…If you dream of containing or indicating the anger it represents disillusion and despair in yourself. What you should do id try to hold in bad emotions without expressing them onto the others. Make sure you find out where this anger came from. Maybe there are things that haven’t been solved and now you feel like it is time for you to bring them out with huge anger on people who didn’t deserve it. Usually if you dream of any kind of anger represents your suppressed problems, unsolved business and hidden secrets….

…(Anger) Suppressing one’s anger in a dream means having good qualities, receiving a commendation, blessings, doing good for those who appreciate and those who do not appreciate good favors. (Also see Anger | Suppressing one’s feelings)…

…(Fury | Indignation | Rage) Leaving one’s home angry in a dream means entering a prison. If one gets angry for material gains in a dream, it means that he has disdain and contempt toward God’s religion. However, should he get angry in his dream to defend God’s rights, then it means gaining strength and power. Becoming angry for someone else’s sake in a dream signifies a corrupt contract, a tainted agreement, a marriage consent with a hidden intent of a divorce to follow, fighting for unlawful earnings, or it could mean accumulating money from usury. In a dream, usury and anger mean falsehood in wakefulness. (See Foam | Frothing at the mouth | Sneezing | Suppressing one’s anger)…

…Dreaming of anger, denotes that some awful trial awaits you. Disappointments in loved ones, and broken ties, of enemies may make new attacks upon your property or character. Dreamings that friends or relatives are angry with you, while you meet their anger with composure, denotes you will mediate between opposing friends, and gain their lasting favor and gratitude….

To dream that you have been provoked to anger, shows that you have many very powerful enemies.

To dream that you have been provoked to anger, shows that you have many very powerful enemies.

…To dream that you’re in a wrathful state, dominated by anger, suggests that soon you’ll face serious problems with risk of major losses. This dream warns the dreamer that he/she must review his/her affairs in order to be prepared for that moment, and to be able to act with the maximum sanity and self-control. To dream that angry people are attacking you, whether they’re relatives or friends, suggests that you’ll soon have to intervene as a conciliator between other’s problems and this could somehow affect you….

To dream that you are angry is a symbol of bad temper and outbursts of anger.

Dream of anger means you should avoid unpleasant discussions.

To dream you have been provoked to anger, shows that you have many powerful enemies.

Anger in a dream represents relationship. The person with whom you are angry in a dream is your best friend.

To dream that you have been provoked to anger, shows that you have many powerful enemies.

To dream that you have been provoked to anger shows that you have many enemies.

…(See Rage.) To dream that you have been provoked to anger, shows that you have powerful enemies; and warns you to be careful that all you do should be strictly honourable; but it also signifies you will hear good news, and be in a good humour. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 44, 16….

To dream that you are in a passion with your sweetheart, and she retaliates upon you, denotes that she returns your love sincerely, but to smile and laugh at your passion, shows deceit, and that your mind and thoughts are widely different.

To dream that you are in state of fierce and angry with someone, indicates that you are having many enemies around you. If you are in love, make sure that none of your rivals are trying to get to your sweetheart.

You should avoid discussions of any kind. Unfounded fears.

Dreaming of being angry suggests that the dreamer is temperamental and should be careful because it could hurt any affairs that are being managed regardless of what type they are. Dreaming that other people are angry insinuates that precautions should be taken in the matters that are being handled by the dreamer in order to avoid failures and setbacks. A woman that dreams that her lover is angry, suggests that there are problems with her friendships or with her lover.

Dreaming of someone being angry means that we must prevent betrayal from a friend. Health and business problems.

The gun in dreams is known as the symbol of anger, apprehension, frustration and sadness. Perhaps you are feeling lots of anger and aggression. The gun can also be interpreted as the sexual aspects of the dreamer, because the gun is the symbol of penis. Maybe you have some sexual desires or your sexuality has been suppressed for a while. If you are loading a gun, then you should start paying attention to your anger and ask yourself if you can control it. If you shoot someone with a gun, then it shows your anger you have towards the certain person that has been shot. If somebody pointed the gun into you and shot, then you are facing some unavoidable situation in your waking life. To get better interpretation of your dream, please see the meaning of Pistol or Shot dreams interpretations.

…Dreaming about dragon represents your strong passions and secret desires. Red dragon symbolizes sexuality and intimacy. Blue dragon stands for intellect and wisdom. Green dragon represents hard working personality. Yellow dragon indicates the relaxation and freedom. Black dragon is an omen of dangers or anger. Brown dragon symbolizes wealth and all kinds of riches. White dragon means spiritual rebirth. Grey dragon shows blank emotions and character (the dreamer has a lot of options and can’t choose). Burning dragon is an indication of the troubles or burning passion for something, in either way, good or bad. To see dragon is flying at you, it signifies that something is coming in your life. See the meaning of dragon’s colour. If dragon is flying away from you, then condition or situation is going away. Example: black dragon is flying away – dangers are going away. To kill a dragon, means overcoming or…

Dreaming that you are a sniper, has importance of suppressed aggression. To be a sniper in the dream, means that you need to acknowledge that aggression. Additionally, it means that you may need to control your anger or express anger in proper manner. Dreaming about being attacked by sniper, has the symbolic significance of anger that someone may have on you. Maybe someone has targeted you with an uncontrollable aggression. Dreaming of being attacked by sniper, suggest for you to be more polite even if the person is not able to express his or her feelings in proper manner.

If you dream that you manslaughter someone, then it means you are having anger issues on this particular person and therefore you are dreaming about it. If you are the one who manslaughters someone in order to defend yourself, then it means you are the person who has some issues with another one. The dream shows that you are jealous about something or have the anger towards that particular person. If you dream that you do some damage for that certain person, you will achieve success. Alternatively, the dream means that you are very selfish therefore you are being manslaughter.

If you see a jellyfish in a dream, then such dream foretells about your negative past. Perhaps there are some hidden anger you were unable to express, therefore you are dreaming about it. There is also a possibility that you feel some kind of anger towards particular person in your waking life. On the other hand, the dream indicates the lack of self-trust you are suffering from.

…(Meat) Human flesh in a dream represents one’s health, strength, earnings, sickness or one’s shop, piety, religious attendance, fear of wrongdoing, scruti- nizing the difference between the lawful and the unlawful, patience, forbear- ance, anger, distress, sexual desires, suffering from adversities and punishment for sins. If one’s flesh grows bigger than what one actually has in a dream, it means prosperity, and if one is sick, it means recovering from his illness. If one sees himself having less flesh than what he actually has in a dream, it means stagnation of his business or loss of his money and property. If a devoted worshiper sees growth in his physical fitness in a dream, it means slackening in his devotion and occupying himself more in material gains and worldly pleasures. If one sees himself emaciated in a dream, then it means the opposite. Buying a piece of human flesh in…

To dream that you are shouting and screaming while using bad words, means that you are trying to express the anger that was hidden away. The dream suggests to calm down and solve your problems as the adults do without aggression and anger.

To dream of fireball explosion is interpreted as the dream where the one is fighting with his own anger issues. There are some situations or relationships that made you feel very angry and you are no longer able to keep this anger to yourself.

To dream that you are fighting with someone may mean that you are having anger issues with this particular person that was seen in your dream. You didn’t say anything to this person, therefore you dream of saying what you actually think of and express your anger without the fear during the dream. Sometimes the fighting could indicate your inner fights you have while deciding about something.

When you dream of seeing an avalanche it shows your anger which been suppresed and now it is the time when you can not hold them in anymore. The main mistake you did in the past ws that you did not sort these problems out and now you are suffering from anger and madness. However, you should consider what caused this situation and find the solution for it.

…(Champing | Chomp | Love | Rancor) In a dream, a bite signifies perfidy, rancor or extreme love for the one who is bitten in a dream. If one bites himself then spits a piece of his own flesh on the ground in a dream, it means backbiting and belittling others. Biting one’s own fingers in a dream means regret or fury, rage and anger. If one’s fingers bleed from such bite in a dream, it means tribulations caused by one’s own shortcomings. A bite in a dream also signifies extreme anger. If one is bitten by another person in a dream, it means that he will enjoy happiness and success at the beginning of his professional life, then he will suffer from an illness, eye inflammation, ophthalmia, or from heart problems. Biting on an apple in a dream means satisfying one’s desires. (Also see Pinch | Tongue)…

Dreaming about murders means that soon you will be forced to take a trip. You will be intermixed in trouble and some other difficulty. To dream that you have committed a murder indicates you must put an end to an old habit and to your previous ways of thinking. This could also mean the end to an attachment. Alternatively, you may have some repressed aggression or anger. To dream that you witness a murder indicates deep-seated anger towards someone. Consider how the victim represents aspects of himself that you want to destroy or remove. To dream that you are killed suggests you are separated from some important and meaningful relationship and you are trying to disconnect yourself from your emotions. It also represents your unusual talents. Also note that these dreams of murder often occur during periods of depression.

…(Anger | Ascertain | Cold | Disdain | Disregard | Exhale | Fury) Sneezing in a dream means reassessing something about which one had doubt. Thus, sneezing in a dream could mean acknowledging the truth, and that is why people’s common reply is “God bless you.” Sneezing in a dream also could mean the death of a sick person, or experiencing agony, distress, adversities, or facing a disturbing problem. If one who is experiencing such trials sees himself sneezing in a dream, it means that the time has come to dispel them. If a poor person sneezes in a dream, it means that he may wake up to find that help is coming his way. Sneezing in a dream also could mean paying one’s debts, or recovering from a cold or a nasal congestion, or it could mean exasperation, fury, rage, anger, or frowning. If one sneezes with force…

When you dream of seeing an arson it represents supresed anger that might become injurious. This dream means that you are not strong person. Make sure you do not hide your emotions and try to embody the anger you are suffering from. Please remember, that it is always better to give everything away from your mind instead of keeping it in.

The fire signifies anger, danger. See a fire burning in the fireplace without smoke or scintillations, denotes perfect health in body and mind also festival, greatness, joy among friends and relatives. This dream, upon seeing the contrary of the foregoing fire, announces anger, disputes, spending of money, family quarrels, and, in certain cases, bad news. An extinct fire, indigence, necessity, and desire of money. A fire that is lighted with difficulty, which goes out, shame and disgrace to a married couple, one of whom is the dreamer, in most cases the cause because of differences. To touch fire without injury, means success, despite the intervention of the envious people. To be burned by a fire, is a warning of violent fever. See someone else burn, means that someone in this dream is in danger to either of the dreamer or the person who is burned.

…(Anger | Pulmonary | Soul | Woman) In a dream, lungs represent the abode of the soul. Damaged or decaying lungs in a dream represent the nearing of one’s death. If one sees his lungs turned black in a dream, it means cessation of his business or source of his livelihood. Healthy lungs in a dream represent longevity. Lungs in a dream also represent one’s wife, anger, or one’s composure. (Also see Body’)…

…To dream of being in a room full of smoke, foretells that you will engage in an angry controversy, and perhaps quarrel: lovers who dream of smoke, will nose out the fire when they next meet, and it will prove to be either one of anger or of lust. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 76, 5….

Dreaming that you are spanking someone, can be interpreted as symbolism that you need to work on your uncontrolled outburst of childish anger and frustration.

To do something with fist in the dream, symbolizes hostile or violent behavior. To see a fist, when you are dreaming, stands as an omen for anger, power and aggression. It is also indicative sign of your readiness to fight, attack or confront and defend yourself.

The mad dog represents the anger and frustration you are suffering from. You should also expect some hardships while dealing with your business, because there are people who wish to make damage to you or your family. If you are able to run away from this mad dog, no worries, because you will overcome all the obstacles. If someone else have killed the dog that was attacking you, you will receive some support.

To dream that you are being attacked by someone means that you are afraid of something. The dream in which you are the one who is beating the other person means that you have anger issues that causes many problems to you. You shouldn’t keep the negative emotions, because it shows that you are going to become an angry person.