To dream that you are recording some kind of video, means that you are very creative person. The dream could also indicate the fact that there is something going on in your waking life that you wish to remember, therefore in dream you are using the video recorder. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of video camera or camera.

To play the video game, denotes to your capability of getting what you want from those you are surrounded by. Perhaps you know how to manipulate people, therefore you are able to get what you want. On the other hand, the dream may indicate something you are trying to avoid. Perhaps there are some issues that have not been dealt of. If you were the one who is in the video game and somebody else is controlling you, then it shows you inability to stand for yourself.

If you are recording something on the video camera, it shows your desire to keep the important memories, no matter if they are pleasant or not. If someone is using the camera to videotape you, you should be careful of the certain person, because they could use the evidence that was taken with that camera. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of camera dream.

To dream that you are recording something means that you are holding on your past too much and do not let yourself to move forward. The digital video recorder could also mean that you love the good times and the people that are related to your life and trying to keep these memories as much as it is possible.

Dream of worshiping something or someone indicates that you are paying too much attention to the worshiped object. This dream may also mean you are open or receptive to outside influences. Sexy lingerie multiplies your seduction options.

Usually the color red is the symbol of sultry, sexy sometimes dangerous situations or people. The people who are lurking for sex are dreaming about this color very often, because of the lack of intimacy.

When you dream about something being hot, then such dream points the dangers and menace that is lurking for you. The hotness could also indicate the fact that you feel attractive and sexy. If you see someone being very hot in a dream, then it show your sexual attraction towards that particular person.

…If a woman dreams that she’s being shaven, it means that due to her natural behavior and character, she is being too masculine, it annoys men who she interacts with. When a woman dreams of a man shaving, it could signify that due to her sexy nature she’ll easily fall into illicit pleasures. When a man dreams that someone else is shaving him, it’s a warning that dishonest people will try to defraud him in some way, morally or in a materialistic way. Dreaming of shaving indicates your own firm decision of handling your own affairs at work and at home, even though a woman with a bad character will create difficulties. When a man dreams of having soft skin and without having a need to shave, it means that soon he’ll have happy moments and that his behavior has been great towards family and friends. When a man…

When you see underwear in a dream, then it indicates the shame you are suffering from. Perhaps there is something you did, therefore you feel the guilt about it. On the other hand, the dream about underwear could show the things you wish to keep to yourself and do not show the others. If you feel shy while showing of your underwear, then it signifies the things you are afraid to open up about. If you saw the other person being only in his underwear, then it means you see the actual face of that person. When the dreamer sees the unclean and dirty underwear, then it indicates the lack of self-confidence. Maybe the dreamer feels unattractive and not sexy. To get the better interpretation of the dream, please check the meaning of Panties.

Dreaming of telling stories or anecdotes that make someone laugh indicates that the dreamer is naturally prone to be a victim of backbiting and criticism, and prefers the superficial, the trivial, and frivolous, over what can be truly transcendent, which will create problems. If a young girl has this dream it insinuates that she has by nature a frivolous and perhaps sexy personality. In reality, this is a warning dream for the dreamer to correct his or her behavior.