If the dreamer falls into a ditch in the dream, then it means that someone is trying to deceive him. If he dreams that he is jumping a ditch, then it is a sign of serious and imminent danger. If the dreamer finds himself digging a ditch, then it tends to be a sign of upcoming fortune. If the ditch is being covered with soil, then it indicates professional or business losses.

Falling into a ditch means imminent danger, risk of theft. Make a ditch means, love or family brawls. Dodging a ditch means overcoming challenges and difficulties.

If you see the ditch in a dream, then such dream indicates the things in your waking life you should be aware of. The dream, in which you are falling into the ditch denotes to the trap that has been set to you. You should be careful when dealing with those around you.

…To dream of digging a ditch a long journey you’ll take,…

Dreaming of falling in a ditch, denotes degradation and personal loss | but if you jump over it, you will live down any suspicion of wrong-doing.

To leap one or to cross it using a plank, means that hidden enemies might come to you and try to destroy your work. If the dreamer is in love with a lady, she will deceive him while provoking an unknown rival. Fall into a ditch means some injury from unexpected situation.

Deceit and unfaithfulness. 56.

Dreaming you see great ditches or precipices, and that you fall into them, shows that you will suffer much injury, and your goods be in danger by fire.

It symbolizes problems and difficulties often created by ourselves and our behavior. If we see the pit in time it indicates that we are still able to avoid the looming danger. If we jump over we will be able to overcome all the difficulties. If we fall into it we will fail in our enterprises. If the grave is inscribed and the headstone has our name or our companies that indicates that we should give up the fight and take a new direction, changing our attitude which has so far been wrong.

If we see it and we work out way through it, then it means that we will do the same with some hazards. If we fall on it, it is unlikely that we will achieve success.

It announces that events will be adverse.

It symbolizes feminine instinct.

Overcoming danger, escaping devices. 278.

…(Enclosure | Fence | Surrounding) If the green hedges of a fruit garden climb toward the outside of the fence and the trees remain inside the garden in a dream, it means improper attitude toward one’s religion, or loss of worldly status, business losses, failure to repent, or giving preference to the company of ignorant and boastful people over the company of righteous people, or it could mean lack of adequate religious devotion, rejecting one’s religion, or raising the esteem of commoners above the elect. If one sees that the green hedges are replaced with a wall, a fence, or a ditch in the dream, it represents the rising star of the owner of such a garden. Hedges in a dream also represent one’s religion and the trees represent one’s religious duties. Hedges in a dream also represent one’s family, relatives, or his trade. If hedges are interpreted to…

…To see trenches in dreams, warns you of distant treachery. You will sustain loss if not careful in undertaking new enterprises, or associating with strangers. To see filled trenches, denotes many anxieties are gathering around you. See Ditch….

…to a noble person. An unknown bridge in a dream represents the world and particularly if it connects the city with the cemetery. It also could represent a ship, or the Bridge of the Day of Judgement, for it is the last hurdle before reaching paradise. If one crosses an arched bridge in his dream, then it means that he will cross the abode of this world into the abode of the hereafter and particularly if one meets departed souls from the world or enters unknown places or sees uncommon structures, or if a bird carries him by air, or if a beast swallows him, or if he falls into a ditch or flies into the heavens in his dream, all of which also means recovering from an illness or undertaking a long journey, or it could mean returning home from a long journey. If on the other side of…

…into his head. While she thus meditated, the man had reached the stile, and seizing her by the neck, he dragged her over the stile, and she remembered no more. It appeared that he had pulled off all her clothes and thrown her into an adjoining ditch. Fortunately, a gentleman came to the spot, and observing a body above the water, he hailed others who were approaching, and it was immediately raised. It was evidently not dead, and some of the party remarking that the robber could not be far off went in pursuit of him, leaving others to guard and to endeavour to revive the body. The pursuers went different ways, and some, at no great distance, saw a man sitting at a public-house with a bundle before him. He seemed to be so much alarmed at the sight of the gentlemen, that they suspected him to be the…

To dream you see great ditches or precipices, and that you fall into them, is a sign that he who dreams will suffer much injury and hazard by his person, and his goods be in danger by lire. To dream you go over a ditch by a small plank, means much deceit by lawyers.