…To understand the difference in appearance between the bull and the ox is that the bull is brave, agile and fast, while the ox appears meek, docile and slow. The bull is traditionally a symbol of passion. To dream of seeing yourself chased by a bull (the more ferocious the worse), suggests that issues being handled will be complicated by your own carelessness and the intervention of hypocrites and envious people who want to do harm to you. If the bull is black, you should be very careful what you do and say, because the enemies are dangerous. If the bull is white, it suggests that eventually everything will be resolved favorably and your business will improve. If the black bull stops without attacking, that suggests that the dreamer has full control over his affairs. When a woman dreams of being chased by a bull, especially if it is…

…(Cow | Ox | Steer) A bull in a dream represents the chief of the council or the mayor of the town or village. Seeing a bull in a dream also means winning the mayoral seat for a term or losing it after one year. If one sees himself owning a herd of steers in a dream, it means receiving a governmental office and a vast authority should he qualify for it. His employees’ support depends on how manageable is his herd. If a man sees himself riding a steer in a dream, it means dealing with a government employee. It also means that he will acquire what he intends. Seeing a bull in a dream also means fame. If one sees himself eating the head of a steer or a bull in a dream, it also means winning a leadership seat in the government, except if the bull

The bull signifies some kind of race that will bring you much stress. The white bull always is a good omen, because it is a symbol of great fortune. When you are chased by a bull, then it shows you will achieve great results, but only if you escape it.

Dream of a bull indicates some great personage from whom the dreamer will receive good or evil according to the bull, and the way he is acting in the dream. Seeing a mad bull, a struggle in which the dreamer will come out not on his best. Finding the liver and lungs of a bull, succession to an inheritance.

To dream you own a bull is a sign of gain. To dream you see a bull killed is a sign of affliction. To drive a bull signifies gayety. A black bull signifies deception and cheating; running, a secret divulged; at work, a fortune; drinking, a theft; without horns, peculation; fighting with another, fraternal affection. Please also see the meaning of Cattle.

If you dream you were chased by a bull and run away from him, it is a sign that someone will offer you a present, or propose to benefit you in some way, and that you will either decline, or from some action of your own will not receive the present or the benefit. If you do not run away from the bull, but stand your ground and dodge him, you will then have a piece of good luck of some kind.

…To see one pursuing you, business trouble, through envious and jealous competitors, will harass you. If a young woman meets a bull, she will have an offer of marriage, but, by declining this offer, she will better her fortune. To see a bull goring a person, misfortune from unwisely using another’s possessions will overtake you. Dreaming of a white bull, denotes that you will lift yourself up to a higher plane of life than those who persist in making material things their God. It usually denotes gain….

To dream about the bull means that you got yourself into very dangerous and risky situation. Sometimes the bull could indicate you as the person who is strong, masculine and powerful. Consider that these qualities could be applied to another person who was seen together with the bull, or the one who is taking important part in your life.

…To dream that you have been gored, or received some hurt from bull shows you are likely to receive some harm from a great man. To dream you are pursued by a bull, denotes loss of friends and ill reports; if in love, your sweetheart will be in danger, and you will narrowly escape some misfortune. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 64, 7….

A dream about the bulls is the most primitive symbol of instinctual forces and is severe in all its aspects, both as creator and destroyer. Seeing a majestic and challenging bull can be a favorable dream, because it signifies a creative energy. If the bull is chasing us, is ready to tear us apart, then it means that our inner primitive instincts are about to explode.

Being hit by a bull: obstacles and difficult problems to overcome. Fight bulls indicates the opposite.

Dreaming of a bull means power and force. Bulls also can mean romantic relationships. On the other hand, it can mean difficulties in negotiations or an important loss.

The person who has been attacked in his dream is having a lot of pressure and stress in his waking life, therefore he feels that everyone is attacking him. The dream also shows that you are unable to take criticism from other people, perhaps because you think of yourself in very good way, or you cannot handle criticism because you never criticize other people.

…To dream of being chased by a bull portends some accident, such as breakage or loss, seldom anything more serious. For example, I see in one of my letters that a gentleman dreamed he was chased along the Marine Parade at Worthing by a bull, the day before one of his most valuable china ornaments was broken; and, referring to another letter, I see that a lady in Grifton dreamed a bull ran after her in Guthrie Road, and tossed her over the railings of Emmanuel Church, the day before one of her servants fell downstairs and broke the larger part of a valuable tea-set of Worcester china….

Danger, losing a friend, trouble from members of the family.

Getting into danger. 107.

Getting assaulted by drunken people.38.

…Rams in dreams denote quarrels of a more violent nature than do sheep. For example, I remember, when I was a boy, prior to a quarrel (which ended in a fight) with a schoolfellow, dreaming I was attacked in a field by a big black ram with red eyes, that chased me persistently over hedges and ditches, and through water, and when, in some miraculous fashion, I took to the air, it sprang up after me, never desisting from its fierce butting still I was reduced to a hopeless state of jelly, when I was permitted to awake. In after years, before quarrelling with a venomous attorney, I dreamed I was fishing in a weir, when a grey ram, catching me unawares, butted me in the back and precipitated me head first into the water, where I found myself attacked on all sides by slimy, yellow snakes….

Dreaming about dinosaur denotes expired outlook into old situations. To encounter a dinosaur, when you are dreaming, is suggestion that you may need to discard your old ways of thinking. Do you have old habits, that you want to get rid off? Dreaming that you are being chased by a dinosaur, shows the way to or the direction of your fears of no longer being needed or useful. On the other hand, there can be different explanation, being chased by a dinosaur, may reflect old problems that are still coming back. Are you haunted by old issues?

In the interpretation of dreams, the difference between the ox and the bull is that the ox seems meek, docile, slow and sometimes old, while the bull is brave, agile and fast. When a woman is haunted by an (meek) ox in dreams, it probably implies an unmet sexuality desire, which is why she wants to relate to any man. Dreaming of oxen and cows that are malnourished because the pasture is very scarce, it indicates that bad times are coming: losses, damages, etc. This is a warning dream, and it means you should be properly prepared. Dreaming of oxen in the country, when some of them are fighting and others are grazing peacefully, suggests that the dreamer will be involved in various problems because of nosy people, but it’s also due to negligence of his own actions.

If someone has attacked you in the dream, then such dream means that you are feeling out of control with your life. Sometimes these kinds of dreams indicate your fear of being actually attacked by someone in your waking life, especially if this person has threatened you before. To be hit could also mean that there are huge changes that are happening in your life and causes lots of stress.

The tiger is the symbol of power, strength, aggressive behavior, grace and fast movement. If you were attacked by the tiger, then such dream means that you are feeling attacked by something in your waking life. The tiger is the symbol of bravery, so if you saw yourself being a tiger, it could mean that you have no fear or being very aggressive towards the others. The tiger sometimes shows the qualities of the person who is in unstable state of mind, after much stress or some situation in waking life.

…When you dream of attacking someone, it means that your behaviour will have consequences to others. This dream about producing an aggressive and violent action against a person or a place is the sign that you are trying to let go your bad emotions. Also, dream of attacking or assaulting is better and easier way to feel that your behaviour disappointed you. If you see yourself being attacked by someone, it signifies the protection you have on yourself. At this moment of your life, you are feeling like no one cares about you and you want to be understood and looking out for help. If you dream of being attacked by the animal it symbolizes that you have to be careful with people you are surrounded by. Make sure you pay attention to someone in your life that have the same features just like the animal you dreamed of…

Dreaming that you are a sniper, has importance of suppressed aggression. To be a sniper in the dream, means that you need to acknowledge that aggression. Additionally, it means that you may need to control your anger or express anger in proper manner. Dreaming about being attacked by sniper, has the symbolic significance of anger that someone may have on you. Maybe someone has targeted you with an uncontrollable aggression. Dreaming of being attacked by sniper, suggest for you to be more polite even if the person is not able to express his or her feelings in proper manner.

…must be aware of. Dreaming of being surrounded by scorpions is a warning of passive enemies, which means that they won’t attack from the front or violently, but with hypocrisy, pretending being friends with you and waiting for the opportunity to attack. The number of scorpions in the dream suggests the number of adversaries, or at least those that you notice the most. Dreaming of being attacked by a scorpion is a sign of a close and dangerous enemy from who you must be aware. Dreaming of killing a scorpion that attacked you before is a good sign because it indicates that the dreamer will easily overcome the problems that is facing. Dreaming of scorpions repeatedly on different nights usually indicates that your shyness produces many limitations that prevent you from achieving the things you want, because you can’t solve problems while you’re shy and scorpions represent serious problems….

The shark is the symbol of danger, aggression and fear. The one who was attacked by the shark is having difficulties while dealing with business, however, if he escaped the shark and stayed alive, the minor problems will go away very soon. If you were fighting with the shark or was attacked by it and couldn’t escape, you will deal with the problems longer then you thought you will.

Dreaming of rabbits indicates favorable changes in life. For people who manage business, this dream indicates lawful earnings. White rabbits, for single people, indicate upcoming satisfactions, and for women it hints promises of love. For married people it indicates peace at home. Dreaming of being surrounded by rabbits that run happily suggests that children will bring happiness to the home. Dreaming of a rabbit that is fleeing insinuates that there is a risk of mysteriously losing valuable objects, but that the dreamer will be able to recuperate everything. Dreaming of making a good luck charm with the leg of a rabbit reveals naivety or superstition in the dreamer. Dreaming of people being chased by a rabbit indicates that the dreamer will have difficulties with friendships. Dreaming of shooting or hitting a rabbit hints that all that energy should be applied against others who are creating problems for the dreamer.

…To dream of being chased by one of these animals, foretells that you will be cheated in a trade or bargain, if a girl dreaming of being frightened by a wolf, it shows that her lover (if she has one) is a bad man, and she had better discard him; if she has no lover, some black-hearted fellow will try to make her acquaintance. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 45….

The dogs in dreams are always the symbolism of friendship especially if the dreamer plays with them. If you are chased by an angry dog, then such dream represents deception from your friends or your relatives.

…indicates that there’s internal peace in the dreamer due to having a clear conscience. Dreaming of an angry dog killing a cat announces pleasant surprises. Dreaming of a dog killing a snake announces good luck in the future. Dreaming of an angry dog announces that enemies are trying to harm the dreamer. But if the dreamer dominates the dog, and even better if the dreamer kills the dog, it could mean that he or she will solve any problems by defeating enemies or competitors. Dreaming of a hound who is out hunting suggests that soon there will be favorable changes. When a woman dreams of a hunting dog it suggests that soon she’ll fall in love with a man who has a lower status in society. When a woman dreams of being chased by hounds it suggests that she has several admirers, although they don’t all have good intentions….

…some time to arrive. The donkey is a symbol of patience, which can be related to the dreamer himself, or maybe he is exaggerating in his own patience with problems that require dynamism. In women, this dream is usually a warning which tells that they shouldn’t exhaust the patience of those around them. Dreaming of one or more donkeys loaded with food suggests that, even if it takes time, the news and expected recognition will eventually come. Dreaming of being chased by a donkey and being afraid of it announces that the dreamer will soon be victim of defamation. Dreaming of riding a donkey suggests that soon there will be fights and this is a warning to avoid them. Falling off a donkey indicates losses in business. Dreaming of a donkey running for no reason suggests that soon there will be failures, if the dreamer tries to stop it, then…

…If the donkey is strong and healthy, it is a symbol of success and wealth. A weak or sickly donkey brings losses. If it is dead, it tells us that we are ruined. If we buy a donkey, our means will increase. Seeing some donkeys portends altercations with colleagues or subordinates. Violence against a donkey are affronts we receive or do to ourselves. If the donkey is loaded is a symbol of success and fortune. Being chased by one, rebellion or treason. Seeing us being as a donkey means we are already victims of our lower personality. If we mount a donkey, we are on the right path. We will accomplish the things we intend to achieve. If the donkey is white, it indicates joy and optimism. If it’s red, passion and anger. Gray, sadness and betrayal. Black, funeral and pessimistic….

The wolf is the symbol of wisdom, therefore if there is one seen in the dream, it indicates protection and smartness. The dream in which you are chased by the wolf signifies the psychological problems you have. The wolf that attacks you shows the problems and enemies you will have to face. The dream in which you are fighting the wolf means that you are able to confront your enemies,

…OUT OF THE ORDINARY DREAMS I have often questioned those who have been born blind as to their dreams. They can, of course, only judge of dreamland by the impression it conveys to their senses of smell, hearing and feeling. One blind man, a musician, told me he had most of the ordinary dreams, such as those of falling, flying, and drowning. “But” he added, “My most common dream is to imagine I can see, and when I awake and find I am still blind, totally blind, the dis- illusion is most cruel. I invariably have this dream before a severe cold in my head. Before financial worries, I have dreamed I am being chased from room to room in a big, empty castle by something that is not a human being, something I have never met in real life but which I can only presume must be a…

…To extract any definite information from an idiot as to his dreams is next to impossible, and after many and sundry vain efforts I have had to desist. From what I have been told, however, by one who had charge of an idiot, the latter used very often to dream he was being chased by something alarming, that he was in danger of being drowned, and that he had all his toys taken from him. The idiot was often ill after the drowning dream, and very fretful and bad-tempered after dreaming he had lost his toys. The grimaces and noises he made in his sleep were generally more shocking than those he made when awake — often, indeed, most terrifying. Once, and that a day or two before he had an accident, he evidently dreamed he was flying, for he sat up in bed and flapped his arms up…

…If you see a hare escaping from you in a dream, you will lose something valuable in a mysterious way. If you capture one, you will be the victor in a contest. If you make pets of them, you will have an orderly but unintelligent companion. A dead hare, betokens death to some friend. Existence will be a prosy affair. To see hares chased by dogs, denotes trouble and contentions among your friends, and you will concern yourself to bring about friendly relations. If you dream that you shoot a hare, you will be forced to use violent measures to maintain your rightful possessions. See Rabbit….

Dreaming of being chased by a monster of any kind is the announcement of future frustrations and disappointments. Dreaming of somehow making a monster disappear suggests that present and future problems that the dreamer has are not very severe and that he or she will be able to overcome without difficulty.

Own them, prosperity proportioned to their number. Be chased by them, means that there is some danger you should avoid.

…Dreaming that you are in want, denotes that you have unfortunately ignored the realities of life, and chased folly to her stronghold of sorrow and adversity. If you find yourself contented in a state of want, you will bear the misfortune which threatens you with heroism, and will see the clouds of misery disperse. To relieve want, signifies that you will be esteemed for your disinterested kindness, but you will feel no pleasure in well doing….

…Dreaming that you’re hiding in a corner, no matter how it is, suggests that you have fears, and have some delusions of being chased. This dream warns you that you may have some kind of disorder that requires medical attention. Dreaming of people whispering in a corner suggests that someone is plotting something to harm the dreamer….