If you are dream about being confused, then it shows the actual state of your mind in the waking life. Perhaps there are many problems and issues you are trying to deal with, therefore you are dreaming about it. The dream suggests you to consider those troubles and start dealing with them calmly and without any stress. On the other hand, the dream about confusion could also indicate the bewilderment about certain things where you do not know which path to choose.

(See Darkness | Fog)

Dreaming of being confused hints that the dreamer doubts accepting a certain activity that could be favorable and even fun. A woman that has this dream insinuates that she’s indecisive in participating in certain activities because she fears of compromising her dignity and prestige.

…God Almighty, Lord, Creator and Cherisher of the universes. There is nothing like unto Him and He is the All-Hearing, the Al-Seeing Lord. Seeing Him in a dream can be interpreted according to one’s state of being. If one sees Him in His glory and majesty, without descriptive designation, without ascrip- tion of human characteristics to Him and without depiction or portrayal in the dream, it is an indication of glad tidings for both this world and the hereafter. These blessings also may continue to affect the lives of one’s progeny. If one sees Him otherwise in a dream, it means confusion, and particularly if the Almighty Lord does not address him. If an ailing person sees Him in a dream, it means that he will soon die and come to meet Him. If a straying soul sees God Almighty in a dream, it will find guidance. If an…

…(Hair | Intertwine | Plait) Braiding women’s hair in a dream is a sign of benefits and the same goes for men who usually braid their hair. As for the rest of people, braiding one’s hair in a dream represents complications in one’s life, unbearable debts, or confusion. (Also see Hair)…

In the dream you are in the zoo and in the cage, this indicates that you can not express yourself freely, you are placed in some king of frames this does not allow you to show your talents and unique skills. Also the zoo may represent confusion and uncertainty in your life, you feel like an animal without any possibility to escape from this position. You have to evaluate the danger and try to deal with this situation.

Dreaming of a lagoon, denotes that you will be drawn into a whirlpool of doubt and confusion through misapplication of your intelligence.

In the dream to see a broken zipper, this denotes confusion and dissatisfaction when you are not able to deal with the worries and unpleasant situations. You can not act peacefully and without any stress with the difficult situation. While the good zipper in the dream shows that you move through life without any worries or stress.

…(Discharge | Menstruation | The Curse of Eve) Experiencing one’s menstrual period in a dream means that one has committed a wrongdoing, or it could mean confusion. If a woman sees herself taking a ritual ablution thereafter in the dream, it means that she will repent for his sin and her adversities will be dispelled. If an aged woman sees herself experiencing that in the dream, it means that she will bear a son. If a widow or an unmarried woman experiences her menstrual period in a dream, it means that she will get married. If a man sees himself experiencing women’s menstrual period in a dream, it means that he will commit an unlawful act, or that he lies. If he sees his wife in her period in the dream, it means that she will close herself to him, or that he will lose money in his business….

Dream of being injured by an iron, represents big confusion, trouble, disarray. If it is red-hot iron, effusion of blood. If the one of a horseshoe you will have some journey. To deal in iron or iron wares, means misfortune and injury.

…There are unquestionably certain people who, in their dreams, witness events that are actually taking place at the time.A lady I knew, Mrs. P., who lived in Gloucester Place, W., dreamed one night she was in a big seaport town, where the streets were all numbered and laid out in blocks according to the American system, and where in one part of the city the tramlines descended over a series of plateaux. The houses were very lofty, and in one street a single hotel occupied an entire block. Shortly after her arrival, the entire town shook and heaved under the influence of a stupendous earthquake; houses collapsed like packs of cards, and, amidst the most appalling shrieks and groans, the whole city burst into a lurid sheet of fire. Everywhere was the wildest confusion and despair. People of all nationalities, from fair-skinned Europeans and yellow-visage Chinese — of which…

If you dream of being transsexual, then such dream symbolizes the confusion you are suffering at the moment. You are unable to divide the feminine and masculine aspects of your personality, therefore they got mixed up. If you are the transsexual in your waking life, then such dream reflects your waking life, especially if you are getting ready for the transsexual surgery, then it shows your worries about upcoming changes.

Dreaming of yourself being lonely, isolated like a hermit, means mental and psychic confusion regarding what you want to do, and for which you may fail. Dreaming that other people are lonely implies that the dreamer is suffering because of other people.

…motionless. There was then a great stir and the crowd, moving away, bore me with them through innumerable streets — streets that, narrow and winding, and crossing each other irregularly in all directions, were in reality alleys. The houses in them were fantastically picturesque. At all the windows stood, or leaned, men, and women, and queer looking things for which I can find no suitable name — they were part human and part animal — and all shouted, and yelled, and gesticulated, regardless of sense and order. At last, when the confusion had reached a climax, the crowd, again obeying some secret order, dived up another street, and the most deathlike hush ensued. Then, from far away in the distance, came the pattering of many soft-clad feet, and a long procession filed past me — knights in armour on richly caparisoned horses, standard bearers, palanquins, litters with fair-haired ladies, men-at-arms,…

To dream of the ears is joy, but long ears, confusion.

The dream symbol of a yarn is associated with creativity and unique talents. Also this dream may represent the ordinary life without any happiness or intrigues. The yarn is tangled in your dream, then it symbolizes confusion and emotional exhaustion. You have lost the thread end and do not now how to fix and to unravel the current situation.

…The train in a dream symbolizes the flow with the others. You are the dreamer who does things just like everybody else does. The dream, in which you are going on a trip with a train, denotes to the right direction of the life you chosen. Needless to say, that the train is also associated with the romantic feelings such as love and affection, that is why it is important to look who was sitting next to you in a train. If you missed the train, then it signifies the chances you missed and opportunities you were given. Perhaps only now you realized what you have missed and feel sorry for yourself. To dream that the train was wrecked, foretells about the confusion of your mind and unstable status you are in at the moment. On the other hand, the train wreckage could symbolize your fear to start changing…

…which rise up before him with extraordinary reality and vividness. And each tableau has its meaning — nay, not merely each tableau, but each item in each tableau — from the quivering of a leaf to the hue of the sky and trees; and trees, flowers, grass, rocks and pebbles, even the glistening of the water, the whispering of the wind, the odours in the atmosphere — all, all contain a whole world of suggestion — of significance. And, yet again, in the fancies of delirium tremens, those wild, frightful fancies of snakes, and rats, and devils, that surround the wretched drunkard on all sides, and twist, and turn, and twirl — some red, some black, some blue — in these too, there may be meaning — each animal, each colour, each gyration each convolution may have its individual purport. Amid the most extravagant confusion there may yet be some…

The dream symbol of a yacht is associated with luxury and satisfaction of the life. You are moving calmly through your life without any stress and confusion. Also this dream symbol may be a sign that you want to have some more relax in your life, because you have created wealth and wonderful life. Now it is time to enjoy it.

…To kill in a dream means to erase, to disappear. Killing someone in a dream reveals our desire for this person to stop interfering in our affairs. Seeing someone being killed indicates a state of confusion and bewilderment at the behavior of others. If the victim is you, it’s a dream of death. (See the meaning of death) If what we kill or see being killed in a dream is an animal, then it means that we want to eliminate a situation or an event that is annoying, painful or difficult for us….

Dreaming of many pants, and worse if they are unorganized, suggests a risk of dishonor as a result of inappropriate attitudes or from other’s intrigues. Dreaming of intensely looking for a pair of pants to put them on signifies that the dreamer lives in a state of confusion as a result of problems that cannot be decrypted or whose solution is out of reach. Dreaming of putting on pants but in the wrong way, and worse if the pants are of someone else, suggests that there are false hopes that are altering the dreamer’s personality.

To dream of ague, symbolizes your mental characteristics. This is a sign of mental confusion you are going to sustain. When you dream of other people being in contact with an ague it means that you will hurt other people around you. This dream wants you to make sure, that you are in control of what you are saying to the others or doing to them. Make sure you are not rude , intolerant or aggressive and be patient.

…and interacting with people with a very low moral level, maybe criminals. A young, single woman who dreams of being kidnapped or imprisoned, indicates that she’s getting old and still doesn’t find a husband, or that her occupation or job is unpleasant but can’t find anything else that suits her desires. A married woman who dreams of being kidnapped or imprisoned, indicates that she has a very uncomfortable life with her husband because she doesn’t have a nice relationship with her family, her mother in law, or because the husband is very jealous, disobliged or vicious. Dreaming of being in a in a safe place means that you are confident in everything that you decide to do. Dreaming of kidnapping means the lack of security such as locks also indicates self-doubt. Dreaming of trying to break a lock indicates mental confusion, that doesn’t allow you to solve your problems….

To be a tourist in a dream, denotes to the confusion of the dreamer. Probably you feel that you do not know the environment you are in or unable to get along with the surroundings. The feeling of being lost makes you feel gloom and insecure. If you saw the tourist, then it is a good omen, which describes you as very helpful person.

Dreaming of rough and violent seas indicates confusion, conflict and fear. A calm sea means friendly relationship with your superiors. A beautiful sea portends success in business or at work. Getting into the sea means abundance or wealth. Dream of drowning in the sea and not getting out of it is a sign of anguish and despair.

When a young woman dreams of her lover with a gun in his hand, it’s a warning that there will be serious problems and difficulties with him and with his friends. Dreaming that someone fires a gun indicates difficulties in marriage, family, in sentimental aspects, employment or business. It happens always as a result of the dreamer’s selfishness. Dreaming of shooting a gun suggests that the dreamer lives in a state of mental confusion that can lead to frustration and to making mistakes.

…{arb. Junub. A state of ritual impurity that inhibits performance of one’s prayers. Feces | Semen | Urine) In a dream, to be in a state of ritual impurity means that one is avoiding to comply with fundamental religious obligations. According to Islamic traditions, one must have ablution even if when pursuing any of his daily interests. If one sees himself performing his prayers without the required ritual ablution in a dream, it means corruption in his religious practices, though it also could be interpreted as committing oneself to serve God’s religion. Being in a state of ritual impurity in a dream also could mean confusion. If one sees himself in such a state and finds no water to perform his ablution in the dream, it means adversities and inability to sustain one’s needs in this world, or to satisfy one’s aspirations in the hereafter. Washing oneself or washing…

Announces confusion regarding a situation dominated by other people.

If you see the feast in a dream, then such dream represents the wishes you have either emotional or sexual ones. There is also a possibility that you will experience unexpected joy. If you dream about some confusion at the feast, then such dream indicates ache you will experience through some illness. If you were late at some feats, then such dream indicates boring activities.

…To see hair in the dream is very fortunate symbol. In general, the dream about hair means sexual virility, seduction, sensuality, vanity, and health. It is indicative of your honourable attitudes. If your hair is knotted or tangled, then it has symbolic significance of uncertainty in a relationship or confusion in your life. Tangled or knotted hair also may indicate the inability to think clearly. Are you in current conditions of your life to think straight? Dreaming that you are cutting your hair, suggest that you are experiencing a loss in sexuality, vitality and strength. You may feel that someone is trying to limit you by blocking some important aspects of your personality. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted thoughts. Maybe you also have some bad habit and you want to censor yourself from this behaviour. Dreaming that you are combing, stroking or…

…one’s spiritual life. If one’s food turns bitter or sour in the dream, it means changing a spouse or a job. If one cookes a tasty meal in a dream, it means attaining a high ranking job, or it could mean prospering after suffering from a painful poverty. If someone else cooks one’s meal in the dream, it means dealing with a treachrous person and in this case, it means that one should fear for his life or about doing business with him, or it could mean that he may receive a helping hand in doing his job. If one eats an unbearably hot food in a dream, it means adversities. If one finds his mouth filled with food, and if there is still a cavity for more food in the dream, it means confusion, or it could represent the balance of his life in this world. If one manages…

Denotes confusion, disagreeableness, persecution and vexation. 7.

…(Atheism | Ignorance | Night | Obscurity) In a dream, darkness means straying from God’s path, being lost, committing an error, erring, confusion and perplexity. If one walks out of darkness into light in his dream, it means salvation, safety, guidance, repentance from sin or release from prison. Dark- ness in a dream also represents an oppressor. Thus, walking into a dark place in a dream means being unjust. Obscurity in a dream means the darkness of one’s heart or blindness. It also could mean loneliness, keeping to oneself or hiding from people. (Also see Injustice | Night)…

…Dreaming that you are trying to solve riddles, denotes you will engage in some enterprise which will try your patience and employ your money. The import of riddles is confusion and dissatisfaction….

Fog in a dream means going on a journey or returning from one. Fog in a dream also means confusion or obscurity about a material or a spiritual matter. If one sees himself walking through fog in a dream, it means that he is intending something despised by God Almighty and he should desist from it. Fog in a dream also means ambiguity, dubiousness, tangle or doubt. Fog in a dream also means trials or a fight between people. (Also see Clouds)

The salt in dreams is interpreted as the omen of confusion in your waking life. Perhaps there will much of the fights with those you love and misunderstanding with those you are working together. If you’re salting the food, it means that you will have money problems that will cause you guilt.

If you see some figures in a dream, then such dream indicates the confusion and stress you are suffering from. The dream could also show that there are things you do not understand or feel helpless.

…Dreaming about a rope in good conditions indicates fidelity, constancy, and thoughtfulness in all matters including sentimental matters. Dreaming of buying a rope suggests that the dreamer yearns to achieve full stability in every way, including sentimental stability. Dreaming of selling ropes insinuates that the dreamer is tired of the life he or she leads or the environment in which the dreamer lives and wants a change, for example making lengthy traveling. A young woman who dreams about ropes of any kind longs marriage. If the rope is new, she wants a rich husband. If the rope is old, worn or dirty, it’s announcement of failure in marriage due to having rushed the marriage. Ropes, cables, etc., in dreams indicate mental confusion, immobility for being tied to something, or inability to act. It means that the dreamer finds it difficult to avoid or solve problems that he or she…

The tornado symbolizes some kind of destruction in our waking life, therefore we feel a lot of panic and confusion. The dream could be hiding some very important and special message. If emotions are negative or the dream ends badly, then such dream reflects the fear of events in our waking life that we are unable to overcome and can bring us loss of property, friendships and even an accident.

…that you are in great danger of losing your liberty and if you are about to take a voyage by sea, omit it for the present, for you will never reach the destined port. To dream you were tempted to commit this crime, and that you resisted it, is a happy omen, everything will flourish with you, be sure it is a good time to begin trade after such a dream. If you have a law-suit all will go in your favour, with credit to yourself and confusion in your opponents; if you are about to undertake a long journey, it will be pleasant and successful to your object; if you are going to the sea you will have an agreeable voyage, tine weather, and a quick arrival at the port of destination; if you are in love, press the object of your wishes, for they will be gratified….