…To hear the accordion playing, symbolizes that the joy and the luck you had is becoming not so joyful and you could get depressed in your near future. If you see yourself playing the accordion in your dream, this could be the warning that you are not as healthy as you used to be. Make sure if you are rested and do not have any physical ailment. If there is someone playing accordion on the stage it could be the meaning of unexpected invitation to a party. If someone plays the accordion, this symbolizes the luck you will have without anyone helping you around. When you see that you are taking the lessons or someone is teaching you how to play accordion, this could be the sign of not trusting the man in your life, as this person could be the one, who is taking you away from succeed…

…Dreaming of hearing the music of an accordion, denotes that you will engage in amusement which will win you from sadness and retrospection. You will by this means be enabled to take up your burden more cheerfully. For a young woman Dreaming that she is playing an accordion, portends that she will win her lover by some sad occurrence | but, notwithstanding which, the same will confer lasting happiness upon her union. If the accordion gets out of tune, she will be saddened by the illness or trouble of her lover….

Dreaming of listening to music coming from an accordion or similar musical instrument, suggests that you’ll soon enjoy from all the fun you wanted to have; if the music comes from far away, then it indicates that instead of fun you will experience sadness or have diseases in the immediate future.

Happiness in family relationships.