…(Dried fruits | Fresh fruits) In a dream, a sweet tasting fruit represents blessings, knowledge or money. Even a sour tasting fruit means the same when it suits the taste of the person eating it in his dream. When a sour tasting fruit does not agree with the person’s taste in the dream, then it means unlawful earnings or aggravation of his illness. Eating or drinking any by-product that is made of fruit in a dream means debts or facing challenges in a foreign land. Seeing one’s most preferred fruit in a dream represent profits earned from one’s own sweat and such profits will equal the amount of efforts exerted to earn them. A large size fruit in a dream represents earnings that are not yet free from due alms. A fruit without seeds or hull in a dream represents success and lawful earnings. Eating fruits out of season…

Becoming suddenly rich either by marriage, heritage, or by winning a law-suit. 243.

…If full, then indicates material security. Empty one shows insecurity. Full of flowers announces amorous. Basket with fruits brings varied pleasures. If it is with delicacies, then material security. If it’s nice, good news. Ugly, it warns us to be careful with our actions….

…(Picnic basket | Traveller’s pouch) A food basket in a dream represents an important journey, financial comfort, or interchanging conditions between poverty and distress. If a traveller sees himself carrying a food basket in a dream, it means that he will take a positive look at things, or that he will walk a step forward that will bring benefits to him and to his family….

Dreaming of seeing or carrying a basket, signifies that you will meet unqualified success, if the basket is full | but empty baskets indicate discontent and sorrow.

The basket that is full of goods foretells about goodness in your life. The fuller the basket, the more goodness you will receive. The empty one is an omen of loses you might experience.

Full of flowers or fruit indicates happiness and joy. Full of laundry, financial complications. Full of bread, business concerns. If it’s a wastebasket, secrets will be revealed….

Fresh fruits in a dream denote money that does not last, while dried fruits represent money that will last. (Also see Fruits)

Dream of seeing or eating mango symbolizes fertility, sexual desires and lust. Alternatively, mango means that a man enters to a relationship which you should leave to move on.

Dreaming of an overflowing basket of food and better if worn on the hand or arm of the dreamer, means that the dreamer enjoys prosperity and this prosperity will continue, perhaps getting even better with time. Dreaming of holding an empty basket, and worse if it’s old or broken, indicates future failures and hardships that might lead to misery and sorrow.

Fruits have various meanings, for which we can interpreter depending on name of each fruit separately. Pluck rotten fruit or handle it, adversities, various problems with your children Eat rotten fruits, means that you will be deceived by a friend. Look at it or to eat good fruit, pleasures or weaknesses.

…In a dream, a basket represents a woman who guards people’s secrets….

The dream in which you see the waste basket that you are throwing things in it, means that you are getting rid of the negative emotions and feelings or you are getting over with the old relationships.

(See Food basket)

If you dream of a basket it signifies the material asspects of your being. The dream could also refer to things that you are very attached to, no matter if they are palpable or not.

Ripe peaches or pears betoken fortune and friends.

To dream of seeing ripe fruit is very fortunate omen that will bring you almost everything you desire.

If you see the fruit in a dream, then such dream indicates the time of your life where the things will get bigger and greater in your life. The fruits are also the symbol of sexual aspects in your life, which shows your desires and wishes. Consider to pay attention to the state of the fruit if it is ripe or not, because the ripe fruit shows the issues you are dealing with. You should ask yourself if there is some opportunities that you have missed. If you saw yourself being a seller of the fruits, then it shows the profit you will gain depending on how much of the fruits you have sold. If you wish to get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of specific fruits you were dreaming of.

…It reveals the existence of sensual, economic or spiritual desire. They are a sign of abundance, prosperity and pleasure. Dreaming of ripe fruit to be eaten means we will enjoy good health, good profits and abundant pleasures without having to make any effort. If the fruit is acidic or green it’s a sign that we are not yet ready to enjoy all these benefits. If fruit has worms or is rotted, then such dream means that the pleasures will be achieved when we can no longer enjoy them. If we have this dream during the season in which fruit tastes better the benefits will be maximum. If we have it at another time of year we can suffer scandal, breakups, diseases and problems….

…(Fruit) In a dream, a fruit salesman represents a trustworthy person who is entrusted with people’s money and confidentiality. In dream interpretation, a fruit salesman also represents a good person unless he takes money for his fruits. Seeing a fruit salesman in a dream is also interpreted as listening to a worthwhile lecture or listening to a touching sermon or hearing an official report from the government delivered by a special announcer, or it could mean marriage, children, fast comingmoney and worthwhile efforts. (Also see Fruit)…

The dream in which you see the garden full of fruits, represents fulfilment in all aspects of your life. The fruits are the symbol of fertility, therefore you should also be happy within your family life. The fruits also indicates the stable life and happy days. The dream in which you see the garden full of flowers, denotes to love, stable relationships, inner happiness and positive personal relationships. If the garden has no flowers, trees or fruits, then you should become anxious about your spiritual and inner peace.

…I knew full well I couldn’t afford to keep more. Of course it was wrong of me to think of taking a tip for merely having done my duty, and it was wrong of me also to leave my beat, even for a moment; but then we are all prone to weakness at times, sir, — even Prime Ministers and Home Secretaries. Moreover, I must admit that, apart from the thought of a possible sovereign, I was curious to see inside a so strangely ordered house- hold, and the smell of the dinner to a half-empty stomach was very tantalising — prime roast mutton, onion sauce, pheasant, fish and tripe — an odd assortment, sir, but only in keeping with the arrangement of the cloth. The gentleman met me at the door, and insisted on my stepping inside.’ You can scent the good things, can’t you, Bobby? ‘ He laughed,…

The dream in which you feel over-full means that you should stop doing something in your life, because it is too much for you to cope with it.

Increase in the family will be soon.

Sorrows for the future, bad luck in all undertakings.

(See Caner | Caning)

(See Fresh)

Joys of many kinds.

Joy in abundance.

Good progress. 6.

Misfortune, sickness. 76.

Riches, fortune.

Finding friends and benefactors.

Denotes success in trade.

Care about the future.

Good crop, success is undertakings.

(Colocynth | Bitter apples | Bitter cucumber) Its tree represents sadness and stress, a coward, or an uneasy, worried and a restless person.

A good sign. 269.

Approach of afflictions, warning to be cautious.