In a dream, a beetle represents a perfidious and a rich enemy, a dull person who travels extensively transporting money between the lands, an odious, dirty and abominable person, or an evil servant. A female beetle in a dream means the death of a woman in childbed, or it could represent a stubborn and a relentless woman. If one sees a beetle turning into a scorpion in a dream, it represents an enemy whose real intention is not known.

To dream about the beetle, means that you admire the qualities that are time checked and known very well. You appreciate the time of your life. The beetle could also represent some person in your waking life which is appreciated by you, because of the time you spent with him or her.

To dream about hiding beetles announces poverty or poor health, particularly within your family. To dream that a beetle is walking on top of your body warns you of upcoming serious problems, particularly health problems. To dream that you kill a beetle is a sign of self-control over problems that may arise. Dreaming about beetles that are climbing the wall of a beautiful building or temple symbolizes prosperity.

…If you dream of a beetle it foretells ups and downs you will face in your waking life. There is a possibility that someone is trying to harm you at the project you are doing at the moment. The dream denotes to success and failure you will have to pass while aiming your goals. Yes, you will feel the pressure and it all will be very challenge-able, but you must remember that “it’s always the darkest before the dawn”, which means that direction you are at will lead you to the success at the end….

(See Spanish fly)

Announces luck and success in your enterprises.

(Blister beetle) A Spanish fly is a bad omen if seen in a dream by someone who indulged in abominable and loathsome actions. As for the majority of people, seeing a Spanish fly in a dream is more ominous. However, if a druggist, or a pharmacist sees a Spanish fly or a blister beetle in his dream, then they connote medicinal benefits.

…turmoil, speed, and darkness; I could feel a thousand objects brush against me, hear the jarring echoes and vibrations of a thousand voices, and then — in one brief instant — all had changed. It was light, a peculiar phosphorous glow pervaded everything, and I found myself in a new plane sitting astride a gigantic beetle with all the trees in the forest running after me. I say “running,” for they all had legs, long and spidery legs, and arms too, whilst their stature having considerably decreased, their proportions differed little from that of tall human beings. As they ran they all laughed, a deep mechanical “Ha, ha, ha!” and raising their hands above their heads, they waved them menacingly at me. But the beetle bore me gallantly on, and, despite the desperate efforts the trees made to overtake us, we still maintained our lead. We had progressed a considerable…

(Dung beetle | Evil spell | Charm) In a dream, a scarab represents vileness, a despicable nature, or mixing with lowly people.

(Beetle | Insect | Worm) An insect with pincers that seeks out the human ear to crawl into his body (folk.) In a dream, an earwig represents the enemy of the leaders.