In general the dreams about animals are understood as the symbolism of your views towards the waking life. The different animals have different explanations, depending on circumstances these animals are in.

The different animals have different meanings in the dreams. The animal that is seen in the dream being angry and aggressive one shows these features in your personality. Perhaps you have some suppressed anger issues that haven’t been showed for others for a long time. The cute and not aggressive animals foretells about soft side of your personality. These explanations could be applied not only to you, but to people around you either.

If you dreamed of the stuffed animal, then it indicates the lack of responsibility. Maybe you are trying to escape the obligations you have, therefore you are being very immature. On the other hand, the dream could show you the need of relaxation as you are feeling too tired and exhausted. If the stuffed animal was choking you, then such dream shows the trust you lost in someone you really believed in. You cannot rely on this person anymore, because he demolished of what you have build together.

To dream of domestic animals means a happy return of absent friends. Reconciliation of quarrels. Wild animals means secret enemies.

The meaning of this dream varies depending on the animal that has appeared in it. Dreaming of animal copulation is a warning of impulses towards degeneration.

If you dream of an animal it means that someone will come to you to ask for help; if you can provide the person with it, don’t deny it.

…When you dream of watching an animation it represents your sense of humor. This dream represents your ability finding things hilarious at the worst situation. You are always trying to find the positive things even if something really bad had happened. This feature of yours helps you to live the life at it’s fullest….

To feed one, increase in luck. To speak with the animal means bad things such as suffering.

Wild animals in dreams have meaning of danger which is close by.

…(Peel) In a dream, skinning an animal represents an unjust ruler, a tyrant, an oppressor, a policeman who takes people’s money and disappears, or a policeman who can be bribed….

(See Sound of animals)

The animal that helps you to do something in your dream is interpreted as the suggestion to be more trustful to your inner voice.

The jaguar as the animal has such qualities as quickness, strength and power. The dreamer who sees jaguar probably has the ability to act fast in unexpected situations. The strength while reaching the goals is seen even if the circumstances are very unfavorable. The power of reaching the tasks and the speed while doing it is not regular one, but extraordinary great.

…Improper saddling of an animal for a ride in a dream means imposition upon oneself or others, or it could mean unnecessary and inadequate going out of one’s way….

Dreaming of animals is an indication that someone will ask for your help and you should not deny it.

Look for the name of the animal you want to know.

(See Mill)

(See Eclipse | Skies)

(See Stars)

Riches, treasure, visit to an important persons such as your inspiratory.

…(Hearing | Language | Listening | Talking | Words) Speaking different languages in a dream means richness. The words of a deceased person in a dream are always true. The same goes for birds speaking in a dream and their speech denotes glad tidings, prosperity, knowledge and understanding. If an animal talks with someone in his dream or tells him – “I saw a dream…” then if the animal refrains from relating such a dream, it means a fight, a battle, losses, or an argument. If a dog, a panther, or a falcon speaks to someone and tells him a dream in a dream, it means glad tidings, great earnings, benefits and joy. In general, birds talking to humans in a dream mean benefits and rising in rank. If a snake speaks gently with someone in a dream, it means that he will receive benefits from an enemy. If…

The crane symbolizes longevity and maximum purity. If we see them fly in pairs they announce an increase in family or a marriage. If one flies towards us it’s a warning for us about thieves….

Good business; after others, affliction and sorrow. 85.

Subduing difficulties patiently.

Great affliction, trouble at home.

Having business with foreigners.

Loss of personal liberty.

Luck and wealth.

Dreaming about the excrements of the animals is a sign of luck and prosperity.

Prosperity, fertility, carefree at home.

In a dream, the sound of a crowd means money beside other benefits. The bleating of sheep in a dream means distress and fear. The neigh of horses in a dream means might and honor. The barking of a dog in a dream means vain talk and meddlingin others’ business. The sound of a lynx in adream means pampering oneself and wantonness. The cooing of pigeons in a dream means crying, sorrows or marriage. The chirp of swallows in a dream means beneficial words. The croaking of frogs in a dream means beatings or death. The sound of bells and the hissing of snakes in a dream represents a fight, an argument, a warning, or a war. The braying of donkeys in a dream means cursing in the darkness. The braying of mules in a dream means vain talk, or it could mean indulging in suspicious acts. The…

One night, as far back as 1894, 1 dreamed I was in a desert in Phantomnia, and that bounding towards me from a distance, came a white kangaroo decorated with large, brown spots that looked as if they had been recently painted, and which imparted to it a wooden appearance. It came right up to me, and eyeing me in the friendliest manner possible, said, “Have you seen my mother?” “No!” I replied, “I have not seen anyone here for the last two years, because it is fully that time since I visited these parts. What is she like?” The kangaroo was greatly perplexed. “Why,” he said, “To tell you the truth I haven’t the slightest idea. I thought, perhaps, you might know; but, of course; since you have been absent for so long, it is very obvious you are the last person I should have asked. Good-bye.”…

Being rescued from great danger. 290.

Riches, heritage. 7.

Symbolizes virginity due to fear, fear of your capacity of giving yourself and of a lack of true love.

Denotes plenty of business. 108.

Giving rise to jealousy. 130.

Defamation of your character by false friends.

Being badly treated.

To dream of a flying bat means an impending catastrophe (not infrequently from water), but not necessarily to the dreamer. To dream of a motionless bat means some impending illness of a more or less serious nature, but not necessarily of the dreamer. If, however, the sleeper dreams the bat settles on him, then he himself will be the sufferer either from some physical injury or from some grievous sickness. To exemplify my theory that bats portend disaster in a greater or a less degree, I will quote a few cases I have collected for that purpose. A lady, whom I will designate Miss Spenser, once dreamed she was crossing a hayfield when she heard a loud buzzing overhead, and, on looking up, perceived a number of bats some feet above her, engaged in whirling round and round in a state of hopeless chaos and confusion. Presently they…