…(Clarity | Perception | Wisdom | Woman) In a dream, glass represents an early stage of a temporary anxiety, depression or stress. Such condition is less serious when glass is seen collected as broken chips in a container in a dream. Seeing through glass in a dream means uncovering something that is hidden. In a dream, all glassware, stained glass, engraved glass, or decorative glass of green, red or yellowish color represent a suspicious person, money earned from a suspicious source or suspicion about one’s wife, or even suspicion about one’s true children, or it could mean eavesdropping, affectation or hypocrisy. In a dream, any glass by-products represent people of knowledge, scholars, gnostics, sages or people of wisdom. Buying a glittering glass ornament, or a house made of mother of pearl in a dream means choosing the pleasures of this world over the everlasting joy of the hereafter, or…

…When a woman is looking through a glass in her dream, at several men who aren’t her husband or lover, it suggest that her behavior isn’t very honest which will lead to disrepute. Dreaming of oneself looking through a crystal, usually means that bad times and loss of hope are coming. To dream that there’s another face next to yourself in a glass or mirror, suggests that the dreamer is leading a double life, which will lead him to trouble. Dreaming of smashing glasses, for example doors or windows, may suggest that your plans, intentions or projects will fail. If there’s broken glass in the dream, it almost always means that we’ll receive sad news. Dreaming about receiving cut glass objects shows the upcoming success, and in some cases the honor if you’re involved in artistic activities. Giving cut glass objects to others means self-humiliation which will lead to…

…(Attic window | Aperture | Opening | Peephole) In a dream, a large window represents a woman of good character and conduct, while a tight window means the opposite. If a man sees himself sitting inside a window in a dream, it means that he will divorce his wife in public. If one sees himself sitting at a distance from the window in a dream, it means that he will secretly divorce his wife. In a dream, the windows of a house also represent an outsider who is aware of the inner secrets of such a house. A window in a dream also means relief from difficulties, overcoming distress, renewing festivities and celebrating anniver- saries. Depending on their direction in the dream, windows also mean news, women, or children. Seeing the glass of one’s window tainted or colored means planting seedlings, inflorescence, conceiving children, continuing one’s education, buying new…

…Dreaming that you handle a pane of glass, denotes that you are dealing in uncertainties. If you break it, your failure will be accentuated. To talk to a person through a pane of glass, denotes that there are obstacles in your immediate future, and they will cause you no slight inconvenience….

…The window that is circular represents the spiritual aspects of the dreamer and the square or rectangular window indicates more grounded aspects of nature. If the view through the window is nice and sunny, then it reveals that our hopes and desires will become real in the near future. If we see only darkness while looking through the window, then it shows that the future is very uncertain, both materially and spiritually. If instead of looking out the window we are inside the room and we see the window far from us, then such dream shows that we understand the real beauty of the life. When we are not able to see the light and only perceive darkness, then it indicates our lack of responsiveness and our stubbornness. If we want to look out the window, but do not dare to do so, then it is a sign of…

…To make presents of cut glass ornaments, signifies that you will fail in your undertakings. For a woman to see her lover in a mirror, denotes that she will have cause to institute a breach of promise suit. For a married woman to see her husband in a mirror, is a warning that she will have cause to feel anxiety for her happiness and honor. To look clearly through a glass window, you will have employment, but will have to work subordinately. If the glass is clouded, you will be unfortunately situated. If a woman sees men, other than husband or lover, in a looking glass, she will be discovered in some indiscreet affair which will be humiliating to her and a source of worry to her relations. For a man Dreaming of seeing strange women in a mirror, he will ruin his health and business by foolish attachments….

…A glass bottle in a dream represents a servant, a housekeeper, a son or a woman. A glass bottle in a dream also represents a woman who does not keep a secret, a slanderous companion, sickness, an adulteress or a prostitute. A glass bottle filled with oil in a dream represents a woman and her makeup. If one grooms his hair with oil from such a bottle in a dream, it means adorning himself or being proud about his love for such a woman. If the oil spills over one’s face during the process of applying it in the dream, it means that he will suffer from distress. The broken chips of a glass bottle in a dream represent money. A urine testing tube in a dream represents a prostitute. Thus, if one sees himself urinating inside such a tube in his dream, he should beware not to commit…

…(Aperture | Peephole | Window) If one’s attic window towers over a large and a beautiful property in the dream, it means owning or acquiring a new property, earningrespect, honor and fulfilling one’s aspirations. If the view from one’s attic window is depressing in the dream, then it means relief from difficulties, or if one is sick, then it means recovering from his illness, or if he is unmarried, then it means that he will get married. If a woman looks at an attic window in a dream, it means that she will get married. Discovering an attic window in a house that does not have one in a dream means the spread of one’s authority, or the success of one’s business. (Also see Window)…

To dream that you are looking through the window means that you are thinking about the life and the opportunities it gives to you, but only if the window is pend. If the window is close, you feel trapped in some parts of your life. Seeing the house that has many windows, means that you have many opportunities in your waking life. The dream about broken window indicates the broken dreams the one has.

In general, everything of glass represents particular relation to females. To accept a glass of water, upcoming marriage or birth of children. Break a glass without losing the water or its other contents, illness of the partner, safety of the child. Lose the water without breaking the glass, illness of the child, safety of the mother. Look through a glass of a window, a precarious situation.

…Dreaming about glass is interpreted as the symbolism of a nearby engagement or marriage bond. If in the dream the glass is full of water, then it usually means a growing family. If the glass is full of wine, it means comfort for our sorrows. If it’s full of beer, it predicts a short trip. Glass full of liquor indicates futile love affairs. Dreaming of a broken glass signifies thriving business and is always a sign of happiness and fortune….

The glass in dream is a good omen if you are looking through it and if it is nice, clean and clear, then it shows the real view you see of the world. The dirty glass or scratched one shows your inner destruction. If you dream about the broken glass, then such dream foretells about the things you did and now you feel sorry about it, or it signifies the broken hopes. For example, it shows your work that wasn’t done, or the relationships you worked so hard and it didn’t fulfill your dreams. Overall, the drinking from the clear glass signifies happiness and fortune.

…in a dream, then it shows how you are trying to absorb the outside world and what possibilities it brings to you. Probably at this time of your life you are trying to make some important solution to particular problem, and the look through the window helps you while thinking about it. The dream in which you look through the window could also indicate the necessity to explore the world and life as it is. If you looked at the window as the mirror, then it foretells how you are seeking the answers of which you are deep down in your soul. Such dream also brings out the spiritual aspects of your personality. The dream, in which you shut down the windows, denotes to the closure you have made towards particular problem or person. If the windows are broken, then it symbolizes the sorrow and frustration you will suffer….

…The glass in dreams is the symbol of security and stagnancy. The dream may show that you are trying to put invisible wall between you and others. Maybe there is some kind of situation that you are trying to protect yourself from or relationships you are tired of. The dream in which you see yourself drinking from the glass is a good dream, because it brings luck. If you look through the glass, then such dream points the openness you have while dealing with those around you. On the other hand, the dream could show the invisible wall you put between you and others. If you ate the glass in a dream, then such dream shows your apprehension, powerlessness and helplessness. You do not find the way to express your feelings and emotions. On the other hand, eating the glass in a dream could show the times of your…

Separation of friends.

Seeing windows in your dream mean bright hopes and wide possibilities. Dreaming of looking out of a window symbolizes your attitude toward life, your intuition and opinion. Maybe you are trying to make a decision. Dreaming that you are looking to outside throughout the window means your sense, your intuition, your knowledge, and your point of view. Dreaming of looking inside a place through a window means you reflect on life. Closed windows represent desertion and abandonment. Seeing broken windows in a dream denotes misery and disloyalty. Seeing a tinted window in dream means you need to change some aspects of your life.

The window indicates the insights the dreamer has, his possibilities and view to word. Depending on the size of the window different explanations following it. if the window is small, you don’t have big expectations in life, if its small you wish to achieve a lot. Window is also a symbol of gateway. Maybe there is something you wish to escape?

…To dream of a looking-glass, is a bad omen, and signifies that you will be surrounded with false friends, who will rob you until your property dwindles to a shadow. To dream you see your face in a looking-glass is a sign of sickness. To break a looking-glass portends death. If a girl dreams she sees her lover in a looking-glass, it is a sign he will desert or seduce her. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 18, 61….

To have interaction with a wine glass, when you are dreaming, is the symbolic significance of happiness. Are you in the state of being happy? Wine glass can be symbol of affluence, profuseness, rankness, fullness, impressiveness. It may also have symbolic importance that announces pregnancy. If you break the wine glass, then it may represent an unsuccessful outcome of something planned. Broken wine glass also stands as a sign of miscarriage.

…(Drinking cup | Goblet | Mug) In a dream, a drinking cup represents a woman or a son or a servant. Golden or silver cups in a dream are better than glass cups. A cup in a dream also denotes exposing hidden secrets. A filled cup in a dream represents a pregnant woman, if the water disappears in the dream, it means that she will give birth to a new child. A broken glass in a dream means death. A broken glass in a dream also signifies the death of one’s wife. If one sees himself carrying a glass of water, then if the glass falls and breaks, while the water remains in his hand in the dream, it means that his wife may die soon after giving birth to a new son. If the glass does not break and the water is spilled in the dream, it means…

Open window, new hopes will be presented. Closed window, obstacles and problems. Throw yourself by the window it means you should not act rashly.

If you dream of seeing yourself sitting next to the window, then such dream foretells about your wish to have a pleasurable and calm life. If you look through the window and see something you already seen, then such dream suggests to look at the situation from the different angle. The window that is wide opened shows your desire to make the changes in your life, but if it is closed you are not ready for it yet, therefore you should wait when you will prepare yourself.

…To see windows in your dreams, is an augury of fateful culmination to bright hopes. You will see your fairest wish go down in despair. Fruitless endeavors will be your portion. To see closed windows is a representation of desertion. If they are broken, you will be hounded by miserable suspicions of disloyalty from those you love. To sit in a window, denotes that you will be the victim of folly. To enter a house through a window, denotes that you will be found out while using dishonorable means to consummate a seemingly honorable purpose. To escape by one, indicates that you will fall into a trouble whose toils will hold you unmercifully close. To look through a window when passing and strange objects appear, foretells that you will fail in your chosen avocation and lose the respect for which you risked health and contentment….

The dream in which you have a broken leg, signifies the fact that you are unable to move in some situation. Perhaps you feel helpless and powerless to change some situation. The broken leg could also signify broken dreams and plans, perhaps you should slow down.

To dream that you see a window washer means that you are trying to make things clearer. There are some situations that you do not understand properly. The window washer could also mean that you are getting rid of the negative thoughts.

…Dreaming of open windows suggests that you suspect being spied on, which can lead to various problems. Dreaming of yourself entering a house through the window warns that you’ll be caught for committing a disloyal act. Often, it also predicts that we’ll undergo disputes and litigation that will be resolved against our benefit. If during the dream we see ourselves opening a window, it’s a sign which tells us that we can expect success, joy and peace of mind in our efforts. If we see it closed, sorrows and bad luck await us. Windows decorated with flowers represent peace and harmony at home. If in the dream, we see ourselves cleaning windows, it means we’ll receive help from unexpected people, which will make us overcome bad situations we didn’t know how to overcome. Overall, windows mean that we’re well established in our professional lives and that we’re respected and…

…To see a glass house, foretells you are likely to be injured by listening to flattery. For a young woman Dreaming that she is living in a glass house, her coming trouble and threatened loss of reputation is emphasized….

If one dreams that he hath had a glass given him full of water, he shall be married speedily, and his wife shall have children. But if the glass* i3 cracked, he must look for sickness and loss.

…The dream symbol of a glass of wine denotes pleasure and satisfaction in person’s life. On the other hand this may be a sign of a pregnancy. A broken wine glass has a very negative and unpleasant meaning, it indicates miscarriage….

If you dream that you are in the house of the glass, then such dream indicates the possibility that you will be hurt unexpectedly. If you see yourself living in the glass house, then such dream symbolizes that you have lost good reputation from those around you. On the other hand, the dream could show that you are being watched by someone in your waking life.

…Empty glass – lost friendship. Full glass – happiness and abundance….

To use magnifying glass and to see something very small in your dream, means your hard work and precision in the process of reaching your goals. To see something large throughout a magnifying glass, when you are dreaming, indicates a requirement to be more attentive at small details of your life. Maybe there is some aspects in your life and these aspects have to be examined and looked closely.

If we see the window of a church means introspection, meditation and inner peace.

Seeing a window being open and looking outside to see a clear landscape, indicates our desire of knowing the future and the unconscious quest for a greater perspective, new points of view. Being in a room with shut windows or that they are showing darkness or barred windows, indicates our isolation and the inability to see new horizons.

In the dream you see a window washer, then this dream shows your ability to understand different circumstances and to impart it to others.

An open window doth to successful work relate.

To see a glass-blower in a dream, denotes to the difficult variations within your projects or professional factors of your life.

For a woman Dreaming of a looking-glass, denotes that she is soon to be confronted with shocking deceitfulness and discrepancies, which may result in tragic scenes or separations. See Mirror.

To look through a magnifying-glass in your dreams, means failure to accomplish your work in a satisfactory manner. For a woman to think she owns one, foretells she will encourage the attention of persons who will ignore her later.

If you see the glass slippers in a dream, then it shows the changes, new opportunities and purity in your waking life.