…(Condiment | Veteran) In a dream, salt means easy money, common people and a good person. Seeing an argument between two adversaries and witnessing salt placed between them in a dream means that they will allay their differences and make peace. If common salt becomes spoiled in a dream, it means that a plague, injustice, or a drought will befall the people of that locality. Salt in a dream also signifies hard work, or an illness. Table salt in a dream also means asceticism, renunciation and detachment from the material world. It also means blessings, honesty and comfort. Eating bread with salt in a dream means contentment with little from this world. A salt shaker in a dream represents a good and a dutiful woman. Discovering salt in a dream means adversities and a severe illness. Salt in a dream also represents balance, usability of things and acceptability of…

…If one sees himself in a dream invoking false oath, or making false claims to market his merchandise, it means that he will turn into that state to live in falsehood and oppose his own conscious. This includes prejudice, belit- tling the value of things, underweighing the selling measures, or accumulating interest from usury. A wheat salesman in a dream denotes someone who loves the world and does not think about his life in the hereafter. If one sees himself receiving money for his merchandise, or if he discards his profits from the sale in his dream, such an act maybe rewarding. Selling yarn in a dream means travel. Selling salt in a dream means earning extra money. Selling expensive fashion clothing and declining from taking money in a dream represents a trustworthy person who will attain a high ranking position. A fruit salesman in a dream represents a…

Dreaming of salt is always an announcement of unpleasant situations in the near future (for example, fights, rumors, gossips, doubts, failures, losses). Dreaming of eating something salty or chewing salt can mean that you have little or no chance of overcoming your problems. A young woman dreaming of eating salt or something very salty can safely assume that she will soon break romantic, friendly, or work relationships; it can even mean a rupture inside the family nucleus.

…(Blowing one’s nose | Snot) In a dream, nasal mucus means a son or a daughter. To blow one’s nose in someone’s house in a dream means marrying someone from that family, or betraying the house master by having a secret affair with his wife. If a mother blows her nose in a dream, it means that she will wean her child. If the wife of such a friend wipes the nasal mucus of her husband’s guest in a dream, it means that she will betray her husband and carry the child of his friend. If one blows his nose in a dream, it also means paying a debt, or it could mean rewarding someone for a favor. Blowing one’s nose and using someone’s bed sheet in a dream means betraying him with his wife. Blowing one’s nose in someone’s handkerchief in a dream means betraying him with his…

In dreams, seeing salt advises us that to be truly happy what we should treasure our spiritual goods. To dream with a salty extension express how barren is our inner world, same thing when the salt is spilled. To offer or receive salt means that we have strong friendships and efficient support.

Salt is an omen of discordant surroundings when seen in dreams. You will usually find after the dream of salt that everything goes awry, and quarrels and dissatisfaction show themselves in the family circle. To salt meat in the dream, portends that debts and mortgages will harass you. For a young woman to eat salt in her dream, she will be deserted by her lover for a more beautiful and attractive girl, thus causing her deep chagrin….

In some ancient traditions, offering salt was the symbol of indestructible friendship because of the symbolism of incorruptibility that the saline element has, so in dreams offering or receiving salt is interpreted as a good omen, since it predicts that we have effective support for our projects and businesses or with strong friendships that will comfort us at all times.

The dream about salamander means that you tend to act very quickly in all aspects of your life. The salamander is the symbol of your fast and great response to those who need it. This dream interpretation could be applied to any person who is dreaming about it, or is seeing it and is related to salamander.

In a dream, a perfume salesman represents a gnostic, an ascetic, a devout worshiper, or a man of letters. Anyone who sits with him will carry some fragrance of his perfumes, or learn about an etiquette, adopt good manners, learn something about his arts, enjoy a happy surrounding, or earn praises, except if the perfume salesman is burning incense, for the smoke that emanates from burning incense in a dream denotes guarded praises. A perfume salesman in a dream also represents a beautician. Seeing him in a dream also means knowledge, guidance, earning praises or receiving a commendation. (Also see Amber | Musk | Perfume)

…(Fruit) In a dream, a fruit salesman represents a trustworthy person who is entrusted with people’s money and confidentiality. In dream interpretation, a fruit salesman also represents a good person unless he takes money for his fruits. Seeing a fruit salesman in a dream is also interpreted as listening to a worthwhile lecture or listening to a touching sermon or hearing an official report from the government delivered by a special announcer, or it could mean marriage, children, fast comingmoney and worthwhile efforts. (Also see Fruit)…

…(God’s prophet Salih, upon whom be peace. He is the descendent of the people of Thamud. the son of ‘Abir, the brother or Aram, the son of Sam, the son of Noah, upon whom be peace. The prophet Salih delivered God’s message to the tribe of Thamud who lived in the North-Western corner of the Arabian peninsula, in Petraea between Medina and Syria, 700B.C.) Seeing God’s prophet Salih (uwbp) in a dream means that one may suffer from the persecution of arrogant and ungodly people then triumph over them, by God’s leave, in a war between truth and falsehood. Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream also means that one may give up his struggle against such people, following a major clash and display of differences. It also shows that the one who sees him in a dream is a righteous and a true believer….

To dream that you are attending the garage sale that was organized by other people, shows that there are minor things in your life you wish to fulfill and make them become true. The garage sale could also show that you tend to take other people’s problems and try to solve it for them. If you were the one who organized the garage sale, it means that you are willing to get rid of the negative thoughts, people or things in your life.

…To see salami is interpreted as the recommendation of subconscious mind for the dreamer to think about self-image. Maybe there are issues related to the ideas of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality. Dreaming about salami can have phallic connotations. Maybe it is an indication of some problems in a relationship because of sexual issues….

…Dreaming and seeing a salamander, when you’re dreaming, is lucky symbol of your dream. This sign indicates your ability to survive through grief and sorrow. It shows that you are physically and mentally strong enough to overcome shame, embarrassment and even bad luck. Alternatively, salamander indicates deceitful persons. Maybe they are in it business to make money out of your misfortune. Watch your enemies closely….

If the salt shaker fall off and the salt is spilled, then it express how barren is our inner world.

It means courage and bravery that predominate over life itself. If we catch a salmon it indicates that we should have courage and bravery to achieve success. If we eat the salmon the dream promises us the safety of our success.

Receive salary: prosperity in the economy. Squander salary: adverse situations, losses and disappointments.

…Dreaming of salmon, denotes that much good luck and pleasant duties will employ your time. For a young woman to eat salmon in a dream, foretells that she will marry a cheerful man, with means to keep her comfortable….

To dream that you are paying to someone a salary suggests that you have debt or that you will have problems with money. To dream that you receive a salary means that you will get a reward for a job well done.

To dream that you are having a rummage sale signifies that the time has come for you to get rid of the negative things. You no longer need to think about something you do not like anymore, because life is short and if there is something that doesn’t satisfy you, move one. If you are buying something at rummage sale, it shows your tendency to help the others.

If you dream of the yard sale, it means that you are trying to get rid of things in your life or emotions that cause you negative feelings. The yard sale that is made by other people shows that you are trying to get the advice from others.

Eat or prepare salad means hard work and sorrow.

(Mill | Spinning | Yarn) A yarn salesman in a dream represents a contract, an agreement, planning, spinning, or womanizing.

The salt in dreams is interpreted as the omen of confusion in your waking life. Perhaps there will much of the fights with those you love and misunderstanding with those you are working together. If you’re salting the food, it means that you will have money problems that will cause you guilt.

(Arms) In a dream, a gun salesman is like a police officer and represents an oppressor in general. (Also see Gunsmith)

If you make a proposal to your partner indicates that your love is strong and true.

(Cooling) An ice cream salesman in a dream represents a hard working person who labors to provide comfort to others, whose efforts are praiseworthy, and whose earnings are blessed.

And salve or ointment denotes much ill-will shall be thine.

To dream of salad or salt is of sickness the sign.

In the dream you are at a yard sale, this shows you ability to learn from the past and to use your experience in order to avoid misfortune. You want to learn to use your long ago forgotten talents and skills. Now you have an ability to learn from your own mistakes.

Dreaming of saltpeter, denotes change in your living will add loss to some unconquerable grief.

…Dreaming of eating salad, foretells sickness and disagreeable people around you. For a young woman Dreaming of making it, is a sign that her lover will be changeable and quarrelsome….

…In a dream, a birds’ salesman represents all types of gatherings, including celebrations or grief….

(Candy shop) In a dream, a candy salesman represents a kind and a gentle person. If he receives money for his candies in the dream, it means that he praises people with kind words and they praise him back with better words. (Also see Candy maker)

Dreaming of a sale indicates the opportunities that you have easy access to.

Dreaming that you receive your salary is generally a good sign and usually means that there you will be successful in your studies, business or work, this meaning is often reinforced if the dreamer is unemployed. Sometimes this dream is only a result of the economic and financial concerns of the dreamer’s life.

Dreaming of salve, denotes you will prosper under adverse circumstances and convert enemies into friends.

Dream of eating a prepared salad means you have a lot of work and worries.

To see or eat a salad is interpreted as the recommendation of subconscious mind to you for the consideration that maybe there is a need to express your feelings and take in the positive influences in your life in order to create personal development. Alternatively, it indicates that you are longing for strong health provided by natural products.

(See Salt)