…(New moon) If the new crescent appears in its correct position in a dream, it means begetting a blessed son or receiving an important appointment or profits from one’s business. Seeing the gathering of several crescents in a dream means attending the pilgrimage to Mecca. A red crescent in a dream means a miscarriage. If a crescent falls to the earth in a dream, it means a newborn. Seeing the new crescent when everyone else is looking an failing to see it in a dream represents one’s death, or it could mean that one will be aberrant and corrupt during that year of his life. Seeing the new moon at a time other than the time of its birth in a dream means happy news, glad tidings, the home returning of a long awaited traveller or having a newborn. The birth of a new moon in a dream also…

…Seeing a new house in a dream indicates that you gathered strength again and it identifies new projects. You try to be more mature emotionally about a few things. Seeing some new shoes in a dream suggests that you show off your success. Alternatively, you’re on a life path that is new and unknown. Dreaming about being in a new school means that you feel out of place in a certain situation. Generally dreaming about new things or new places resembles to something new in your life. You can try to learn and analyze what you already know from your previous experiences….

…Dreaming of young growing cotton-fields, denotes great business and prosperous times. To see cotton ready for gathering, denotes wealth and abundance for farmers. For manufacturers Dreaming of cotton, means that they will be benefited by the advancement of this article. For merchants, it denotes a change for the better in their line of business. To see cotton in bales, is a favorable indication for better times. Dreaming that cotton is advancing, denotes an immediate change from low to high prices, and all will be in better circumstances….

(A professional craftsman who works at separating seeds from cotton.) In a dream, a cotton ginner represents a man of knowledge or a judge who settles disputes. He may also represent the person who mints money or one who separates the good metal from the b ad ones, or he may represent a man with many wives and children. (Also see Carder | Cotton | Cotton ginnery)

Cotton in a dream means money, but less than that of wool. Carding cotton in a dream means scrutinizing one’s sins. Cotton in a dream also represents a year, and the cotton plant in a dream represents a humble man. (Also see Carder)…

The New Year in the dreams is seen as the symbol of the new beginning. The dream shows that we are creating something new and unknown that brings us lots of joy. Perhaps the dreamer is getting ready to celebrate some celebration, therefore it is seen as the New Year’s Eve.

Dreaming of New Year means prosperity and hope. It is a new beginning in a new spiritual level that suggest clarification or finding a new understanding.

To dream that you are recording some kind of video, means that you are very creative person. The dream could also indicate the fact that there is something going on in your waking life that you wish to remember, therefore in dream you are using the video recorder. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of video camera or camera.

(Gin) In a dream, a cotton gin means commanding someone, satisfying a need, procreation, a righteous progeny, money making capital, marriage, emerging truth and sagacity. A cotton gin in a dream also represents two partners, one of them is a hypocrite and the other is a hard minded person. (Also see Cotton ginner)

Dreaming of a field of cotton implies that you’re very close of having prosperity and abundance due to good business. This dream is especially good for farmers and rural people, but also for industrialists, merchants and traders, but not for people with regular salary. Dreaming that cotton plants are growing announces an increase in the price of cotton, or simply a favorable future in business, love, social relationships, etc.

…If you dream that you see a house in a dream, then such dream indicates the inner phases of your personality. The certain parts of the house represents specific aspects of your identity. If you see the house which is empty, has no people, furniture or any appliances in it, then such dream indicates the emptiness you feel inside yourself. Perhaps you feel lonely and denied by others. If you see the house that is renewed, then such dream shows that there is something important in your waking life that is changing very quickly, therefore you see yourself changing either. If you are cleaning the house in a dream, then such dream indicates how you are trying to clean up your thoughts. You are ready to take the new chapter of your life and you wish to start fresh and new beginning. If you see yourself living in the…

To play the video game, denotes to your capability of getting what you want from those you are surrounded by. Perhaps you know how to manipulate people, therefore you are able to get what you want. On the other hand, the dream may indicate something you are trying to avoid. Perhaps there are some issues that have not been dealt of. If you were the one who is in the video game and somebody else is controlling you, then it shows you inability to stand for yourself.

Owning a cotton plantation in a dream signifies havingmoney and trouble. (Also see Carder | Cotton)

…To see cotton cloth in a dream, denotes easy circumstances. No great changes follow this dream. For a young woman Dreaming of weaving cotton cloth, denotes that she will have a thrifty and enterprising husband. To the married it denotes a pleasant yet a humble abode….

If you were picking up the pieces of the cotton, then such dream shows the frustration and desperation you are suffering from, because of all the efforts you put in it, but received only very minor results. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the tranquility of your mind. If you wore the garment that is made of cotton, then such dream shows the plainness.

Dreaming of the new year, signifies prosperity and connubial anticipations. If you contemplate the new year in weariness, engagement will be entered into inauspiciously.

If you dream of overcrowded airport it represents your intentions of being free. This dream shows how big expectations you are having out of your work and personal life. This dream is a sign of the new beginning, new purposes and new tasks. Make sure of the new thoughts you are having and start realising them. This dream could also be the meaning of new relationships, new job or new happenings in your life. Do not worry, as these changes will be pleasurable. If you see the airport in a dessert it represents that your schedule will be changed not in a positive way. Anyhow, this is only for a temporarily period of time.

…Celebrating the new year’s day in a dream means a short lived happiness, reminiscing the past, the passing of sorrow and adversities, or recovering lost money. In the dream, if the new year’s day coincide to be on a Friday, it means the spread of evil, corruption, or political turmoils for that year. If it is a Saturday, it means drought, hardships during a difficult year, plagues and illness. If it is a Sunday, it means a cold winter and a blessed crop for that year. If it is a Monday, it means floods, winter illness and perhaps a partial loss of the crop. If it is a Tuesday, it means shortage of rain and a cold winter. If it is a Wednesday, it means scarcity and deficiency of water, and a cold weather by the end of summer and beginning of autumn. If it is a Thursday, it…

To dream you see the new moon foretells happiness and prosperity in your life. If the lover dream of new moon, he/she will meet with great success and marry the one desired.

To dream that you are recording something means that you are holding on your past too much and do not let yourself to move forward. The digital video recorder could also mean that you love the good times and the people that are related to your life and trying to keep these memories as much as it is possible.

If you are recording something on the video camera, it shows your desire to keep the important memories, no matter if they are pleasant or not. If someone is using the camera to videotape you, you should be careful of the certain person, because they could use the evidence that was taken with that camera. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of camera dream.

Dreaming of a cotton gin, foretells you will make some advancement toward fortune which will be very pleasing and satisfactory. To see a broken or dilapidated gin, signifies misfortune and trouble will overthrow success.

The cotton candy in a dream, denotes to satisfaction of your life. Perhaps you are happy with what you have. The dream may also indicate the memories from your childish times.

…To dream you give a New Year’s present, signifies you will hear good news. To receive one, is a signal to you will soon get into trouble. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 64, 19….

To have any part of your clothes being new, such as boots, hat, coat, etc., means joy, gain, pleasure, enjoyment.

Dreaming of New Year’s Eve parties or gatherings usually indicates and even announces important successes in the immediate future, providing you with profits and joy.

It is a good dream, denoting many sincere friends.

The delicate time starts. You want happiness.

An omen of future positive conditions for your wishes.

…A young woman who dreams about other people who are admiring her new shoes must be cautious with new friends, especially men, when they approach her with unusual intimacy, since they could be hypocritical flatterers. When you are dreaming about shoes without any detail, then it shows changes in the immediate future. If the shoes are new, then it suggests that there will be financial gains soon. If they are old and broken, it means poverty. If the dreamer is working on shoes, it suggests someone is betraying her. When you are dreaming that you are shining your own shoes, then it represents about an upcoming improvements in issues, business, love, etc., all of which will bring satisfaction. When you are dreaming about yourself being with dirty, old or broken shoes, then it can mean that you easily make enemies due to your character and scathing criticism. When you…

Victory over enemies. 49.

…If you dream of being an alien it represents part of you that’s haven’t been revealed yet. The other meaning of your dream is your wish to run away from certainty. This dream could also symbolize your fantasies and deep sensitivity. When you are dreaming of being kidnapped by aliens it represents your apprehension loosing the ones you love and it means you do not want to let see your soul by anyone. The other sign of seeing aliens could be your fear to face new people and to adopt into new environment, which you never been before. You are having problems while introducing yourself into new atmosphere. You are struggling dealing with new people or new job. This dream also could be a meaning of you forgetting yourself, not finding out what you are worrying about….

Gain, good business. 245.

Getting great honours, being promoted.

To have interaction with a tool with a sharp point and cutting edges for making holes in hard material in your dream is a symbol of fresh start and new beginnings. To see a drill, when you are dreaming, is interpreted as suggestion that you are headed toward a new direction in life. You are opening yourself up to new experiences. You will get new insights in your own life throughout practical contact with and observation of new facts and events.

Being honoured or soon married.

…To dream about water tanks of any type or size, for example laundry sinks, trays or basins where you can wash objects, suggests that problems or new interests that somehow affect the dreamer are close to come. To dream that you’re washing your hands and face with clean water suggests that you long to relate with new issues, business, etc. To dream that you’re washing your hands and face with dirty water, suggests that you want to have illicit and dangerous liaisons, either emotional or in your business. To dream that someone is washing suggests that something is now in its last stage and that you may be full of problems but will soon have new hopes and new motives. To dream about a laundress at work implies infidelity and illicit adventures, either yours or from someone else (partners, friends, family, etc.). When a woman dreams that she is…

Advantage, luck, esteem, heritage. 7.

(See Crescent)

When you dream of the address you used to live, this symbolizes your past. Make sure you look at your past and if there were any inaccurate decisions you made, do not hesitate, but learn from them. If you dream of the new address, this is a sign that you have to make new alterations in your life. Maybe the change could be a new job, or new partner, or new lifestyle. If you writing an address on an envelope and sending it, it means that there are more opportunities you need to discover. When you make an important changes in your life, make sure you think twice before you will make the ultimate solution.