(See Conciliation | Reconciliation)

…mean an argument with the person seen in the dream. If one sees himself making peace with an adversary in a dream, it means that he will call upon a heedless person to walk on God’s path. Making a settlement with an adversary over money in a dream means profits for the lender. In a dream , signing a peace agreement between two enemies in the battlefield means safety and prosperity, intending to get married, or building a business partnership. Conciliation between arguing drunk- ards over what they are drinking means enmity between people. If two groups of opposing trends compromise or consent to respect each others’ philosophy in a dream, it denotes the birth of a new ideology, innovations and trials. If someone invites a litigant to making an out of court settlement in a dream, it means that he is admonishing people to follow the divine guidance….

If the dreamer sees himself/herself as bisexual person when in real life is not, the main explanation of this dream foretells about your sexual suppressions. Sometimes we are afraid to express our needs only because we try to avoid the rejection. It is not possible that all of your needs will match to someone’s also, but you should try to find the compromise to solve those differences. Alternatively, the dream could also represent bewilderment. Try to look deeper into your soul and find out who are you.

…Dreaming about your partner represents your relationships and feelings. It’s important to analyze what role your partner has in the dream and what feelings it causes in you, you should analyze it well in order to know the meaning. Dreaming that you have a partner, when in real life you’re single, symbolizes a relationship or a compromise….

…Reid was strangely impressed with the belief that his father had (by a form of process peculiar to the law of Scotland) purchased these lands from the titular, and, therefore, that the present prosecution was groundless. But after an investigation of the public records, and a careful inquiry among all persons who had transacted law business for his father, no evidence could be recovered to support his defence. The period was now near at hand when he conceived the loss of his lawsuit inevitable, and he had formed his determination to ride to Edinburgh next day, and make the best bargain he could in the way of compromise. He went to bed with this resolution, and, with all the circumstances of the case floating upon his mind, had a dream to the following purpose.His father, who had been many years’ dead, appeared to him, he thought, and asked him why…

When you dream of being affronted it signifies that someone will get into composition where you will get lost and will try to find the right solution to sort out this compromise. Make sure you do not start new love in life, as it will get unsuccessful.

Seeing a panda in a dream suggests that you will have difficulties to compromise. You need to find a remedy to satisfy everyone. Alternatively, it is a symbol of your own childish qualities.

Certain relations put you in a compromise in suspicious and illicit activities.

If you dream about something being in half, then such dream shows that your life is not fully completed. Perhaps there is something missing, but you haven’t realized it yet. The dream could also indicate that you are not recognizing your feelings. Maybe you do not know what you want? Alternatively, the dream suggests you to look for compromise while dealing with other people, instead of thinking only about yourself.

A warning of a future danger which may compromise some of your interests.

Your relations will compromise you in illicit enterprises.

…Dreaming of having accounts presented to you for payment, you will be in a dangerous position. You may have recourse to law to disentangle yourself. If you pay the accounts, you will soon effect a compromise in some serious dispute. To hold accounts against others, foretells that disagreeable contingencies will arise in your business, marring the smoothness of its management. For a young woman book-keeper Dreaming of footing up accounts, denotes that she will have trouble in business, and in her love affairs | but some worthy person will persuade her to account for his happiness. She will be much respected by her present employers….

To dream that you are in a slaughterhouse, can be interpreted as symbolism of psychological imbalance or physical obstacles. Maybe you are in the middle of progress to achieve your own success, but now you have stopped and have no idea how to go further. In this situation you must concentrate and make important decisions what to lose and which way to choose. Alternatively, slaughterhouse in the dream may act as trigger for you to make a compromise within your psychological state in order to move ahead with your future plans and ideas.

…To dream about a marriage indicates compromise, harmony or transition. To dream of a marriage can also symbolize the unification of opposing aspects of your character. For example, it may represent the union of your masculine and feminine side. To dream of the person with whom you are married or former partner means that you assume certain aspects of your previous relationship with him/her and learned from them. It may also mean that you recognize that your current relationship has something in common with your previous relationship. To dream that you’re forced to marry someone indicates that you’ll be forced into an unpleasant situation. To dream that you’re unhappy with your marriage indicates you tend to perform illegal actions. To dream that you’re unhappy with your marriage can also indicate that you’ll force an unpleasant situation….

Signing in a dream means strong unavoidable commitments. Signature is a sign of great responsibilities that are going to fulfil. Be aware, do not compromise too much.

…To see a sweet potato in you dream, can be interpreted as symbolism of psychic and emotional energy associated with instinctual biological drives. If you eat sweet potato in the dream, then it means that your sexual appetite is stronger than the person that you are with. If your partner is eating sweet potato, then it means otherwise – your libido is lower. In both cases, sweet potate shows demand of balancing relationship. You need to find compromise within some aspects of yourself in order to make the relationship comfortable and satisfying for both….

When you are dreaming about giving a vote, then it can be an indication that a compromise to an influential person will be required, or that important decisions for which there are not many options will have to be made, in which case, the best decision, that will be in your hands, would be to decline the requirement.

…environment you’ve got yourself into. Perhaps the dream is the warning of the current situation of your waking life where you must be especially cautious. Maybe there is someone in your waking life that is trying to do the harm for you? Look around closer. If you see your own jaw in a dream, then it represents the willingness, courage and willingness to be better version of yourself. When you see your own jaws being tight, then such dream indicates some anger and aggression you haven’t expressed yet. Perhaps you have some hidden feelings and find it difficult to express. D not be afraid of it, make sure you do not hold on the negative emotions. If you see that you are breaking your jaws, then such dream has a very strong symbolism which foretells about the principles you have broken. You are ready to compromise at some situation….