If you dream of eating the beans it symbolizes the bond between your roots and mankind. Make sure you know what ties you up with people around you. The other explanation of seeing or eating beans says that the most important subject of your your being is the u quality of your soul and it represents the endless life which you should indicate and live as only you could live once. Keep in mind that the most important symbol of beans is the fecundity and productivity.

To make a pudding or to see one being made means trouble. Eat pudding indicates an unexpected visit.

Buying beans in a dream means loss, illness and sadness. To cook beans means arduous work.

…To dream of eating beans is a sign of trouble. If you are picking beans, it denotes poverty.;;72, 18, 11….

The jelly beans are interpreted as the omen of happiness and joy. It is also a symbolism of childhood. If you see many different colors of jelly beans, it means that your life is very happy with many different spices.

…a spell of rest, they piled me up another; and it was not until I had at last eaten enough meat, even to satisfy them, they allowed me respite”.”Well, Policeman,’ they said, ‘we are indeed overjoyed at your appetite; it is, after all, only in accordance with your size — you are a big man — very. And now for the pudding.’At the mention of pudding, sir, I could barely” restrain a groan. Pudding! Why, there wasn’t the fraction of an inch in my middle, that wasn’t stretched to bursting point with grisly bits of mutton and hard wedges of potato. But what could I do? They begged and implored me not to be shy! I had a large frame, and should of necessity have a large appetite. It was in vain I told them I had had enough, they simply wouldn’t hear of it. The pudding came, an enormous…

In a dream, rice pudding means celebrations, a reception, a wedding, a contract, knowledge, or prosperity.

To dream you are eating beans, always betokens trouble and dissensions. Also see the meaning of Vegetables.)

…This is a bad dream. To see them growing, omens worries and sickness among children. Dried beans, means much disappointment in worldly affairs. Care should be taken to prevent contagious diseases from spreading. Dreaming of eating them, implies the misfortune or illness of a well loved friend….

Beans symbolize frequent rows and disputes, even physical violence.

…Dreaming of beans is the best omen those who want to have a child can have because it’s a guarantee of the child’s next arrival….

Eating beans in a dream means discussions and family problems will pass away very soon.

To dream you are eating beans, signifies you have a rich, inexpert, but cruel enemy.

To eat beans is a sign of quarrels and disdain.

Dreaming of eating beans betokens ill health and trouble.

In this dream what we must take into account is the color. If it’s whitish, it indicates happiness. Black means sorrow. Red means passion….

The dream means sarcasm, mockery or laughter from a person who is inferior to the dreamer.

Criticism and scandal on the part of an inferior. To see them growing, means envy, malice.

Acceptance of a new business.

Attaining one’s aim….

A desire being granted.

A foretoken of quarrel and disaster, calumniation.

Providing for the future, saving money. 29.

Much vexation, trouble.

(See Lupine)

To eat them, quarrel, dissension, unknowingness.

…To dream of a hard-boiled plum pudding, or a hard roll of pudding of any kind, is a sign you will be invited to a dinner party; but if you imagine the pudding looks soft and mossy, it fore- tells that you will go to some entertainment where there will be a row. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 19, 70….

(Carob beans) In a dream, carob beans means debilitation or death of a sick person, whether he eats it in his dream or not. In general, carob in a dream means destruction and perdition. (Also see Tree)

…Wearisome toil; to gather them, quarrels; to eat them, losses in business. Cabbage. Health, long life. Cauliflower: Sickness, infidelity; Beans: Criticism; green beans: considerable loss; Peas: Good fortune; Asparagus: Profit, success; Artichokes: Pain, embarrassment; Turnips: Annoyance, disappointment; Cucumber: Serious indisposition; Onions: Dispute with inferiors; Leeks: Labour; Lettuce: Poverty; Garlic: A woman’s deception; Rue: Family annoyances; Herbs: Prosperity; to eat, grief. Corn, Riches and happiness; Walnuts: To dream that one sees and eats walnuts, or hazelnuts, signifies difficulty and trouble….

…Dreaming of puddings, denotes small returns from large investments, if you only see it. To eat it, is proof that your affairs will be disappointing. For a young woman to cook, or otherwise prepare a pudding, denotes that her lover will be sensual and worldly minded, and if she marries him, she will see her love and fortune vanish….

…(bot.) A green lupine plant in a dream represents poverty and struggle to earn one’s livelihood, or it could mean knowledge without actions. Boiled lupine beans in a dream represent medicine, or fast earnings….

…Dreaming about making business with coffee announces serious problems and even failures in business and other matters. If you are selling coffee in the dream, soon you will suffer losses. If you are buying coffee, then the risks are lower. When a woman dreams of managing coffee, it’s a warning that she lacks the necessary discretion, which is why she’ll have problems. A young woman who has a dream about her roasting coffee indicates that she desires to travel in order to find a husband. Dreaming about green or immature coffee beans suggests that enemies will try to prevent the dreamer to reach his or her goals in business, affection, etc. Dreaming about a coffee grinder announces serious risks which should be taken with precaution and integrity. If the coffee mill isn’t able to grind the coffee, it signifies that there will be failures in everything the dreamer tries…

…To dream of apples portends quarrels; beans, presents; cabbages, petty losses; carrots, new dresses and clothes; cherries, presents and kisses; gooseberries, domestic quarrels and legal disputes; grapes, the breaking of friendships; pears, births; plums, minor accidents; wheat, success in work and business, legacies and presents; grass, illness, the breaking off of engagements, disappointments in general; barley and oats, journeys and unexpected visits; hay, weddings, holidays and legacies….