Seeing yourself gripping the steering wheel of a car shows your need to direct the situation which you’re afraid to some direction. If in the dream you see another person handling the steering wheel, it is interpreted as your fear of staying in the background. It is important to pay attention to the emotions that are provoked by this dream.

…Holding onto a steering wheel in a dream means pursuing one’s own destiny and whatever good or bad it brings. Controlling a steering wheel in a dream means that adverse conditions will turn easy through one’s deter- mination and perseverance….

If you are steering the wheel, it shows that you are making the final decisions in your life that are taking all of your time.

The steering wheel indicates important issues that are being thought about wright now.

…In a dream, a wheel represents a treasurer or travels. A rolling wheel in a dream means the ongoing process of living and earning one’s livelihood. If the wheel suddenly stops or brakes in the dream, it means that one may lose his job, or it may mean the cancellation of a journey. Wheels in a dream also represent the changing phases of businesses, or the changing hands of their owners. If the rolling wheel produces a sweet sensation or an enchanting sound in the dream, it means good news. Otherwise, a roaring sound of a wheel means a cry of jealousy or selfish love. A spinning wheel which is used for either wool or silk in a dream means blessed profits, comfort, or a marriage….

…Tires or wheels because of its circular shape symbolizes what is perfect and gives us security and protection. For its movement it is the symbol of everything that revolves around a center. The radius of tires or wheels symbolizes our dependence on a motionless mystical center. To dream that we are in a vehicle and the wheel falls or breaks that makes us fear for a myriad of ills. Fate will play a bad move on us. If we fall under the wheels of a vehicle it represents the inevitability of fate. If the wheel turns smoothly and quietly it’s an omen of success and the good development of things. If the wheel squeaks that foretells obstacles and impediments but they will fail to stop us from achieving our goals….

Seeing a wheel in a dream means difficult situation, which is impossible to solve. On the other hand, a wheel means continuation of situations and the ability to proceed towards goals. Losing a wheel of a vehicle shows losses and mistakes. Seeing a treadmill represents your feelings will not advance despite your hard work. You feel stuck in a rut.

The dream in which you have a broken leg, signifies the fact that you are unable to move in some situation. Perhaps you feel helpless and powerless to change some situation. The broken leg could also signify broken dreams and plans, perhaps you should slow down.

…A girl operating a spinning wheel in a dream represents con- tentment, giving things their true worth, or devoting one’s life to a good cause. If the girl keeps on weaving, then when she finishes her work she unravels the fabric in the dream, it means God’s wrath, afflictions, or destruction. (Also see Spindle | Spinning | Wheel)…

…To see or ride on a Ferris wheel, when you are dreaming, can be interpreted as symbolism of repetition. It means that you are like a hamster, which is in the wheel and going around in circles. You are headed to the mist. You need to restart your life and retarget your destination. On the other hand, if in the dream you have a lot of fun and positive emotions, then such dream is symbolic importance of completeness in the circle of your life. Don’t be afraid of ups and downs, because happiness in the life is reached by overcoming obstacles in the way to the success….

To dream that you are steering something indicates your way of dealing with some situations or people in your life and how you manage to work it out.

To see one wheel, shows in marriage, vexation. Many wheels portend fortune, joy and high station.

…Dreaming about being behind the wheel may mean that both at work and in business, you can succeed if you put effort into it, because you can’t expect things to go as you want, especially if you don’t really commit to them….

…(Noria) In a dream, this type of water wheel which is used to raise and discharge water from a low level stream into a higher ground means help, assistance, keeping one’s promise, or complying with preset conditions. (Also see Noria)…

Broken arms shows danger, great or long arms, friendship; but small ones, enemies, who will your prosperity strip.

…(Bonesetter) An orthopedist who corrects skeletal deformities and sets broken bones in a dream represents a pious governor who governs with justice, teaches righteousness, balances substances and conforms to equanimity. Seeing an orthopedist in a dream also means presumptuousness, might and audacity. He also represents officiousness, adroitness and resoluteness, for he discards the deficient and brings together what is broken. Seeing an orthopedist in a dream also means distress and trouble. He also represents an architect, and an architect represents an orthopedist in a dream. Thus, seeing him in a dream also means construction and could represent a generous person who comforts, accommodates and helps a needy person, or a wise man who comforts the broken hearts, a just judge, a great scholar, a shoe repairman, or a tailor. If one sees himself standing before an orthopedist in a dream because of a broken bone or another fracture and…

Misfortune or vexation.

See wheels means infirmities. Of fortune, signifies peril, embarrassment, danger at hand.

You are in a stage of changes, but you’re still clinging to security and common places that are offered by your usual circle.

Dreaming of wheels or pulleys (of any kind) spinning really fast, means that you’re very active, maybe a bit of a nervous person, and a hard worker, which portends that you’ll have success in your activities. However, if you dream of wheels or pulleys that are not moving, are broken or old, then it means the opposite.

When a lathe appears in dreams, whether it is the dreamer himself, or anyone else who is operating it, then it’s an indication that a difficult situation will require a lot of attention and meditation. Only through patience and determination it will be possible to ensure the solution to problems. This interpretation is provided to the dreamer, who does not use lathes in his usual activities….

(See Helm)

Getting into great danger.

Family pleasures. Emotional wellbeing.

A death.

Disagreeableness, disappointment. 70.

Separation of friends.

Loss, quarrel, poverty, separation of friends or beloved ones.

Misfortune, loss, dishonour.

Dying far from friends, marrying in a foreign country.

Sadness, mourning.

Disturbance, domestic disunion.

…the death of his brother, his father, his partner, or a close friend or his assistant. If the right hand is cut off in a dream, it means a vow one takes to deprive someone from his rights. It also means loss of one’s job or cuttingoff one’s blood ties, or it could mean that he has committed a theft. If a righteous person sees his hand cut off in a dream, it means abstaining from wrongdoing or eschewing evil. If one’s left hand is cut off in a dream, it means reestablishing his relationship with his family and rediscovering the benefits of good qualities. If one’s hand is broken in a dream, it means an adversity, illness, loss of business, or loss of a dear person. The cracking skin of one’s hands in a dream means loss of wealth. Stretched hands in a dream means ill caused by a…

…In a dream, heels represent one’s children or heirs. If one discovers that he has no heels in a dream, it means that he has no heirs in his family. If one’s heel is broken or cut off in a dream, it could mean the death of his child. A broken heel in a dream also means an adventure that one will regret. A broken heel in a dream also could mean depression, calamity, sorrow, a trial, or one’s death. The right heel in a dream represents the son and the left heel represents the daughter. One’s heels in a dream also imply the conclusion of his life in this world and his judgment in the hereafter. One’s heels in a dream also represent his estate. Strong heels in a dream represent good deeds. Dark heels in a dream represent heedlessness and disobedience to the divine commands of God…

When a wheel is revolving in your dream then it shows that your life is too boring and all the situations repetitive. You have to free yourself from routine and express yourself more impulsively without thinking. Also the wheel may symbolize the beginning and movement toward your desires. If you have lost a wheel of a vehicle then this dream signifies that you are lost your own path and now it is hard for you to make a decision where to move.

…(Water wheel) In a dream, a noria represents a trustworthy servant. The water wheel itself represents business fluctuations, or changes in people’s life. (Also see Water wheel)…

…one’s religion or his school of thought. A broken back in a dream means fear, distress and sorrow. If one sees his rear side dark in color, black or red in a dream, it means that he may suffer from physical abuse and beating during a fight. Seeing one’s own back in a dream also could mean buying new clothing, or it could mean feeling strong because of one’s knowledge, his son, power, political connections, wealth or property. Seeing one’s back in a dream also could mean to repudiate one’s wife. If one’s back is seared or cauterized in a dream, it denotes stinginess, or it could mean that he fails to comply with God’s rights upon him. If one sees his back bent in a dream, it means a misfortune. If one sees the back of his friend in a dream, it means that his friend will turn his…

…To have one cut, announcement of the quick illness of a relative or dear friend, if for a male the right arm is injured and for female if the left one is injured. The two arms cut, imprisonment or sickness. The arm that is broken or emaciated, for a single person indicates sickness, distress, family affliction. For a man broken arm denotes to public distress, such as defeat of colleagues, famine or epidemical illness. For a married woman broken arm indicates separation, divorce, widowhood. Arms dirty that are dirty represents distress. Arms inflated or swollen symbolizes riches for brothers or very affectionate relatives. Arms that are stout and strong signifies happiness, cure, and deliverance. Healthy arms favors will be received. Harder and more robust arms than ordinary person has means joy, profit, and unexpected wealth from a son or brother. If the dreamer is a woman, increase in the…

…In a dream, a bow means travels, a brother, a wife, a son or closeness to someone. A covered bow in a dream means that, one’s wife is pregnant. If a pregnant woman hands a man a bow in a dream, it means that she will conceive a girl from him. If a pregnant woman hands her husband a bow in a dream, it means that she will deliver a boy. Stretching the strings of a bow in a dream means longevity. Stretching it without an arrow in a dream means planning! to travel. A broken bow in a dream signifies the death of a brother, a business partner, or a son. A bow is broken bow in a dream means that an accident may cause the hand of a brother or a business partner to fracture. Holding a broken bow in a dream means losing one’s job or…

It is our own life that is represented and everything depends on us. The fuel represents our energy’s capacity. The bodywork indicates our appearance. The steering wheel foretells about our self-control capability. The breaks show our will. The electrical circuit portends about the intelligence. The headlights foretells about our capability to view the facts. If the automobile is in good condition, then it means that we have confidence in ourselves. If it is in bad condition, then it represents our fears. If we see ourselves driving the automobile alone, then it indicates desire for independency. If we are traveling accompanied by the actions of the passengers, including ours, then it will reveal our attitude with those around. If the automobile is being driven by someone else, then it means that we don´t feel owners of our own destiny.