In dreams the feeling that somebody or something is dishonest or unreliable is a bad omen.

If the blind person looks honest and we help him, something pleasant will happen to us. If we distrust him, in reality we also distrust the advice we receive. If we are blind in the dream, we must review our projects because we are trusting in wrong people or we have overlooked some detail. If this dream occurs during a trip before returning, it means that we will have a setback.

Dreaming that someone speaks to us in a foreign language means we feel concern and distrust towards the person speaking to us, we consider them as real or potential enemy. It can also reveal a lack of communication with those around us. Or we are frightened by miscommunication in both cases: we might hear someone speaking to us in a foreign language or it can be us who speak it, even without understanding what we say.

Dream of a guard means you need the help of one, some people will advocate for you. Dream of a guard on patrol means you should put order into things or papers. Dream of being prisoner by a guard means fear and distrust. Dream of a guard taking a prisoner foreshadows trust and support in family.

…on his sleeve she gave him a look — just one glance from her eyes, as a woman very sure of her ground can do — and said to me emphatically,”Then command us. What can we do for you?””Well, I said, trusting to luck and coolness to see me through.” I wish to accompany you to the ZONE ARTO. I have not yet been, and wish to repair the omission at the first opportunity.”The girl gave her companion another quieting glance. Then, addressing me with a curious mixture of friendliness and distrust, she said, ” We shall be pleased to have you with us; we are going to- night.”I was overjoyed. The adventure now seemed full of possibilities, and I was asking eagerly where I should meet them, when the Italian interfered.”If you would mind your own business we should be the better pleased to mind ours,” he hissed; adding…

You will have to distrust some friendships in your environment.

…in black in your dream suggests failures and problems in business and other activities that you are taking care of. It also indicates that a person you love a lot can die, or that there can be misunderstandings in the family, which can cause significant material losses. Seeing a corpse in his coffin announces immediate problems, since it refers to something very dear that is lost, like friends, business, jobs, properties, etc. Seeing of the corpses in the dreams indicates distrust of the business and affairs being handled and that there will be sadness and absence from your loved ones. This is a dream mainly had by young people when they suffer or they fear a disappointment. Dreaming of a battlefield covered with fresh dead bodies insinuates wars, battles, disasters that will seriously affect many people, including the dreamer. Seeing the corpse of one or more animals indicates that you…

Dreaming that you´re fasting indicates that you will have a very difficult time and you´ll unfairly distrust of different people.

Dreaming of fasting is a sign of you going through a rough patch in which you mistakenly distrust certain person.

To disguise ourselves in a dream reveals we intend to hide our feelings, emotions and desires to deceive others. If we see other people masquerading try to remember who they were and distrust them because they want to deceive you.

…To dream about the devil is a distorted reflection of our conscience, which blames us for some fault that haunts us. If it’s a terrifying devil this dream reveals we are still tied to childhood fears and guilt complexes. If it’s a tempting devil it reflects distrust of ourselves and fear of our weaknesses. A conciliatory and friendly devil reveals our tendency or desire to diminish our guilt regarding our faults….

Penalties and difficulties in business, problems at home, distrust and afflictions.

…If it’s a shoelace is representative of relationships with others. Wearing it indicates the different feelings of your environment towards you, distrust and jealousy. Breaking it indicates that you will lose a bad action….

To dream that you are protecting yourself indicates concerns, difficulties and distrust. You will take charge of a situation. To dream that you protect someone else suggests that you are above problems and obstacles.

Indicates distrust whether we are trying to get people in the dream to swear things to us or we are the ones swearing about something.

When you dream of suffering from anorexia it signifies distrust of yourself. You should be more lovable to yourself. Make sure you find things that disturbing you from being happy person, believe and trust yourself, otherwise you will suffer from lack of self-esteem. You have to understand that no one is perfect and you have to accept yourself for who you are. Hopefully this dream is a wake up call for you to start moving on with who you are.

If someone has blamed you in a dream, then it shows the phase of your life where you feel you are unable to cope with the surroundings. The dream, in which you blame someone for something he did, shows that you are trying to get rid of the duties that are given to you. On the other hand, such dream indicates your distrust to that certain person.

To be welcomed favorably by a man promises that we will receive the effective protection that we need. If the one who is welcoming us is a woman, we should expect some infidelity. If we dream that we are unwelcome, we should distrust the advice we will receive in coming days. And before following any of them, we must carefully analyze them.

If you wearing tights, then the dream indicates the sexual factors of your personality and trust you have about yourself. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the distrust about yourself, therefore you are wearing tights.

It is a dream that portends good luck in your projects but warns you about your pessimism or lack of faith in your own abilities to achieve it. The dream also shows your concern and distrust about your own happiness when you are feeling it.

…Cards for game shows distrust. Geographical cards indicate travel and displacement. Postcards, pleasant news. Visit cards, an indiscretion can hurt you. Identity (card), litigation with the authorities….

…Dreaming of mustaches indicates that your life, in general, is cheerful and carefree. If the mustaches are white, it means that you in your old age will be completely happy. If the color is black, it means that you’ll live afflictions and torments. If you shave the mustache, it suggests you should be extremely prudent in all your actions and words. If you dream about a woman with a mustache, it is a sign of distrust and jealousy. If a woman dreams she has a mustache that indicates she expresses her energy in words. Dreaming you have a mustache when you don’t have it, means hiding some aspect of your personality. You are wearing a costume or you are showing only one aspect of your personality. Dream that you shave your mustache symbolizes that you’re showing your true personality. You don’t longer have to hide under a disguise or…

Distrust debtors and confidants if you dream of sitting on one. If you see others doing so, happy reunions between friends who have been separated through misunderstandings are suggested….

If you dream with: a leafy tree with flowers, that’s a signal for satisfaction, health and happiness around you. A dead tree without flowers means fear, distrust and loss. Falling from a tree means economic loss. If you’re collecting fruit from a tree, it means you will receive unexpected money.

Dream of virtuous people represents distrust.

If you dream of your enemies, it means that you should fear and distrust these people, since they can get you into gossip and problems.

Deficit among friends, dispute, annoyance. Hear them croak, distrust of those who are telling you things.

Dreaming of being a rascal in a dream indicates the way your subconsciousness reproaches for doing something wrong or dishonest according to your way of thinking. When a woman dreams that her suitor or husband is a scoundrel who has insinuated distrust, it may show that this is because you are victim of gossips.

Dreaming about a long and bushy beard means a cheerful and carefree life. If the beard is white means entering the old age peacefully. If the beard is black it is a sign of distress and torment. If you dream of shaving your beard it means that you should take extreme caution with your actions and words. If you dream of a woman with beard, it’s a sing of distrust and jealousy.

If we are flattered, we must distrust the person who the dream reflects. If we flatter sincerely, we will get what we want. If we do it falsely, we will be humiliated in reality.

Being indecisive in a dream means you’re like this in real life and that you live in constant uncertainty and distrust, the reason why you lost opportunities and other important things in life. This indicates your doubt about your own abilities as the main reason to feel insecurity. This dream usually is a self-reproach for acting with falsehood, hypocrisy and with intent to harm other people, in which case the dreamer is an unreliable person.

What we have to mainly analyze is what happens in the scene. If we are spectators that reveals shyness and distrust.

Dream of a thief entering in your house means distrust and fears. It may also mean that efforts on your work are not enough. Dream of thieves in the street portends unscrupulous people who may deal with you.

Dream of someone entering your home, distrust and fears. Possibility that someone correspond poorly to your effects. Dream of thief on the street, portend people with poor memory and scruples might deal with you.

The dream symbol of whisky bottle indicates that you are very attentive and vigilant person. If you are drinking whisky alone in your dream, then this marks that you are very selfish and egotistical person. You do not share your happiness and achievements with your friend, family member or colleagues. On the other hand this dream symbol of whisky may show your distrust of your own abilities. You are trying to avoid your duty.

Dreaming of a long and bushy beard means that in general your life is cheerful and carefree. If the beard is white means your old age will be completely happy. If the color of the beard is black means you´ll live afflictions and torments. If you shave your beard, then it means you must be extremely prudent in all your actions and words. If bearded woman appears in the dream then it is a sign of distrust and jealousy.

Talk with your enemies means salutary distrust, conquer them means gain of lawsuit. Play with them indicates disadvantage. Be taken by them symbolizes embarrassment, negligence, idleness. Take someone while being in anger, trouble and reverse of fortune.