Dream of preparing weeds suggests your need to get rid of some unpleasant situations. On the other hand, to prepare some herbs means that it is time to get rid of envy in future relationships. Dreaming of weed means you can get rid of some old ideas or desires. Weeds are a symbol of neglect. Weeds may also represent friendships or relationships that have gone wrong.

…Dream of weed suggests your need to get rid of the negative things in your life to move on and start life again. It’s time to hide the envy and structuring relations for the future. Dream of weeds means you have to get rid of some old ideas or negative thoughts in your mind. Weed is symbol of neglect. Weeds can also represent friendships or relationships that were bad….

The weeds symbolizes malpractice. If you are weeding some kind of the garden or any other field, you are wasting your ideas, emotions to anywhere.

If you are weeding in your dream, this is a sign that it is time for you to get rid of bad habits, negative attitude because it is time for you to step into new period in your life and grow yourself as a wise personality. This is the moment when the beginning and basis will be very important because you will build new relations or life. If you see dried weeds this shows your lost friendship.

In a dream, weeds represent someone who is loved by his family, though they do not benefit from him. He differs with those close to him and draws himself closer to those who envy him. He lives distant from his true friends, but close to his enemies. (Also see Grass | Unwanted)

Increase in the family.

Good for those who want to marry, or wish to have one children; for others it denotes trouble, sickness, and sadness. 97.

Denotes activity, gain, advantage. 22.

Indicates obstacles to the realization of your wishes.

…If weeds grow at the same time in the dream, they connote negative effects. If a sick person sees such a dream, it means that he is nearinghis death. Grass growing over one’s stomach in a dream means his death or his burial after death. If grass grows all over one’s body but does not cover his head in the dream, it means prosperity and wealth. If the grass covers one’s eyes and ears in the dream, it means that he will become heedless and loses the advantages of his religious life. The same interpretation is given if one sees feathers growing over his body. If poisonous weeds grow over one’s body in a dream, they represent an illness or death. As grass is cattle’s food and cattle represents people’s wealth, then gathering and eating grass in a dream means prosperity. If an ascetic sees himself eating grass in a…

…To dream of yourself pulling out the corncobs from the ground indicates that you’re applying a wrong criterion and effort to your matters, what will cause a negative result. To dream that you’re cutting corncobs directly of the reeds announces success in the very near future. To dream of yourself removing the leaves of the cobs suggests that you’re on the right track to achieve success. To dream that others are removing the leaves from the cobs suggests that you’ll soon have or will start a social or familiar relationship with important and successful people. When a farmer dreams of him standing among beautiful corn crops before they’re harvested, it suggests a good year in the field and a good harvest also. For city or business people this same dream indicates a favorable business and a near future prosperity. When young people dream of corn crop fields, it suggests that…

…not hold such a position, then it means the opposite of one’s wishes. Finding a lost ring in a dream means earning money from a foreign land, or having a new born son, or it could mean a marriage to a righteous woman. If the stone of one’s ring seems unstable in the dream, it means that one will be fired form his job. Removing one’s ring in a dream means that one maybe removed from his job. If a woman sees herself removing her wedding ring in a dream, it means the death of either her husband or of a close relative. A ring in a dream also connotes a band, an encumbrance, or a shackle. If one’s ring disappears and only the stone remains in the dream, it means that once the responsibilities are gone, good memories of the person will remain. A man wearing a golden ring…

If you are cultivating in a dream, then such dream suggests you to empty the contents of your mind. If you stay more open minded to other people, you will become e better and more spiritual person.

…Dreaming of intoxication, denotes that you are cultivating your desires for illicit pleasures. See Drunk….

…Frying meat or eggs or fish, etcetera in a dream means separation or turning away from someone or something. It also means satisfying one’s needs, attaining one’s goal or identifying it. Frying in a dream represents the skill of cultivating one’s personal entitlements, or it could mean the home returning of a long awaited traveller or the release of a prisoner. Frying something with sugar in a dream represents a profitable business partnership. (Also see Deep frying)…

…Dreaming of hemp, denotes you will be successful in all undertakings, especially large engagements. For a young woman Dreaming that some accident befalls her through cultivating hemp, foretells the fatal quarrel and separation from her friend….

…are powerless to avert. For brides to dream of passing a cemetery on their way to the wedding ceremony, will be bereft of their husbands by fatal accidents occurring on journeys. For a mother to carry fresh flowers to a cemetery in the dream, indicates she may expect the continued good health of her family. For a young widow to visit a cemetery in the dream, denotes that she will soon throw aside her weeds for robes of matrimony. If she feels sad and depressed she will have new cares and regrets. For old people to dream of a cemetery, symbolizes that they will soon make other journeys where they will find perfect rest. To see little children gathering flowers and chasing butterflies among the graves in the dream, denotes prosperous changes and no graves of any of your friends to weep over. Good health will hold high carnival….

…To see a beautiful and thrifty garden in your dream, denotes good luck and abundance: if the garden is run to weeds, you may still have luck, but much trouble and vexation will accompany it: if you see rats or pigs in the garden, it denotes thieves to annoy you. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 31, 17….

…(Door lintel | Doorplate | Threshold) In a dream, the doorstep of one’s house represents one’s power, or it could mean marriage. If one sees himself removing the doorstep of his house in a dream, it means losing his power. If he removes the door lintels of his house in a dream, it means divorcing his wife. If the door lintels are taken away and one could no longer see them in the dream, it means his death. If he can still see them in the dream, then it means a sickness from which he will recover. The door lintel in a dream also represents a woman or the house bottler. If a governor sees the doorsteps of his house being removed in a dream, it means that he will be impeached. Whatever happens to the doorsteps in a dream should be interpreted as relating to one’s wife or…

…investing it. Otherwise, if a poor person, or a blind person braids his or her hair in a dream, then it means complications and difficulties, and particularly when they are accustomed to doing so. If a sick woman sees herself braiding her hair in a dream, it means that she will die from her illness. If one sees his hair long to the extent that he could braid it together with his beard in a dream, it means debts. Shaving one’s moustache, or under one’s armpit in a dream means paying one’s debts, dispelling distress, or following good hygienes. Braiding one’s hair in a dream also means mastering one’s craft. Shaving one’s head during the pilgrimage season in a dream means safety and protection. Shortening one’s hair, or removing unwanted hair during makeup in a dream means dispelling stress, or being coerced to pay one’s debts. If a thief or…

…(Glass slippers | Hoof | Protection | Wooden clogs | Wooden slippers.) Slippers in a dream represent property, protection, a ring, or preventing evil happening. Wearing a pair of slippers in a dream also means a journey, or travelling by sea, or it could mean buying a new vehicle. Tight slippers in a dream means tightness in one’s livelihood, entanglements, or being pursued by debt collectors. Removing one’s slippers in a dream means putting an end to one’s strains. Wearing embroidered slippers coupled with a shawl over one’s shoulders in a dream means increase in one’s wealth and respect. Wearing them in the winter is more beneficial then wearing them in the summer where they mean distress. Seeing one’s slippers on fire or if they fall into a well in a dream may mean the death of one’s wife. In a dream, a pair of new slippers that are…

To dream of removing your residence denotes bad news, especially if the dreamer be in debt. To see someone moving, danger to his property.

Skywriting in the dream represents the spirituality of the dreamer. Dreaming about skywriting, has also the symbolic significance of the secret message, which refers to non material or religious content. Alternatively, the dream about the words in the sky, in the form of smoke trails made by an airplane, stand as a symbol of the connection and the union between spirituality and materiality. Skywriting in the dream means that the spiritual realm and the physical realm are joining together. Maybe you have been looking for the action of removing doubts or fears. Skywriting is the message from your subconscious, that foretells complete reassurance for your success in the future of your life.

To dream of using or seeing a sledgehammer, offers to remove the barriers you have made for yourself. Maybe there is a fear to do so, however, after removing them you will be able to accomplish things much easier.

Dreaming about removing something means recovery and development.

…the khimar is made of black torn fabric in the dream, it means poverty of one’s husband, or his being natural, or unsophisticated. Damage to one’s veil in a dream means difficulties affecting one’s marriage, loss of business or a calamity caused by a guardian, a father or a brother. If a man sees himself wearing a mask in a dream, it means that he will commit adultery with his servant. If a woman sees herself removing her veil in public in a dream, it means that she will be tried with a calamity that will take away her sense of shame. If she loses her khimar in the dream, it means that she may lose her husband. If she finds it again in the dream, it means that her husband will return to her. In a dream, a khimar also represents one’s religion. (Also see Veil | Yashmak)…

Who dreams of planting poplars experiences a fast but temporary promotion. Removing the bark of the tree is a sign of an improving fortune. Dreaming that you cut this tree may indicate an immediate ruin.

…himself eating his own livers in a dream, it means earning his livelihood. If they are cooked in the dream, then they represent a lawful income, or they could mean gobbling the property of one’s own children. If a liver is removed in a dream, it means the death of a child. Removing a liver in a dream also could mean injustice. One’s kidney in a dream means having a good business connection, dispelling adversities, distress, trouble, safety from danger, a husband and a wife, one’s parents, or it could represent two lovers. One’s kidneys in a dream also represent a strong, courageous and a hard working man who serves someone in authority, or he may become a personal guard, or an assistant to the governor. As for one’s lungs in a dream, they represent joy, happiness, or sorrow. Donating a lung to someone known or unknown in a dream…

…To dream that you’re standing before a clean and beautiful tablecloth bodes well, because it suggests that at least in the immediate future you’ll enjoy prosperity. A clean tablecloth indicates the desire and likelihood of receiving an important invitation. To dream that you’re removing a tablecloth from the table to just put it away indicates that such invitation will not be received, or in case it is, the dreamer will not be able to attend. To dream about a dirty, old, stained and torn dining tablecloth, suggests that you’re having problems with co-workers, which have increasingly worsen, or those problems may also be with your children or other members of your family (usually with people who economically depend on the dreamer); this can occur after enjoying a pleasant situation like a party or trip….

Dream of putting your socks on indicates safety and firmness of purpose. Removing the socks means there will be some family problems. If you dream of cotton socks it is indicative of sincerity and loyalty from your friends. Dream of silk stockings means you’ll receive unexpected news. If the socks are broken, portends separation from relatives.

…a woman. Carrying a red flag in a dream also could represent an evil woman. If it is a white flag, then it represents a pious and a chaste woman. Carrying a flag of many colors in a dream represents a corrupt woman. If one is given a flag to carry, and if he leads a parade of colorful flags in his dream, it means that he will rise in station and receive honor. To take a flag away from someone in a dream means removing him from office. If one sees a black flag in a dream, it could represent an ominous woman. A black flag in a dream also represents a man of knowledge. A white flag in a dream represents jealousy. A yellow flag represents an epidemic disease and a green flag means a journey by land. (Also see Banner | Colors | Honor | Laurel)…

…Dream of your hands represents your relationship with the people in your life and how you interacting with the world. Hands are a form of communication between people. In dreams the left hand symbolizes your goodness and feminine qualities and the right hand symbolizes masculine attributes. Dream of taking someone’s hand represents your union with this person. Dream of having very large hands indicates that you will succeed and achieve your objectives. Dream of having your hands stained with blood means you feel guilty about something in real life. Dream of washing your hands means there is a matter that concerns you and you should face it. On the other hand, it indicates you are removing some responsibility off your shoulders….

Removing hindrances; or, if in love, not very successful. 90.

…Circumcision in a dream means purification, cleanliness, discard- ing impurity, celebrations or happy reunions. If one sees himself being circum- cised in a dream, it means that he did something good which God Almighty has accepted, and by its virtue, God Almighty has forgiven him his sins, or it may mean that he will undergo an operation to open his veins or to bleed them. If a young virgin girl sees herself being circumcised in a dream, it means either marriage, or encountering her first experience with her monthly period. Circumcision in a dream also means undergoing an operation of removing one’s testicles, undergoing a prostate operation, or it may mean clearing one’s name from slander and accu sations, or it may mean separation between husband, wife and children, or children leaving their parent’s home, If one discovers that he is circumcised in a dream, it means that he…

Removing unpleasant or disagreeable things. 3.

Removing of troublesome persons. 48.

If you dream of being assaulted suddenly from ambush be aware of that as there might be some kind of threat. There is something that is disturbing you from moving forward and trying to reach the target you were aiming for. This dream represents your strengths and your ability of moving forward and removing obstacles you are facing of. When you dream of seeing yourself lying in the ambush it represents that you will cheat on people you love, so you should try to avoid that and be honest with them.

If you dream of being in enclosure, then such dream indicates the state of your mind where you feel you need to protect yourself. Perhaps there is some situation in your waking life that makes you be aware of the surroundings now and in the future either. If you are in the enclosure that is shrinking, then such dream shows the suppressed emotions you have made, because of some matter. You should start removing these barriers that you have made for yourself, because no matter what the protection you have, things that meant to be will happen anyway. If you see yourself in the enclosure that is made out of glass, then such dream foretells about the invisible protection you are putting against the others.

If you dream about the safe, then such dream indicates your desire to hide something. Perhaps there is something you wish to hide, therefore you dream about the safe. The dream could also show that you have some walls that build in order to protect yourself from the harm that other people can cause you. If you are removing some item out of safe, it could either mean that you feel relieved and no longer need to hide something, or it could mean that you have to reveal your secrets.

Being forced to give up a project, also, removing an obstacle in your path. , 123.