest, those bright ones are lovers, and the small ones are her children or friends. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4, 19….

…Dreaming of looking upon clear, shining stars, foretells good health and prosperity. If they are dull or red, there is trouble and misfortune ahead. To see a shooting or falling star, denotes sadness and grief. To see stars appearing and vanishing mysteriously, there will be some strange changes and happenings in your near future. If you dream that a star falls on you, there will be a bereavement in your family. To see them rolling around on the earth, is a sign of formidable danger and trying times….

…To dream of moving your residence or place of business, under any circumstances, is a sign of poverty: if, in your dream, you see other people moving, it foretells that some one of your relatives will come to poverty, and you will have to assist him. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 55….

The moving is a good omen, especially if you have no barriers to keep moving. If you find it very hard to move, for example to run, you are feeling tightened about some situation and need more space in order to move properly. The movement could also predict your desire to escape the current situation you are in. Perhaps you wish for more freedom and independency.

(astr. Horoscope) Watching the stars in a dream means presiding over people. (Also see Celestial spheres | Moon)

To dream you see the sky clear, and full of stars, denotes great happiness. See Sun, Moon, Eclipse, Sky, and Clouds.

(astr.) Watching the stars in a dream means presiding over people.

Dream of the stars symbolizes the high ideals, growth, success and luck. It also means your desire to be famous and have fortune. Dream of starfish suggests a healing period and responsible decisions.

Seeing stars shine in the sky portends wealth and happiness. If they are pale and obscured or if we see them fall on earth, we should fear misfortunes and harmful changes. If the starry sky is accompanied by a feeling of sweet melancholy, it reflects longing for love and tenderness.

Stars are dreams’ symbols for triumph and fortune.

If dreamed of stars, then such dream signifies the wishes, desires and dreams you have. There are very high expectations that you have made, therefore this dream shows that you did not refuse to reach them. The dream could also show your desire to be celebrity or famous for something you have achieved.

Stars that are brightly shining, show happy success; dim, trouble; seen over a house, danger of death in the family; a star falling from heaven, quarrels with a friend.

Clear and beautiful, means prosperity, profit on a journey, good news and complete success. Somber and pale stars brings some of misfortune depending on circumstances. Shining into the house, danger of the sickness of the head of the household. Falling from the sky, your dreams will come true. Falling across the roof, indicates minor sickness, arguments in the house, incendiarism.

Moving house, it means changes in your life. News of a wedding close by, or the birth of a baby.

Moving house always announces a change in the life of the dreamer.

If you are moving away in a dream, then such dream indicates your wish for the variation. Perhaps you are tired of the monotony and wish to gain new experiences. The dream could also denote to your past which you are leaving behind.

Great fortune. 8.

Luck in love, happy news from friends and relatives.

A very happy omen. 321.

Happiness, gain. 48.

Tribulation, sorrow.

Great misfortune. 207.

Released from wrong suspicion.

Sadness, despair caused by death of near friends.

Afflicting news, especially from debtors. 33.

…Every clock means time, and if the hands are moving, it means active time, therefore this doesn’t indicate death, like people in ancient times used to think. In contrast, today is thought it suggests activity, movement, life. Dreaming that you see the time on a clock suggests that you should be careful with the enemies you already know. Dreaming that a watch is broken is a threat that means that you’ll have several losses in business or any other affairs you’re handling. Dreaming that the crystal of a watch falls off your hands suggests enmities, false friends, and that your own carelessness will make you have losses. Dreaming that your watch is stolen suggests that dangerous enemies will attempt to do things against you from the dark, to damage your integrity and disturb the peacefulness of your house. Dreaming that you flatter a clock suggests that you’re trying to…

Bright stars show great delight, dull stars, sorrow and woe.

Stars symbolize fate. The brighter, the better it will be, and even better if it is one radiant star in the sky, in this case success will be immediate. If the star is weak and flickering in the dream, our destiny will be disappointing. Dreaming that stars are falling, blackened and even bloody presage major disasters.

…(Constellations | Firmaments | Heavens) Seeing oneself at the first celestial sphere in a dream means associating with a tyrant or a liar or befriending a mail carrier. The second celestial sphere represents the scribes of a king. The third celestial sphere represents a marriage to a woman from a noble lineage. The fourth celestial sphere represents leadership, prosperity and reverence. The fifth celestial sphere represents marriage to a most beautiful woman. Travelling in its orbit together with its stars in that galaxy in a dream means travelling to meet a ruler, a warrior, a pious man, or a perfect man. The sixth celestial sphere represents knowledge, blessings and steadfastness. The seventh celestial sphere represents the inner circles of a ruler. The eight celestial sphere represents the company of a great ruler. The ninth celestial sphere represents the company of a revered man. Seeing the tenth celestial sphere or…

…(See Stars) To dream of a clear beautiful night when the stars are shining, indicates that you will have a long and happy life and be very successful in all your undertakings. To dream you are courting jour sweetheart on such a night shows that she is true to you. To dream of a cloudy night portends disasters in business, and to dream of a stormy night indicates sickness. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 5, 19….

The stars in dreams means that you will have all of your dreams come true. You can wish whatever you like and you will achieve it for sure. The stars also denotes to knowledge, wisdom, miracles and purity.

The butterfly in dreams means that you are making some kind of transition in your waking life. Perhaps you are moving from one direction to another, therefore you dream about the butterfly. The butterfly is also a symbol of your ability to be free from all of the stress. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, therefore you see the butterfly in the very good way. Sometimes the dream could indicate the fact that you are making new decisions or moving from one phase to another.

If you dream of being assaulted suddenly from ambush be aware of that as there might be some kind of threat. There is something that is disturbing you from moving forward and trying to reach the target you were aiming for. This dream represents your strengths and your ability of moving forward and removing obstacles you are facing of. When you dream of seeing yourself lying in the ambush it represents that you will cheat on people you love, so you should try to avoid that and be honest with them.

…(Interpreter | Pen | Speech writer | Stinger | Translator) In a dream, one’s tongue represents his translator or his business manager. One’s tongue in a dream also represents the chief cause of sin. Moving one’s tongue without speaking in a dream means committing a sin. Seeing an increase in size, width, or length of one’s tongue in a dream means strength and overcoming one’s enemy. If one’s tongue becomes elongated with no cause for dispute or argument in a dream, it means having a bad tongue, or backbiting others, speaking ill about others, or using base and despicable language. Having a long tongue in a dream also could mean clarity in one’s speech and eloquence in one’s expressions. Having two tongues in a dream means acquiring a second language or a second trade, using a proof other than one’s own in a court of justice, or winning victory…

…To see spirits in a dream, denotes that some unexpected trouble will confront you. If they are white-robed, the health of your nearest friend is threatened, or some business speculation will be disapproving. If they are robed in black, you will meet with treachery and unfaithfulness. If a spirit speaks, there is some evil near you, which you might avert if you would listen to the counsels of judgment. Dreaming that you hear spirits knocking on doors or walls, denotes that trouble will arise unexpectedly. To see them moving draperies, or moving behind them, is a warning to hold control over your feelings, as you are likely to commit indiscretions. Quarrels are also threatened. To see the spirit of your friend floating in your room, foretells disappointment and insecurity. To hear music supposedly coming from spirits, denotes unfavorable changes and sadness in the household….

…of its dwellers. Seeing a well-built village in a dream shows the piety and righteousness of its people. Seeing ancient edifices or ruins inhabited again in a dream represents people’s repentance from sin. A village in a dream also could signify injustice, innovations, corruption, disregarding the divine laws, or discarding the moral standards set by the community. A village in a dream also could represent ants’ underground nest or colony, while an anthill in a dream represents a village. If a village is completely destroyed by fire, or floods, or freezing temperature, or by locusts, or plagues in one’s dream, it means suffering under the oppression of an unjust ruler or a tyrant, or it could mean destroying an anthill. Moving from a village into a city in a dream means leaving one’s toiling and hardships behind him. Moving from a city into a village means the opposite, and signifies…

If you dream of having an abortion, it represents your own insecurities of suspending and halting your increment as individual. Dreaming about abortion also means that you are insecure and weak while moving forward in your life. The dream may also mean that you had an abortion and only now you are facing it. The dream signifies how guilty and disappointed you are of the actions you did in your life. This is the process of healing and moving forward for something you did in your past. The other meaning of the dream is that there might be possibility of unhealthy life.