The cigarette butt is the indicator of the fact that there is something in your life that is very old and no longer useful. The dream shows that there is some situation or person in your waking life that makes you feel this way. The cigarette butt could also signify that you finished something unpleasant in your life.

To dream of something being big, means that there is a particular person or situation in your waking life that takes a big part in it. Your mind is sending you a message how important it is to you and what kind of life changing experience it will have on you.

…Your own is a sign of hypocrisy and betrayal. A woman’s butt cheeks indicate repressed desires….

Seeing the butt of a gun announced oppositions and rivalries. Having it, authority to defend your interests.

…To dream that someone or something is bigger than normal, is sign of arrogance. If in a dream you are bigger than normal, it is interpreted as your inflated opinion of yourself. If someone else is bigger – then this person has an inflated opinion of himself/herself. To see things being bigger than normal, also indicates expression of passion to be more dominant in some situation or relationship. To have interaction or to encounter or to see a big figure, when you are dreaming, has the symbolic significance of the power to influence others. Do you have authority and power? Perhaps someone else has such power on you?…

If this is a big lottery ball, it announces worries and annoyances.

Being honoured and respected.

Wealth and honour, or wisdom and patronage. 263.

…suet roly-poly — spotted monkey, my kiddie calls it — bathed in butter sauce. Now, to tell you the truth, sir, its lather a favourite pudding of mine, still they need not have given me half of it. And then, sir, when I had helped the last piece down with my fork and was feeling like a stuffed Christmas stocking, on came dessert and wine.”What! You won’t have a glass of port?”Mrs. Montague cried, looking at me with a pained expression in her big, innocent blue eyes. ‘Oh, you must have one, Constable, just one! Come, you can’t refuse a lady!’”The sergeant, ma’am!’ I gasped, for I could hardly articulate a sound owing to the pudding and — potatoes; ‘ if the sergeant smells port, ma’am, I shall be discharged!’”You needn’t be afraid of that. Constable,” Mrs. Montague laughed. ‘We will give you some peppermints, which I can guarantee will…

…Dreaming that you use a hand-saw, indicates an energetic and busy time, and cheerful home life. To see big saws in machinery, foretells that you will superintend a big enterprise, and the same will yield fair returns. For a woman, this dream denotes that she will be esteemed, and her counsels will be heeded. Dreaming of rusty or broken saws, denotes failure and accidents. To lose a saw, you will engage in affairs which will culminate in disaster. To hear the buzz of a saw, indicates thrift and prosperity. To find a rusty saw, denotes that you will probably restore your fortune. To carry a saw on your back, foretells that you will carry large, but profitable, responsibilities….

The frog shows that you tend to move one very fast while jumping through big problems. To make the progress you have to take step by step, otherwise you will make big mistakes in your life.

Finding a coat indicates that you’ll have economic problems and big obstacles to overcome; looking for a raincoat to protect yourself from the rain means that you’ll have to hide a big secret to avoid problems in your house.

The flood is not a good omen if the water you see is dirty and unclear and you see lots of mess around you, because it shows the destroyed expectations. However, if the flood is not big one, this won’t make big misunderstandings. The flood that is easily escapable is the sign that you can deal with all the barriers and obstacles, because the minor problems won’t let you down. If the flood has swept you, you will have to deal with your enemies, because they will try to remove you from their way.

When you dream of seeing an apple tree it signifies greatness and nobility. This dream represents your personality as the person who believes in himself and has big expectations. You are not afraid to give a challenge to yourself. This dream symbolizes your big dreams for the future, which you will achieve if you will stay as confident as you are at the moment.

…Dreaming of facing a huge and hideous spider indicates the end of a bad streak and the beginning of better times. However, if the spider manages to bite you, the bad streak will continue. Dreaming of running away from a big spider suggests that there will be losses and discomfort as a result of lack of energy and character to address your problems. Dreaming of killing a spider indicates that you have chances of being successful, but if the spider revives and attacks, (but it doesn’t sting you) it announces the presence of dangerous enemies. Dreaming of one or more spiders indicates that if you are careful enough while doing your things, you will achieve significant benefits. Dreaming of spiders weaving its spider web indicates that you are in safe and happy environment. Dreaming of killing one or more spiders indicates that some business you have, a family member,…

Dreaming that you are making a bet, can be interpreted as symbol or big risk. Bet in the dream means that it is not wise to take big risk in a relationship or work situation. Are you taking any risk, which may not be such a wise choice? Perhaps you should use your rational mind and proceed more cautiously.

The dream in which you see very expensive, big, beautiful and amazing palace signifies your perspective progress that will be appreciated by others. If you are the one who owns this beautiful palace, then it means you will become very rich in very short period of times. The palace that is big, but is old, dirty and neglected, signifies the disappointments one is going to suffer.

If the avenue is big and illuminated, you will soon have a happy encounter with a nice person. It indicates big projects for the future.

…or a ‘Tec?”I see I must explain myself,” she said, pulling out a chair from the table and sitting down.”Though I’m living in a big house in Park Lane, Mr. Bailey, I’m a poor woman. My husband has all the money, and not I.” “That doesn’t sound quite fair, ma’am,” I muttered, not knowing exactly what other remark to make.”Fair! Of course it isn’t fair!” she snapped. “Nothing is fair, is it? But come, I’m not here to expatiate on injustice. Have you ever been hard up, Mr. Bailey? You have. Good! Then you can sympathise with me. I am hard up— so hard up that I am anxious to sell my diamonds — a wedding present from my husband — and, being a wedding present and positively the only present he has ever given me, you can understand my difficulty. In short, I want to sell it, but dare…

…found myself being whirled along at a terrific pace — up, down, dash, smash, through pebbles and puddles, on and on I flew, and I saw all around me thousands of other boots and shoes, all propelled by gigantic, never-tiring Suffragettes, who covered the ground with prodigious, elephantine bounds. This terrible punishment went on for days and nights, till I at length grew so thin that there was scarcely anything left of me. Sometimes I was baked, sometimes drowned, whilst, at all times, my inside and outside were torn and mangled.Then, to my immeasurable joy, I was kicked off, and for some brief moments enjoyed perfect rest.From this happy state I was abruptly awakened, to find myself sitting bound and gagged in a high- backed chair. Bending over me was a very tall and slender dentist with a big, round, babyish face and happy, innocent smile. In one hand he…

…with a leap, he was gone. I shouted out to him, ” Why not ask that tree?” (There was a poplar growing near) but he did not hear me, and was out of sight before I could speak again. I walked on, but had not gone very far, before I came across a boy standing on a big stone, and blowing out his cheeks. There was a look of the most exquisite joy in his round, gooseberry eyes, as if he found his occupation the most delightful in the world. ”Why, what on earth are you doing?”I asked. He opened his mouth and out flew a swarm of bees. “Oh! Isn’t it Paradise?” he said. ”Paradise! They make their honey in my stomach!” “But don’t they sting you?” I asked. “Well, now you come to speak of it, I believe they do” the boy responded, “but what is that compared…

If it’s a woman who dreams of someone cooking, it means great joy and satisfaction in the family. If it’s a man who dreams of it, it’s a big sign of big and shameful jobs.

…To dream that you’re contemplating a building symbolizes high ambitions, but that you’re the type of person that can’t always adhere to your own commitments, and this can cause you problems. To dream about a building, that you’re admiring and its details or note its beauty, suggests that what you are doing is going the right way. Dreaming about an old building that’s being destructed implies carelessness and/or negligence in your affairs; therefore, it is best to take control of your debts and commitments. To dream that you own an elegant house, symbolizes upcoming significant and favorable changes in your business that may force you to change your house. To dream about big and stately buildings that are surrounded by green and flowery gardens symbolizes a long and pleasant life, a fun and full of journeys life. To dream that you’re constructing a building or house suggests upcoming changes…

If you dream about your ex, it shows that you still have the feelings for this particular person. Sometimes the big amount of time has the influence to have these dreams, because it was the big part of your life, therefore it is very normal to dream about your ex and it means nothing, because it simply represents your past.

To dream that you are paying a fare suggests that you need to rid yourself of destructive energy. Alternatively, paying a fare represents big efforts in order to achieve a success. You need to pay big price, if you want to be victorious. Furthermore, it suggests that you may be putting bigger priority to your work or career. Also, you have an ambition, which is taking more attention from you than your loved ones. Maybe you need to give more time for your relatives.

…and then boarding her craft and rubbing their noses caressingly against her; and, a day or two later, she received a quite unexpected invitation to accompany a friend on a yachting voyage to the Baltic. And now for my own experience. The night before my husband presented me with a magnificent sealskin coat, when I all but collapsed with astonishment, I dreamed that a big black cat was sitting on a chest of drawers in my room, and that directly it saw me, it leaped into the middle of the room and sank through the floor.”A striking example of the cat-dream that is invariably, with some people, followed by misfortune, occurred to a lady I met in Llandudno. “Shortly before my father lost most of his money in a big bank smash,” she said, “I dreamed I saw a tortoiseshell cat on the mantelshelf. And again a day or two…

…To dream that you’re maneuvering or trading gas or any lubricating oils symbolizes your desire to achieve a position where you can exercise your power, for example in politics or in business. To dream about big volumes of gas or lubricants suggests that you are thinking about a big business. If a young woman dreams this way, it symbolizes her desire to marry a rich man, regardless of his true personality. All matters relating to oil indicate strength, wealth and power….

…The bullet in dreams is a bad omen. You should be aware of those around you. Perhaps there is this one person who you trust the most and he will deceive you when you won’t expect him to do so. If you found a bullet in a dream, then you will find out who is working against you. If you were hit by a bullet, then it suggests to look after your health as it could be a sign of some illness. If you see a bullet, you should avoid making a big fuss about something and keep calm, otherwise it will bring you even more troubles….

The sea lion is the animal that doesn’t do any harm, it signifies friendship, loyalty and playful side of your personality. If you played with sea lion, it could even mean that you have a very big love for animals or simply are ready to have a children of your own if you do not have them yet. The sea lion is also a symbol of your friends who make you feel happy and relaxed.

If you dream about near sighted, then such dream indicates the temporary satisfaction you are working on, instead of thinking about the permanent ones. You only think about small amounts of happiness, instead of making big plans. It could also mean that you do not pay enough attention to your partner. The dream suggests to look after him or her, otherwise you will lose him or her.

…OUT OF THE ORDINARY DREAMS I have often questioned those who have been born blind as to their dreams. They can, of course, only judge of dreamland by the impression it conveys to their senses of smell, hearing and feeling. One blind man, a musician, told me he had most of the ordinary dreams, such as those of falling, flying, and drowning. “But” he added, “My most common dream is to imagine I can see, and when I awake and find I am still blind, totally blind, the dis- illusion is most cruel. I invariably have this dream before a severe cold in my head. Before financial worries, I have dreamed I am being chased from room to room in a big, empty castle by something that is not a human being, something I have never met in real life but which I can only presume must be a…

The butterfly is a symbolism of chaos in your waking life. Perhaps the dream suggests to be more stable, otherwise the consequences won’t be very favorable. The butterfly that is big could also foreshadow the fact that you will be seen by others a lot, because of your behavior and it’s not bad if you like the attention. See the explanation of flying to get more detailed dream interpretation.

Dreaming of being a powerful person with a high social rank suggests that this is precisely what is being searched for by the dreamer in daily life, and that he or she is considered to have sufficient capacity and intelligence to be self-directed, but cannot find the right path. This dream is common during youth, when the dreamer has his or her own life ahead and wants to conquer great heights. However, these desires are often turned into big failures when there is over-confidence in the dreamer.

If you dream of overcrowded airport it represents your intentions of being free. This dream shows how big expectations you are having out of your work and personal life. This dream is a sign of the new beginning, new purposes and new tasks. Make sure of the new thoughts you are having and start realising them. This dream could also be the meaning of new relationships, new job or new happenings in your life. Do not worry, as these changes will be pleasurable. If you see the airport in a dessert it represents that your schedule will be changed not in a positive way. Anyhow, this is only for a temporarily period of time.

To suffer a nose injury means the possibility of gossip and whisperings. A big nose means anger, fury, and envy. A small nose is a sign of small problems and annoyances.

Dreaming of a deep state of distress means big surprises are coming.

If you dreamed of seeing a staff that is dependent on you, then such dream indicates the power and big influence you carry on other people. On the other hand, the dream of seeing a staff, indicates the trip you are taking and acknowledging or accepting other people around you.

To better understand this dream, read also the interpretations of big.

…There are unquestionably certain people who, in their dreams, witness events that are actually taking place at the time.A lady I knew, Mrs. P., who lived in Gloucester Place, W., dreamed one night she was in a big seaport town, where the streets were all numbered and laid out in blocks according to the American system, and where in one part of the city the tramlines descended over a series of plateaux. The houses were very lofty, and in one street a single hotel occupied an entire block. Shortly after her arrival, the entire town shook and heaved under the influence of a stupendous earthquake; houses collapsed like packs of cards, and, amidst the most appalling shrieks and groans, the whole city burst into a lurid sheet of fire. Everywhere was the wildest confusion and despair. People of all nationalities, from fair-skinned Europeans and yellow-visage Chinese — of which…

Big belly, opulence. Loose belly, bad business, material losses, leisure. When coming out from your mother’s belly means estrangement between family members.