…to an old friend suggests that everything in the dreamer’s life goes well, without difficulties or ups and downs. Being surrounded by joyful friends in dreams suggests that soon there will be problems in personal and family matters. Dreaming that you feel embarrassed by running into an old friend suggests that you feel guilty about something you are doing or at least planning to do in real life, and people are starting to know that. Dreaming of arguing loudly with someone who was supposedly your friend suggests that your affairs, both at home and in business or work, are not going well, which may produce unpleasant surprises. Dreaming of healthy and happy friendships indicates being at peace with yourself. Dreaming with friends dressed with very dark colors indicates that your health or financial situation has problems and that’s visible. Dreaming of friends that transform into animals indicates that you have…

Falseness and deceit from others.

…Dreaming of friends being well and happy, denotes pleasant tidings of them, or you will soon see them or some of their relatives. To see your friend troubled and haggard, sickness or distress is upon them. To see your friends dark-colored, denotes unusual sickness or trouble to you or to them. To see them take the form of animals, signifies that enemies will separate you from your closest relations. To see your friend who dresses in somber colors in flaming red, foretells that unpleasant things will transpire, causing you anxiety if not loss, and that friends will be implicated. Dreaming you see a friend standing like a statue on a hill, denotes you will advance beyond present pursuits, but will retain former impressions of justice and knowledge, seeking these through every change. If the figure below be low, you will ignore your friends of former days in your future…

The bathing in dreams is interpreted as the symbolism of great luck the one will experience. The bathing could also be understood as the symbolism of cleanses where you get rid of all the negativity. Bathing in the river or the lake may indicate some barriers that will pass away easily. Bathing with other people foretells that you should ‘’give a hand’’ to someone.

…If you see a friend in the dream, then such dream represents your waking life and the relationships you have with the people you are surrounded by. The dream shows that the people make the big influence to you and your personality. The friendships and relationships you have, made the person you are today. The dream about certain friends could also show how you wish to integrate the features of these people into yourself. If you see the friend from your past or childhood, then such dream shows that you have missed this certain person or you wish to be less responsible in your waking life and live carelessly. Perhaps you wish to become the child again and live the life without any responsibilities and duties. There is also a possibility that you are acting very childish in some situation, therefore you dream about the friend from your childhood….

…To dream you are at a bath where you see people bathing, is a sign you will have good luck in some undertaking. If you are in, bathing yourself, it predicts that you will confer a benefit on some person who will be very grateful. This dream also foretells a change of residence. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 20, 31….

…Dreaming that you’re taking a bath in clean and transparent water is an announcement of success, joy, fun, etc. On the contrary, if the water is dirty, or worse, muddy, is at least an announcement of diseases or bad news. Dreaming of children playing with clean water is a sign of future success and happiness in the family, but if they are playing with dirty water, it indicates the opposite. Dreaming of a young woman bathing in clean water suggests that the relationships she has or her honest desires are likely to be materialized and reach a successful end. Bathing involves using water, and water in dreams, since ancient times, has well known meanings: Crystal clear water indicates health, happiness and joy. Turbid water indicates discomfort, unpleasantness and disappointments. The muddy water indicates illness, misfortune, poverty and hate. Dreaming of wanting to take a bath can indicate that the…

To dream that you or something is dirty, has the symbolic significance and suggests your anxieties and feelings toward sex. The dream stems from low self-esteem and feelings of being unworthy. Dirty is a sign of purification, that is necessity in your life. You need to purify your mind, heart and body.

To dream you see a friend dead, denotes hasty news, and a legacy. If the friend is a female, you will be married instantly.

To dream you see a friend dead, denotes hasty news, and a legacy. If the friend is a female, you will be married in instance.

Bathing in rivers, good fortune, if you don’t cross; Clear water is best, a pond, unlucky, indeed and muddy water shows crosses, sufferings and needs….

…Dreaming of repeating the Lord’s Prayer, foretells that you are threatened with secret foes and will need the alliance and the support of friends to tide you over difficulties. To hear others repeat it, denotes the danger of some friend….

…in overthrowing opposition. To see hairs turn into snakes, foretells that seeming insignificant incidents will make distressing cares for you. If snakes turn into unnatural shapes, you will have troubles which will be dispelled if treated with indifference, calmness and will power. To see or step on snakes while wading or bathing, denotes that there will be trouble where unalloyed pleasure was anticipated. To see them bite others, foretells that some friend will be injured and criticised by you. To see little snakes, denotes you will entertain persons with friendly hospitality who will secretly defame you and work to overthrow your growing prospects. To see children playing with them, is a sign that you will be nonplussed to distinguish your friends from your enemies. For a woman to think a child places one on the back of her head, and she hears the snake’s hisses, foretells that she will be…

(Filth) A dirty face in a dream represents a rare art, while a filthy body represents a sinful person.

…Dreaming of dirty, stagnant water, even if it’s streaming, indicates evil, corruption, and larceny. Dreaming of clean, clear water in any form, it is always a good sign of joyful motivation to live in prosperity, tranquility, etc. When you see dirty water within dreams, in whatever form it appears (the worst is the muddy water), suggests poor health or unpleasant events, undesirable and hypocritical friends. Dreaming of clean, fresh water that falls on the face or head of the dreamer, announces that love illusions are going well. When the water is clear, clean and seems still or perhaps with gentle waves, and reflecting the sky, it’s reflection of cosmic things and quiet meditation. Dreaming of playing with clean water or walking on it, announces that there will soon be pleasing illusions, which is more probable if you can see decorative plants and aquatic flowers in the water. Dreaming of…

Meeting a long absent friend or patron, or hearing from them.

…God’s trust. If one sees a nice bird sitting over his neck in a dream it means benefits or an alibi. If it is not a gentle bird, then it becomes a bad omen, or a rebuke. If one sees a necklace, a rope, a wire, or a thread around his neck in a dream, it means fulfilling one’s promise, acquiring knowledge and honor. A long neck in a dream could mean four things, that is justice, leadership, attainment of one’s goals or calling people to prayers. The left hand represents one’s helper, friend, savings, or a compassionate relative. Longhands in a dream represent a charitable person, or a capable one, and short hands mean the opposite. Long hands also could mean longevity, wealth, helpers, borrowing money, governing, fulfilling one’s commands, profits from one’s business or having business sense. If one’s hand is cut off in a dream, it means

(See Mother).

This letter is interpreted as a bait that can help during dreams to gather information which we need when we are awake, in order to achieve our goals.

Escaping danger by fire. 38.

In clean, clear water, a dream of good fortune; if the water is muddy, the reverse.

Grief, affliction.

Sickness or other bad occurrence. 16.

…Dreaming that you’re having a ritual bath with clear water, it’s a sign of joy, openness and deep vitality, and it predicts a wonderful time to start any kind of business or any type of company, whether it’s economic, intellectual or emotional, in which you’ll put all your enthusiasm to succeed. If, however, the water is turbid, it is a sign that it is best to paralyze all these projects because, despite all the enthusiasm you may put on it, it will be very difficult to make things go as you expect….

Short trip.

Denotes the contrary. 103.

Luck, health and good fortune in love. 87.

Health and wealth. 3.

For sick people’s health; for healthy persons, hindering in business transactions, leisure time. 20.

Dreaming of a bath, and the water appearing clear, you are sure to prosper.

To dream you bathe and the water seems clear, shows you are sure to prosper everything will go well with you; but if the water appears muddy, you will be apt to meet with shame and sorrow.

To dream you bathe in a clear fountain, signifies joy; but to bathe in stinking water, signifies shame.

Denotes generally anger. 70.

To dream you bathe, and the water seems clear, you are sure to prosper, everything will go well with you, but if the water appears muddy, you will be apt to meet with shame and sorrow.

Escape out of danger.

Loss of property or honour. 4.

This dream tells us how to avoid dangers without the need of confrontation. It is also a symbol of subtlety and sensuality of movements.

Steadiness and increase of domestic happiness. 254.

…Exalting God’s oneness and sovereignty in a dream means receiving financial compensation for pain and suffering. To utter the formula – ‘La ilaha il Allah’ (there is no god other than Allah) in a dream means that one will only die having faith in his Lord. (Also see Exclamation of God’s Sovereignty)…

Vexation and trouble. 86.