The dream, in which you are happy, denotes to the opposite feelings in your waking life. Perhaps the subliminal mind of yours is trying to compensate the pressure, strain and sorrow you are having in your waking life.

Dream of you being happy foresees a time of pleasant and profitable business contacts.

…(Elation | Excitement | Joy) In general, happiness in a dream means sorrow. To be happy about something which the heart does not feel comfortable with, or which the heart does not qualify as correct conduct or behavior in a dream means sadness and sorrow in wakefulness. Happiness in a dream also means being indifferent about following God’s commands. If one’s happiness in his dream is derived from the release of a prisoner or the recovery of a sick person, then it means positive changes in one’s life. If one is told something that is supposed to make him happy, when in fact it made him sad in the dream, such as being told in a dream that so and so has just arrived from a long journey, when in fact such person has just died, it means that his sadness will be dispelled and his sorrows removed. Feeling…

…The elephant in dreams is interpreted as the symbol of wisdom, power, knowing and force. The elephants are also related to good memory the one has. Perhaps there is something you wish to remember or for a long time, because you experienced the great things or simply wish to know more of the things. The elephant that lets you to touch him is looking happy, foretells about your happy way of thinking. If you rode the elephant, then it shows that you will achieve whatever you wish. If the elephant is making some kind of an act for entertainment reasons, then you will be surrounded by happy and joyful people. If the elephant is making some kind of work, you will receive success through your hard work. There is also a saying that when you dream about elephants you are looking for particular answers, and when you will wake…

…(New moon) If the new crescent appears in its correct position in a dream, it means begetting a blessed son or receiving an important appointment or profits from one’s business. Seeing the gathering of several crescents in a dream means attending the pilgrimage to Mecca. A red crescent in a dream means a miscarriage. If a crescent falls to the earth in a dream, it means a newborn. Seeing the new crescent when everyone else is looking an failing to see it in a dream represents one’s death, or it could mean that one will be aberrant and corrupt during that year of his life. Seeing the new moon at a time other than the time of its birth in a dream means happy news, glad tidings, the home returning of a long awaited traveller or having a newborn. The birth of a new moon in a dream also…

If you see the fool moon at night while dreaming, then such dream signifies misery and tranquillity. The full moon is also an omen of richness. The moon that is not full foreshadows the unfaithfulness from your spouse partner. The two of you are not fully happy, therefore your partner will look for the comfort somewhere else. The moon that is in eclipse signifies the necessity of help from your friends. If you see yourself looking at the moon with your sweetheart, you will become happy and stay loved forever by this person. The joy and love will finally be in your life. If you are feeling afraid of the moonlight, you will have small problems that will be easily solvable.

The dreams about your spouse partner who is being unfaithful shows that you do not feel comfortable in your own skin. You tend to think that your partner might find someone better than you, therefore you are afraid of being betrayed. Sometimes people dream about betrayal because they experienced it in the past and are afraid of it happening again. The betrayal could also indicate the fact that you are very jealous person and think that your partner will betray you. Some dreams about betrayal have nothing to do with unfaithfulness, it simply shows that you do not feel happy in your life, because all of the people are pretending being happy. You think that you are surrounded by fakeness. To get more detailed dream interpretation please see the meaning of unfaithfulness.

…found myself being whirled along at a terrific pace — up, down, dash, smash, through pebbles and puddles, on and on I flew, and I saw all around me thousands of other boots and shoes, all propelled by gigantic, never-tiring Suffragettes, who covered the ground with prodigious, elephantine bounds. This terrible punishment went on for days and nights, till I at length grew so thin that there was scarcely anything left of me. Sometimes I was baked, sometimes drowned, whilst, at all times, my inside and outside were torn and mangled.Then, to my immeasurable joy, I was kicked off, and for some brief moments enjoyed perfect rest.From this happy state I was abruptly awakened, to find myself sitting bound and gagged in a high- backed chair. Bending over me was a very tall and slender dentist with a big, round, babyish face and happy, innocent smile. In one hand he…

When dreaming of your parents being happy and healthy, it means that everyone is living happily at home. Dreaming of them being dead is a warning of trouble. Dreaming of parents soon after they have passed away insinuates anxiety in the dreamer, which is why help and advice are being searched for. If a young woman dreams that her parents are happy, it suggests that she desires to get married with her parent’s consent.

…The dream, in which you see the clown, represents childishness, playfulness and ridiculousness. The face and mine of the clown indicates your own feelings and emotions. If the clown was happy and playful, then such dream foretells about happiness in your personality. Perhaps any event of the life causes joy, therefore you see the happy clown. If he is sad or angry, then it shows the frustration you are suffering from. Perhaps the current situation of your life doesn’t give you any satisfaction, instead it causes stress and apprehension. When you have a fear of clowns in your waking life, then such dream could be interpreted as the nightmare where you feel helpless to control the situation. The dream could also indicate certain person in your life that you do not trust. Perhaps the dream suggests you to be careful with this person while communicating. Or there is someone…

…at a party and there are healthy and happy children indicates that you want to start a family and a happy home. When you’re young and single it suggests that you want to enjoy entertainment, parties, field trips, etc. To dream about a cheerful elderly party, for example a party held in a nursing home, suggests that your business is doing great by now, but you’re already thinking how it may be in the future. To dream that you’re dancing at a party suggests that you expect good results for your activities. When a woman dreams about a party implies that she awaits the return of a friend who left with one of her rivals, but she is not confident that this can really happen. To dream that you’re at a party usually announces joys and benefits, but it also indicates that you’re indifferent to life’s reality, i.e., that you…

If you dream of seeing an amethyst it is a sign of the luck, joy and pleasure in work and personal life. Maybe there will be fall in love with someone very soon and it will be successful new step of your life. This dream is a sign that you are capable of being happy with what you already have. The success in work is not so important to you, because you know that money do not bring happiness and fortune because it is more important spiritual things, which always makes you feel happy. When you dream of losing an amethyst it is a sign of losing someone you love. It could be that the one you love will cheat n you or simply will stop loving you and the relationship you have been into will not recover and will never be the same as it used to be.

Dreaming of happy face means sincere and unselfish friendships. Dreaming of ugly and disfigured face can mean that someone is trying to cause some damage to the dreamer. If a woman, especially if she’s young, dreams of happy face, it may mean that her romantic relationships are going well. However, if the faces are ugly and unpleasant, it may mean that there are false people that are surrounding her, her romantic relationships won’t work, and will also lead her to unhappiness and frequent disappointments. Dreaming of looking at your own face in a mirror means discontent and disgust with yourself for not having achieved your purposes, material losses, or creating enmities.

…Dreaming of passing through leaving and blossoming orchards with your sweetheart, omens a delightful consummation of a long courtship. If the orchard is filled with ripening fruit, it denotes recompense for faithful service to those under masters, and full fruition of designs for the leaders of enterprises. Happy homes, with loyal husbands and obedient children, for wives. If you are in an orchard and see hogs eating the fallen fruit, it is a sign that you will lose property in trying to claim what are not really your own belongings. To gather the ripe fruit, is a happy omen of plenty to all classes. Orchards infested with blight, denotes a miserable existence, amid joy and wealth. To be caught in brambles, while passing through an orchard, warns you of a jealous rival, or, if married, a private but large row with your partner. If you dream of seeing a…

To dream that you are the groomsman in someone’s wedding, means that you feel appreciated by your friends. If you are attending the wedding in your waking life, it shows that you are worried of being a groomsman. If you so do not feel happy while being a groomsman, it shows that you are not happy about someone’s relationships as well.

…Dreaming that you’re laughing and feeling cheerful without reason, suggests that you’re paying proper attention to your affairs and they are in order. Dreaming of being joyful among friends suggests that you have faith in a promising and rewarding future in the family, in society, business, etc. However, if something unpleasant interrupts the joy, the symbolism of the dream changes, and it indicates that several problems that could end all that happiness are approaching. When a woman dreams of being cheerful with friends, including several young men, it suggests that she will soon get all the romance she wants, especially if the guy she likes is among the people in the dream. Dreaming that you’re happy and smiling, even if you’re alone, is a sign of near success, either in society or in the business you are managing. Dreaming of happy children laughing and playing, suggests that you have…

If you are the maid of honor in someone’s wedding while dreaming, then such dream means that you are accepting these people love and wish them good luck in their future relationships, but only if you felt happy about it while dreaming. If you are not happy while being maid of honor, then it means you are not accepting the love of these people.

…In a dream, a dream interpreter represents happiness for a sad person and sorrow for a happy person. If one who desires to maintain secrecy around his life and goals sees a dream interpreter in his dream, it means that he will find an intimate friend or a confidant to complete his intention. If one is expecting news from an associate or if someone in a different land sees a dream interpreter in his dream, it means that he will receive the desired news. A dream interpreter in a dream also represents knowledge of sings, deciphering mes- sages, analyzing substances, a tracer, a religious scholar, a lawyer, a good advisor, a compassionate friend, a judge or a physician. A dream interpreter in a dream also represents someone who does not keep a secret or someone who brings people both happy or sad news. In a dream, he is also…

When you are dreaming of saying happy adieus to someone, then it symbolizes happy time, fun parties, unexpected guests you are going to have very soon. When you see saying sad goodbye to someone, this is a sign of tough life ahead of you. It could also be the meaning of losing someone you love, and how painful and unhappy you will be.

…To sing in a dream is a good omen, as it symbolizes happiness, luck and success. The dream shows that you make other people happy while entertaining them with your good mood and vibe. If somebody else sang in a dream, then it also means that you feel that you live in a harmony, happy and peaceful atmosphere, where everyone is sharing joy with each other. Alternatively, the dream could predict about unpleasant feelings such as sadness, but only in those cases when the one is singing or hears somebody singing very sad songs….

Dreaming of your father-in-law, especially if he looks happy, may mean that family and friend ties are in great shape and they’ll continue that way. On the contrary, if he’s angry in the dream, it means the opposite. Dreaming that your mother-in-law is happy indicates that everything’s going great at home, there’s harmony. But if she’s angry, then it may mean that the dreamer is doing something improper. When a woman dreams of herself arguing with her mother-in-law, who’s angry, this indicates that there are family problems or friendships that must be avoided.

To dream an acorn, represents you as a confident, strong and dexterous person. This dream represents the start of actions you will do, will make big and advantageous results. If you dream of seeings acorn on the ground and picking it up, represents the joy you will have after severe work you have done. This is the sign, that you willl be pleased. If you see yourself eating an acorn it is the sign of happy, easy future and wealtthy life you are going to have. If you see yourself trying to pluck the acorns from the tree and shaking the tree, it signifies your good impact on other people. You should be happy, as people around you, respect and admire you.

When you look at the strangers face while dreaming, then such dream shows various aspects of your personality. The different faces have different meanings. The funny face may be a suggestion to be more relaxed. The face without the nose eyes or mouth, shows that you are feeling numb and even have no opinions about something, or simply feel uninteresting person. The happy face with the smile on it, signifies your inner joy, where you feel happy even about minor things. If you look at the mirror at your own face, then you have to deal with some situation you were delaying. You are telling it for yourself during the sleep. The ugly faces, or the ones that are out of proportion, shows your fears.

…Dreaming of standing by and seeing a loom operated by a stranger, denotes much vexation and useless irritation from the talkativeness of those about you. Some disappointment with happy expectations are coupled with this dream. To see good-looking women attending the loom, denotes unqualified success to those in love. It predicts congenial pursuits to the married. It denotes you are drawing closer together in taste. For a woman Dreaming of weaving on an oldtime loom, signifies that she will have a thrifty husband and beautiful children will fill her life with happy solicitations. To see an idle loom, denotes a sulky and stubborn person, who will cause you much anxious care….

…it means that a great plague will befall that town. If one sees a deceased person die, then if he walks in his funeral in the dream, it means that someone among his children or in the family of that person will shortly die. If no crying or sorrow follows his death, then it means that someone in his progeny will get married. What a deceased person says about himself in a dream is true, for he has reached the abode of truth and he can exercise no falsehood in that abode. If a deceased person tells something in a dream, and if it does not take place, then it means that one is experiencing confused dreams. If one sees a deceased person well dressed in a white or a green garment, smiling and happy in a dream, it means that he is in that state one witnessed in his…

To dream that you are ice skating means that you are looking forward for some happy activities. The ice skating with certain person shows that he makes you feel happy. The ice skating that is difficult to perform, shows that you are not feeling confident in your own skin, or do not trust your strength.

To dream that you took the third place in some kind of competition, means that you are doing great and the results of your hard work already showing up. If you felt very unhappy, because you won the third place and not the second or first one, then such dream means that you are the person who like to be leader and first in whatever you do. The one who is happy because of accomplishing third place is the person that is happy for any achievement he does. Keep going that way, because you will succeed in your life later on because of your positive attitude towards the life.

…Usually dreams about the place being crowded denotes to the lack of freedom in your life. There is a possibility that you feel suppressed and unable to express your feelings and emotions. The dream could also show the tendency of yours to go along with others which means that you lack of individualism. If you are in the crowd and feel like unable to get out of it, then it means you should try to find the solution in order to become happy. If you feel great while being in the crowd, then it means you are surrounded by surrounding you feel happy with….

…This dream is favorable if you see happy and bright faces, but significant of trouble if they are disfigured, ugly, or frowning on you. To a young person, an ugly face foretells lovers’ quarrels | or for a lover to see the face of his sweetheart looking old, denotes separation and the breaking up of happy associations. To see a strange and weird-looking face, denotes that enemies and misfortunes surround you. Dreaming of seeing your own face, denotes unhappiness | and to the married, threats of divorce will be made. To see your face in a mirror, denotes displeasure with yourself for not being able to carry out plans for self-advancement. You will also lose the esteem of friends….

The dream in which you see the garden full of fruits, represents fulfilment in all aspects of your life. The fruits are the symbol of fertility, therefore you should also be happy within your family life. The fruits also indicates the stable life and happy days. The dream in which you see the garden full of flowers, denotes to love, stable relationships, inner happiness and positive personal relationships. If the garden has no flowers, trees or fruits, then you should become anxious about your spiritual and inner peace.

…Dreaming of inhaling perfume, is an augury of happy incidents. For you to perfume your garments and person, denotes that you will seek and obtain adulation. Being oppressed by it to intoxication, denotes that excesses in joy will impair your mental qualities. To spill perfume, denotes that you will lose something which affords you pleasure. To break a bottle of perfume, foretells that your most cherished wishes and desires will end disastrously, even while they promise a happy culmination. Dreaming that you are distilling perfume, denotes that your employments and associations will be of the pleasantest character. For a young woman Dreaming of perfuming her bath, foretells ecstatic happenings. If she receives it as a gift from a man, she will experience fascinating, but dangerous pleasures….

…If you are dreaming about dishes, then such dream indicates the creativity, new ideas and plans. If you see the dishes that are unwashed and dirty, then such dream foretells about the situation in your waking life that doesn’t make you happy. Maybe there are certain things you didn’t notice and the consequences are not going to make you happy. If you are washing the dishes, then it means you are moving on in some direction of your life. You made some perfect plans for your future. If the dishes in your dream are perfectly cleaned and look shiny, then it shows the effort you have put in order to succeed. The dream also shows that you wish to be approved by others. If the dishes in a dream are broken, then it shows the frustration and hardships one will suffer. Perhaps you do not feel appreciated by others….

To hear a song in a dream, denotes the longing of something or joy the one has, depending on the style of the music, as for example the slow songs would indicate the tranquility or longing the one is experiencing, but the bouncy and happy music brings happy emotions and experiences the one has. The dreamer should also pay attention to the lyrics of the song, as it could hide a very important message and meaning.

The meaning of this dream depends on the feeling that we receive by the island in the dream. If we feel happy in it, this dream is interpreted as a need for introspection and solitude, but if we are distressed from being in that island, it reflects our sense of isolation and our inability to communicate with our feelings.

Happy matrimonial life, many good children.

…one sees a meteor or a flame shooting at Satan in the skies in a dream, it means that there is an enemy of God Almighty in that locality. If that person is a ruler, then his secrets will be exposed, and if he is a judge, it means that a just punishment will befall him for his injustice. If one sees Satan happy in a dream, it means that he engages in sensuality, passion and loathsome actions. In general, Satan is a weak enemy, if one sees himself fighting him with resoluteness in a dream, it shows that he is a religious and a pious person. If Satan swallows someone or penetrates inside his body in dream, it means a fright, losses and sufferings. Satan in a dream also represents builders or ocean divers who work as spies. Seeing them in a dream also could mean backbiting or slandering….

When you dream of being (seeing or acting) in auction it shows that maybe you overestimated or underestimated something in your life. Dream about bidding or buying or even selling in auction also indicates something that you have learned from your past and will try not to do the same mistakes you were used to do. Indeed, this dream is good sign, but make sure you do not think about something that has happened before, as you will be able to feel happy only when you will be concentrated just on the future.

To dream of unfinished buildings, signifies a future prospect for a dreamer, who must encounter privations for a time, but will to a certainty become happy.

It is considered a priceless good. It means wealth and happy work ending. Wealth will be proportional to the amount of barley, just as what happens to barley, for better or worse that will happen to our wealth. Dreaming of barley on the bed indicates pregnancy.

If you dream of a horse, it is good sign; or if one dreams he mounts a horse, it is a happy omen. To dream you are riding on a tired horse, shows one shall be desperately in love; to kill one, disunion, grief; to dream of a black horse, denotes partial success; a white one, unexpected good fortune; to see one wounded, failure in undertakings; to shoe one, good luck; to dream you see a dead horse tells of misfortune. See Ploughing and Saddle.