If you dream of holding accounts from the others it represents of hard way in front you, while you will be controling your concerns. When you dream of accounts you are willing to pay, this represents how careful you have got to be, while managing your business. When you dream of paying the bills on time, it means you will not have any difficulties, while managing your business. It could also be the meaning of your personal life being succesful.

…he was disturbed in his mind. In dreams men are not surprised at such apparitions. Mr. Reid thought that he informed his father of the cause of his distress, adding that the payment of a considerable sum of money was the more unpleasant to him, because he had a strong consciousness that it was not due, though he was unable to recover any evidence in support of his belief. ‘You are right, my son,’ replied the paternal shade,’ I did acquire rights to these tithes, for payment of which you are now prosecuted. The papers relating to the transactions are in the hands of Mr., an attorney, who is now retired from professional business and resides at Inveresk; near Edinburgh. He was the person whom I employed on that occasion for a particular reason; but who never on any other occasion transacted business on my account. It is very possible/…

In the case that awake we are not committing adultery, dreaming about it shows some kind of dissatisfaction with our partner. We also need to take into account the characteristics of the person we dreamed of to see if those characteristics match with conflictive aspects in our relationship.

If one is investigated or probed in a court by people he does not know in a dream, it means that he has strayed into innovation and will remain account– able for his deeds. (Also see Digging up the past)

…desert with its interminable extent of brown soil, dotted here and there with spidery looking trees, discovered no one; neither could I discern the slightest evidence of life in the town.Entering a broad, cobble-paved street, I was proceeding slowly along it, almost afraid to tread on account of the clatter made by my boots, when suddenly, without the faintest warning, I was surrounded by a crowd of people, all in brown clothes, and all wearing an air of the greatest mystery. Catching hold of me gently by the arms, with one finger laid on their lips to enjoin silence, they tiptoed cautiously forward, dragging me with them. In this manner we advanced some hundreds of yards, coming to a sudden standstill in front of a kind of brown bathing machine. One of the crowd then stepped forward, and, bowing to me with mock solemnity, very cautiously approached the wooden box….

Symbolically soil speaks of motherhood and fertility, but this message does not have to be taken literally, but taking into account that soil nourishes. For example, dreaming of rich and fruitful soil may be a harbinger of fertility in an economic sense. If we are plowing it in the dream it could be a signal that we need to work on an issue that we have in mind. Harvesting indicates that success will come soon, and if we see ourselves not being able to work on the land, it can be understood that the issue that worries us is not right for us. Some authors also indicate that the land can symbolize our unconscious, the figure of a loved one.

Kissing a person of the opposite sex and not our partner means harbinger of infidelity, but kissing our partner on the other hand, it indicates that good times are coming. Kissing the ground is a sign of feeling humiliated or scared of arriving penalties. Some authors add that seeing us in a dream kissing a dead, presages heritage. Also in this dream we must take into account that it could be showing repressed sexual tendencies.

…the weathercock ejaculated sternly. A drunkard! He drinks every drop of rain that falls on the tiles!” “The beast!’ all the cowls and chimney-pots” shouted. ‘The beast! Let us hope that he is suffering.’”Have no fear on that account,’ Moses replied; he is connected with the kitchen range, and I have given the chef strict orders to cook a forty-course dinner every night!’”And can’t I have even one drop of gravy?”I groaned.”Not a drop,’ growled the weathercock, ‘for the dinners are damned, and so are you!’ — Which so frightened me,” added the Salvationist, “that I awoke, and from that very day to this have never tasted a thimbleful of alcohol.”Another Salvationist, who attracted my attention by the vigorous manner in which he pounded the drum, informed me he owed the fact of his now being saved — and he seemed to regard it as a very sure fact —…

If the song we hear is harmonious symbolizes tranquility and peace, but if the song is out of tune, we may have in discord motives that should be taken into account.

If it is made of wood, it indicates that the proposition that was made to us is tricky. If the bench is made of stone, the proposal must be taken into account. If it is made of iron, the proposition will be accompanied by a gift. We must not trust. If the bench is from a church, it will be marriage proposal. Then we must trust in it. If it is from a school, it indicates that we still have much to learn.

Teeth in dream represents parents or best friends. Teeth at the front, children or relatives of the nearest kin. Upper teeth indicates male, lower – females. The right tooth represents the father, the left one the mother. The large teeth symbolizes distant relatives. Have teeth more beautiful or whiter than usual ones, implies joy, health, prosperity, friendship, good news of relatives. Have them of such a size that impede speaking or eating, denotes family quarrels, lawsuits for inheritance. Polish and whiten the teeth, money counted out to next of kin. Have a tooth larger than the others, affliction on account of parent. Tooth spoiled or gone, means loss of relatives or friends, explained in the foregoing manner. Merely loose, sickness or affliction of a relative or friend.

…If a young lady dreams that her beau is a very tall man, it is a sign that her future husband will be a “wee bit of a fellow,” and not of much account. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4….

In dreams the air appears as a breeze or wind, then it means you’re becoming visible and with some coloration. So if the air is dirty, almost reddish, as it is announcing a storm, that means possible disagreement. And if it’s a strong wind it may try to tell us that the time to make decisions on matters that we have neglected has come. However, when the breeze is smooth and gentle it is interpreted as omen of a prosperous period of time, a happy journey or the recovery of something lost. Some experts take into account the temperature in the dream, and if you are feeling a cold wind, that’s interpreted as a possible loss of affection or friends.

…(See Police) To dream that a military officer is in your company shadows forth beggary and disgrace. If a girl dreams that she has such a person for a lover, she may calculate that her first suitor will be a poor shoat, of no account whatever. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 70, 28….

…In a dream, a storyteller may represent the Imam of a mosque, or the Khat’ib who delivers the Friday sermon. A storyteller in a dream also may represent one’s livelihood, or intestinal and bowel problems, or he could represent travels. If the stories are new, then they mean disturbances in one’s life. If they are stories of chivalry, then they represent a war. A pleasant story one tells to a king, or to man of authority in a dream represents wealth, or great profits which are distributed equitably. As for a merchant, hearing a pleasant story in a dream represents easy and quick profits from his business, and for a craftsman, it represents a sizeable contract, or an important new account. (Also see Comedian | Humorist)…

…Dreams that relate to making up accounts are good omens. If you dream you found an error in your money account, it foretells that you will have a piece of good luck. Accounts blotted with ink is a sign of sickness. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 14….

…To see a chambermaid, denotes bad fortune and decided changes will be made. For a man Dreaming of making love to a chambermaid, shows he is likely to find himself an object of derision on account of indiscreet conduct and want of tact….

If you see yourself sowing in dreams, is a sign of peace and prosperity in your life. This dream tends to presage an increase in the family. Seeing a sowing field is a harbinger of next financial success and improvements in your own living conditions. Overall, this is a good dream and portends luck and success, of course, we must also take into account the conditions and circumstances under which this dream is presented, for example, if the sowing field is in poor conditions or burned, the meaning could change and mean the exact opposite.

Sickness on account of impurity of the blood. 32.

You’ll have to take into account, the sensation that this dream provokes. Generally, it symbolizes permanence, strength and stamina but is presented as an obstacle, it could be referring to great difficulties in your projects, which you’ll only overcome with perseverance.

…If you dream of pawning any of your goods at a pawnbrokers, provided you have never patronized such a place, it foretells that fortune is about to smile on you, and if you take advantage of the circumstance, you will surely get rich. To lazy and shiftless people, such a dream would not be of much account. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4, 11, 22….

To dream you are in misery and are weeping on account of some calamity or loss means that you will hear good news and that an important change in your affairs is about to take place.

We have to take into account the distance that we have with it in the dream, which will reflect whether we are near a calm and peaceful stage or if we are getting distant from it.

To dream of riding in a coach, shows that the party so dreaming shall love idleness, is given to pride, and shall die a beggar. To dream of coming out of a coach, denotes being degraded from great honour, and coming into disgrace upon a criminal account.

…Before interpreting birth dream, waking life situation must be taken into account, if a delivery is expected in the family, in this case it’s meaningless to interpret. Birth in a dream speaks of something that is brewing within us, maybe a project. It is curious that women and men both have this dream, but in the case of men by the most unlikely places like the head, chest. We’ll consider if the labor is happy and smooth, which a wonderful omen is. If the labor is problematic and requires external aid that indicates that the thing will be done with major complications. If delivery is ruined it means that our hopes will aborted without being able to reach them….

Galloping in a dream reflects good moods. You will have to take into account the need to stop to reflect and see the way you travel with perspective.

…When you are achieving a victory in a tournament or competition, then it is almost always an excellent omen regarding the development of your enterprises. It is a sign of one’s reputation will spread beyond the usual circle of relationships and that favorable circumstances are approaching. We must take into account the specific circumstances of the tournament or competition in this dream, due to the reverse symbolism of dreaming about victory that usually has the opposite meaning, and means that it is very likely that afflictions, losses and humiliation happen will happen….

…In a dream, accountability has various levels of interpretations. If an employee sees that he has received his account promptly in a dream it means rising in rank and increase of one’s income. If one sees himself under a strict supervision or reckoning in a dream, it means humiliation, distress or perhaps loss of his job. If a person is investigated in a court of people he not know in a dream, it means that he has strayed into innovation and will remain accountable for his deeds. (Also see Reckoning)…

…Dreaming of a tailor, denotes that worries will arise on account of some journey to be made. To have a misunderstanding with one, shows that you will be disappointed in the outcome of some scheme. For one to take your measure, denotes that you will have quarrels and disagreements….

Dreaming that you are oppressed by heat, denotes failure to carry out designs on account of some friend betraying you. Heat is not a very favorable dream.

Domestic dispute on account of money. 265.

Getting into vexatious and troublesome business on account of others.

Dreaming with high or low tides should be interpreted by taking into account all the meanings that were mentioned in the “sea” dream. Also if we see the tide rising then this needs to be understood as a warning to remain alert against possible difficulties in the near future. It will be the opposite if the tide in our dream gets low.

Most authors believe that dreams in which this animal appears in, are talking about an impulse or structure of the unconscious that will keep affecting us in our mental stability until we finally face it. This is why it will be important to take into account the circumstances of the dreamer and the rest of the details that appear in the dream in order to have an accurate interpretation.

If the apartment listed in our dream is not ours, but we are visiting it, symbolizes a change in some aspect of our current situation, and we could consider as a positive or negative change taking into account the good or bad state of the apartment. If the apartment is ours and is totally empty in the dream, many authors consider that this dream symbolizes an intellectual deficiency, a lack of studies, and is a warning to find a way to fill that space.

…Dreaming that you drive along an embankment, foretells you will be threatened with trouble and unhappiness. If you continue your drive without unpleasant incidents arising, you will succeed in turning these forebodings to useful account in your advancement. To ride on horseback along one, denotes you will fearlessly meet and overcome all obstacles in your way to wealth and happiness. To walk along one, you will have a weary struggle for elevation, but will &ally reap a successful reward….

Dreaming that we took a shortcut is usually a manifestation of our desire to succeed and our predisposed spirits to leave conventionalism behind in order to succeed. We should take into account the difficulties in the shortcut, because it may indicate problems that we intuit internally.

Seeing old people in dreams is a sign of great adversities at work or in daily life. If the old man gives you advice in your dream, you better take it into account, since it’s your voice of experience who is talking to you.

…emulating his trade or traditions, whether they be material or spiritual. If the Imam of the country dies in a dream, it means destruction of that city by war. On the other hand, if one sees a city in ruins in a dream, it means that the Imam has died. If one sees that he is immortal in a dream, it means the nearing of his death. Death in a dream also signifies being recalled to account for a major sin or a crime. To die in a dream with no apparent reason or illness and to exhibit no features of a dead person means longevity. To suffer from death-pangs in a dream means being unjust to oneself or to others. To sees oneself dead and naked in a dream means poverty. To see oneself dead and lying on a straw-mat or a carpet in a dream means prosperity and…

Symbolizes our capacity of expression and communication with others. That is why all the dreams where we are with our mouth closed, covered, etc., show us the fear to make known our thoughts, and we shall take into account the identity of the other persons that appear in the dream to analyze what is the situation that represses us.