…(Ferry | Ferryboat | Fireboat | Fishing boat | Ship | Star) In a dream, a fishing boat represents profits and benefits. To sail on an unknown boat or to pilot a boat or to give orders to sailors who are operating it in a dream means marriage to a woman from a country to which the boat belongs, or it could mean doing business in that land. To ride on a ferryboat in a dream means receiving God’s benevolence and kindness in crossing over danger. A boat in a dream also represents one’s relatives. Thus, whatever atmospheric conditions the skies exhibits during the crossing or during a journey by boat, they will manifest in one’s family. In a dream, a fireboat means dispelling anxieties, overcoming distress and adversities. (Also see Carpenter | Helm | Ship)…

…Dreaming that you’re on a boat that is in calm waters indicates coming successes, happy moments and satisfactions. However, if the waters are muddy and turbulent, which also seem threatening, indicates that soon there will be problems against which you must be alert. Dreaming that you see a boat going far away, into the deep sea, hints that there are too many illusions that you must control. Dreaming that a ship is sailing towards a storm suggests that the dreamer’s affairs related to business, work, family are not going well, and that the problems soon will increase due to rumors and gossips. Dreaming of boats anchored in the port and stevedores loading things on them, it’s an announcement of personal gains, prosperity, a change of life, etc. If boats are still, without moving around, it indicates that the dreamer’s affairs and business will be the same as the boats….

…most. An empty ship in a dream means business profits. Seeing a passenger ship transporting people in a dream means safety. If the ship is floating still in the dream, it means imprisonment. To hold to the rope of a ship in a dream represents a religious person who joins the company a pious teacher. Even if one sees himself dropping the ropes, or lowering the anchor in his dream, it means that he will remain in the company of such a person. Riding a ship along with one’s family, relatives and friends in a dream means honor, prosperity and escape from one’s enemies. If one sees himself crossing the sea with a small boat in the dream, it represents a danger he will face. Seeing a ship floatingnicely in a dream means happiness. Standing on the shore and watching a ship in the sea in a dream means receiving…

The sea in your dream signify your present life, how you deal with people around you and situations you get yourself in. Sometimes the sea is the symbol of unknowingness where this are very miserable. The sea is also a symbol of depression you might be suffering from or melancholy. For some people the sea in dreams is the very positive sign, because it waves relaxes us and we feel free from all of the stress, but only if the sea is calm. The stormy sea is the reflection of your thoughts and inner being. Perhaps you feel very stressful and do not know which direction to take in your life.

The boat in dreams is the symbol of movement the dreamer makes while living his life. If you are the one who controls the boat and doing it with easiness, then such dream shows that you have an ability to manage your life perfectly. If someone you know is the captain of the boat, it shows the huge influence this person has in your life. The dream could suggest to be more independent from that particular person. Sometimes the boat shows some situation and your ability to solve the problems. If there is a storm in the water and you are shipping the boat, you are finding hard to concentrate and manage your own life, but if it goes smoothly, you are doing great.

Ocean or sea symbolizes the collective unconscious. Everything the ocean presages and represents in our dreams refers to what happens within us. If the ocean is calm so is also our life. Peaceful and quiet sea or ocean represents easy life. If it is troubled, then same is and with our inner self. Troubled ocean or sea represents complications and problems. To fall into the ocean presages some misfortune for which we will be guilty. If we sink in sea or ocean, it means that we resign ourselves to what we consider inevitable. If we try to swim and keep afloat it reflects our desire to fight with all our strength. Sailing through a rough ocean means we are getting carried away by a dangerous business even though we know the danger we are in.

…To dream about a calm and quiet sea is a good dream, it suggests that you will soon be traveling for pleasure or business. This type of dream among young lovers often suggests their upcoming wedding and honeymoon. To dream that you’re facing the sea and listening to the sound of the waves as they hit against a ship, is a warning that your family will encounter problems, or that you’ll have problems in your business or workplace. To dream that you’re standing near the shore watching as the waves crash each other announces problems that will be difficult to resolve. To dream that you’re listening to the ocean’s waves without watching it suggests that you have been wasting your time on trivialities. When a young single mother dreams that she’s near the sea, it suggests that she longs for true love. To dream about sea foam symbolizes demoralization…

…To dream of going to sea in a ship or steamer, is a sign that you will be fortunate in money matters: storms and perils at sea foretell difficulties which may be overcome: if you dream you are sea sick, it denotes continued health. If a girl dreams of going to sea, and having a pleasant voyage, she will marry rich, and love her husband; but storms and perils point to quarrels with him. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 6….

Dreaming of rough and violent seas indicates confusion, conflict and fear. A calm sea means friendly relationship with your superiors. A beautiful sea portends success in business or at work. Getting into the sea means abundance or wealth. Dream of drowning in the sea and not getting out of it is a sign of anguish and despair.

…Dreaming of a small boat for recreation or racing, especially an open boat with a mast and sails, or any other boat of this type, only if it is not to for war, indicates hopes, projects, trips, and joys, all depending on how the waters are to know if everything will be happy or tragic. For example, if the waters are turbid and there’s a storm threatening to start, it’s a warning of approaching problems, on the contrary, if the waters are calm and the ship floats smoothly, it indicates that everything will be okay. Dreaming of being in one of these ships, like dinghy, accompanied by several people and that you’re afraid of your lives being in danger, indicates that soon a request for help from your friends or family will be received. Dreaming that you fall overboard in a storm warns that you should be careful and…

…Dreaming of being in a life-boat, denotes escape from threatened evil. To see a life-boat sinking, friends will contribute to your distress. To be lost in a life-boat, you will be overcome with trouble, in which your friends will be included to some extent. If you are saved, you will escape a great calamity….

If you dream that you are the captain of the boat and going on the water without any disturbances, the dream shows how perfectly you can control your life. If the sea is rough or you do not know what to do as the captain, you will struggle in your waking life. If the other person is the captain of the boat you are in, you give the control of your life and decisions for this person.

It symbolizes the unconscious along with instincts and memories. Thus the sea reflects what is going on inside of us. If the sea is rough or calm, then this reflects our emotional state. Letting ourselves sink into the sea, indicates that we are giving up, but trying to come up to surface tells us about our desire to fight with all our strength.

…(Sea Life | Human being) In a dream, if their number is known, fish represent women, but if their number is not known, then they represent money from a doubtful source. If one sees a fish colony gathering at seabed, where he is fishing, bringing them up and eating them raw as he pleases, or if he places them into baskets and divides them into lots in the dream, it means that he will prosper and invest his wealth in different ventures and savings plans. A whale in a dream represents the minister of sea life, while the sea itself represents the king or the country. A whale in a pond with his jaws opened in a dream represents a prison. A large fish colony in a dream represents despised earnings, or earning a large amount money one is accountable for its expenditure. Fishing in a well means homosexuality,…

The sea lion is the animal that doesn’t do any harm, it signifies friendship, loyalty and playful side of your personality. If you played with sea lion, it could even mean that you have a very big love for animals or simply are ready to have a children of your own if you do not have them yet. The sea lion is also a symbol of your friends who make you feel happy and relaxed.

…Dreaming of hearing the lonely sighing of the sea, foretells that you will be fated to spend a weary and unfruitful life devoid of love and comradeship. Dreams of the sea, prognosticate unfulfilled anticipations, while pleasures of a material form are enjoyed, there is an inward craving for pleasure that flesh cannot requite. For a young woman Dreaming that she glides swiftly over the sea with her lover, there will come to her sweet fruition of maidenly hopes, and joy will stand guard at the door of the consummation of changeless vows. See Ocean….

The speed boat that was driven by you shows how fast you are going through life. The bigger the speed the more intensive is your lifestyle. Perhaps you wish to see and do as much as you can in your life. Sometimes it could be interpreted as the suggestion to slow down. If you feel frightened by the speed of the boat, it shows that you do not feel comfortable in your life.

Dreaming of a boat means that a close family member change at work. To see a boat means failure and misfortune.

It indicates the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The message of the dream will be deducted from what happens on the trip. It indicates a change in our lives, but we do not do it alone, but surrounded by all that we know. Getting on a ship full of people reflects the need for relationships with others. If the boat is empty, it indicates our shyness. When the boat arrives, some passengers get off before we get in, it means that this life change is not definitive. If we only see the ship, it indicates that we will receive a proposition that can change our lives, although we have not yet decided whether to accept it or not.

Boat signals forecast bright prospects, if upon clear water. If the water is unsettled and turbulent, cares and unhappy changes threaten the dreamer. If with a gay party you board a boat without an accident, many favors will be showered upon you. Unlucky the dreamer who falls overboard while sailing upon stormy waters….

To dream you are in a boat upon a river, lake, or pond of clear water, is very good, and indicates joy, prosperity, and good success in affairs. If a man dream that he is walking in a boat, and recreating himself without fear, he will have comfort and success in his affairs; but if the water be rough and tempestuous, it falls out contrary.

…(Government) The element of ocean in a dream represents a prison where sea lives are incarcerated, and it means losses, fear, despair, limitless knowledge, a city without walls, or the world, its trials and wonders. An ocean or a sea in a dream also represents a strong ruler who is just, compassionate toward his subjects and whom people revere, have access to, and seek for their daily needs. If a businessman sees an ocean in a dream, it represents his merchandise. As for a worker or an apprentice, the ocean in a dream represents his veteran teacher or master. If one sees the ocean in a dream, it means that he will succeed in his goals. If one sees himself entering into the ocean or sea in a dream, it means that he will enter before a ruler, or stand before someone in authority. If one sees himself sitting…

The sea in dreams indicates some of your emotions that doesn’t give you satisfaction. You wish to wash them away. The sea is also a symbol of freedom.

If you dream that you see a sea monster, then such dream indicates the fears you might have from your childhood. The sea monster is also a symbol of something in your waking life that you do not know how to defeat. There are certain problems you do not know how to solve.

For a woman Dreaming of sea foam, foretells that indiscriminate and demoralizing pleasures will distract her from the paths of rectitude. If she wears a bridal veil of sea foam, she will engulf herself in material pleasure to the exclusion of true refinement and innate modesty. She will be likely to cause sorrow to some of those dear to her, through their inability to gratify her ambition.

To see it clear, with a gentle undulation, indicates happiness and an easy administration of affairs. To see it troubled and going with high waves, means small profit, followed by some disappointment. An easy, calm sea represents tranquility in your waking life while working on certain issues. A very rough sea, represents fears, mistakes and other.

…If you dream of seeing or riding a white horse, the indications are favorable for prosperity and pleasurable commingling with congenial friends and fair women. If the white horse is soiled and lean, your confidence will be betrayed by a jealous friend or a woman. If the horse is black, you will be successful in your fortune, but you will practice deception, and will be guilty of assignations. To a woman, this dream denotes that her husband is unfaithful. Dreaming of dark horses, signifies prosperous conditions, but a large amount of discontent. Fleeting pleasures usually follow this dream. To see yourself riding a fine bay horse, denotes a rise in fortune and gratification of passion. For a woman, it foretells a yielding to importunate advances. She will enjoy material things. To ride or see passing horses, denotes ease and comfort. To ride a runaway horse, your interests will be…

…To dream of a sleigh-ride, where the sleighing is good, and the sleigh glides free and noiseless, is an excellent omen, as it foretells success and good fortune generally, particularly to farmers: but if you imagine the sleighing is poor, and that the runners screech on the ground, it foretells trouble and unhappiness. Young men who dream of sleigh-riding with girls, stopping at taverns, drinking, getting the girls boozy, and then performing unnameable pranks, are thus forewarned that they with be poor and shiftless as such dreams are certain omens of misery and disgrace. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 67, 40….

To dream you ride with a company of men, is very lucky and profitable; but with women, it signifies misfortune and deceit. See Saddle.

To dream you ride with a company of men is very lucky, but with women, misfortune and deceit.

Dreaming of a ride of carnival warns us that we must be accountable if we let ourselves be carried away by the easy pleasures.

…(Animal | Carrier | Mount | Vehicle) A vehicle in a dream represents care, concern, attaining one’s purpose, or it could mean reaching one’s destination through striving and hard work. To ride an animal in a dream means following one’s desires and passions. However, to be carried by any animal, or by any type of vehicle in a dream is a sign of honor and authority. Riding a horse one cannot control in a dream means following one’s passions and wantonness. If one is able to adequately tame his horse and control it in the dream, it means that he will be saved from adversities. Riding an elaborately dressed horse for a parade, being surrounded by servants and an entourage in the dream means receiving an inheritance, or it could mean becoming the guardian of an estate one will inherit in a short while. Riding over the shoulder of…

To dream you ride with a company of men, is very lucky, but with women, misfortune and deceit.

To dream you ride with a company of men is very lucky and profitable; with women it means misfortune and defeat.

…Dreaming of riding is unlucky for business or pleasure. Sickness often follows this dream. If you ride slowly, you will have unsatisfactory results in your undertakings. Swift riding sometimes means prosperity under hazardous conditions….

…(See Oar, and Rudder.) To dream you are sailing in a boat in pleasant weather, and enjoying yourself, denotes good success in business; to lovers it foretells happiness; if the weather is boisterous, it predicts quarrels, which will be speedily settled; dreams of sailing smoothly in boats are emphatically good ones to all kinds of people. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 71, 10,…

(See Boat | Ship)

In the dream to sail in a boat or ship on smooth waters is lucky. On rough waters, it is unlucky. To fall into water represents great peril.

Sail in one upon the water, if the weather and water is clear and still, jollity, prosperity, and good success in undertakings. The reverse is the case if a storm occurs and the water is rough. A boat in danger of shipwreck warns the dreamer about some great impending peril if he is not at the time detained as a prisoner, in which case the dream announces his quick deliverance and safety.

If you sail in a boat that’s in calm water, it indicates good news, good luck, and money. If the waters are turbulent, is a sign for illness, death or sadness. If the ship sinks, it means that your plans will collapse.