(Laziness. See Incomplete job)

Dream of building a house means weariness, loss, sickness and illness. Building a vault means marriage, wedding feast and birth of children. The building of an altar or church means indolence.

Losing trophy: indolence, useless and extraordinary expenses. Wining a trophy: marital happiness with your partner.

It symbolizes the temptation. you are trying to solve some situation and finish the things off in your work place or relationships. If we see ourselves sawing a hammock, then it indicates that inside us there is an excess of indolence and passivity. If it is about a tree, then it indicates that we will lose protection, and If there is another person who cuts it, then it indicates that we will lose this protection due causes of not our own fault.

Dreaming of reflection represents your indoor environment. It can highlight faults and qualities. This dream can give you the opportunity of learning defects and how to improve them.

Dream of a dormouse indicates a certain indolence that may hurt you.

Certain indolence might harm you.

(Unfinished business) An incomplete job in a dream signifies joblessness, inactivity, indolence, or it could mean an unattainable desire for leadership. An incomplete job in a dream also means despair. (Also see Finished business)

…It symbolizes the struggle against the elements, against fate, against oneself and against others. Children’s games express a desire to escape the worries and mean superficiality and joy and family harmony. Gambling games mean losses and disappointments. The skill and calculation games will be good or bad depending on the outcome of each game. To look at the game without participating in it, indicates indifference and indolence. If the player is a parent, then it means irresponsibility. If they cheat, means immorality and lack of adaptation to social norms….