…(Money) In a dream, a banana means money, savings, a fetus, a man in his grave, a prisoner in his jail, a closed book, news from the past, or it could mean inner knowledge. In a dream, a banana also signifies clothing, love, tenderness, a generous man, a monotheist, or it could represent a person of good conduct. If a banana tree grows inside one’s house in a dream, it means that he may beget a son. Eating a banana in a dream means profits from a business partnership. For a business man, banana in a dream represents profits and for a renunciate it means devotion and ascetic detachment. If a sick person eats a banana in a dream, it means aggravation of his illness or his death….

If you see iguana in a dream then such dream indicates the features of your personality such as aggression, anger and coldness. The iguana could also represent major changes in your waking life. The iguana could also symbolize the tendency of your personality to be able to adapt in different circumstances.

To dream of marijuana suggests illegal activities, problems, and poor health situations. To see, smell or use marijuana in your dream suggests that you may want to expand your knowledge and to take some advantages. This dream may also indicate that you need to see your inner strength, so you can stimulate your real strength.

To dream that you see iguana, means that you are able to adapt in various circumstances. You have an ability to control the situation staying calm and relaxed. Sometimes iguana indicates the other person in your waking life who has these qualities. You admire this person very much and wish to have some of the features that he or she has.

When you dream of belonging to anarchy, then it shows your views that are not understood by others. Or you are going against the system you live in. The anarchy could also show your desire for more privacy and freedom.

If you dream of being an analyst it is a sign, that you have to pay more attention to what you say or what you do. There might be some things that could offend people around you, so make sure you think before you say anything to anyone. If you dream of seeing an analyst in your dream it is a sign that you are not honorable in some situations of your life. Make sure you are honest, as this will lead you to making lots of errors in your life.

…To dream of this delicious fruit is a good omen; if you dream you are eating a banana, it is a sign you will be rich and happy. To dream you see bananas growing denotes success in love matters. If a girl dreams that her lover presents her with a ripe banana it foretells she will soon be married, or ought to be. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4, 11, 44….

Dreams related to anatomy may indicate that the diseases will be healed.

Banana is sex symbol of male.

When you dream of seeing an anaconda it shows how original and dormant you are. It means you are very original and unique person. This dream also represents your sexual life and the needs you have. Do not be afraid to think of what you would like to do with your intimate life, maybe there is something you are not happy with. Make sure you know what you like and tell someone who is involved in this sexual life with you.

If you dream of having an anal sex, it is a sign of presentation. There might be something you are shy to talk about or to do. The main meaning of this dream is that you should be braver and more confident with yourself.

Intoxicating drug and a wild grass obtained from the hemp plant. In a dream, marijuana means contemptible earnings, a sickness, and a miserable life. (Also see Intoxicants)

It indicates business success.

Important facts will occur that will lead to a period of calm and serenity.

…To dream about an iguana or lizard symbolizes that you’re living, at least until now, a miserable life. It means that you’re not miserable because of any economic problems, but mainly due to mental, moral and social problems; you’re very close to being vulgar and dirty. A lizard or iguana is not a symbol of intelligence, but rather, clumsiness and a vegetative existence. In our reality both the lizard and iguana represent the involution of giant dinosaurs and so your dream will mean the same. In this case your subconscious is warning you that your attitude is not the right. To dream that a lizard or iguana climbs a wall or a tree announces that, although it will be done at a slow pace, the dreamer will finally achieve his/her goals successfully. To dream that you’re killing a lizard or iguana suggests that you’ll be struggling with a bad…

Dreaming of bananas, foretells that you will be mated to an uninteresting and an unloved companion. To eat them, foretells a tiresome venture in business, and self-inflicted duty. To see them decaying, you are soon to fall into some disagreeable enterprise. To trade in them, non-productive interests will accumulate around you….

…of the day. For instance, when I was about fourteen years of age and at a public school, I was put under gas during the extraction of a couple of very firmly rooted grinders. Owing to some difficulty the dentist had in extracting them, I ”came to” before the operation was over, and suffered agonies. That night in my sleep I again went through the grim proceedings, detail for detail, from my entry into the surgery and the anxious gaze around for the dreaded instruments, to the final look at the gold-fish in the aquarium, before my jaws were propped open, and my nose and mouth enveloped in the soft and spongy cap, I had so uneasily remarked in the hands of the anaesthetist. Again I smelt the sweet and sickly odour of the gas; again I heard the voices of the doctor and dentist growing fainter and fainter till…

…The dream, in which you see yourself drowning, represents some situation in your waking life that you are no longer able to manage. Perhaps you made some bad and unfavorable decisions and now do not know how to cope with it. The dream could also show that you get into things too fast without analyzing the consequences of your own actions. Consider to think twice before you start doing something, otherwise you may get drowned more than once. If you have drowned to death in a dream, then it shows the end of something. You must understand that it is no longer available to fix the situation. If you have saved yourself while being drowned, then such dream represents the realization in how to escape from unfavorable situation. If you see someone else drowning, then such dream shows the necessity for help that person is willing to get. On…

…(Bones | Banana | Brass | Bread | Coin | Dirt | Dough | Pennies | Pie | Poison) A plated coin in a dream means lies, falsehood, or triviality. To shower someone with money in a dream means listening to a filthy conversation, or imperson- ating someone. Money in a dream also means vain talk, or missing one’s prayers. If one sees himself swallowing a coin of money in a dream, it means that he will betray his trust. Money in a dream is also interpreted as knowledge, faith, guidance, or becoming a government employee. Giving money away in a dream means dispelling agony, difficulties or burdens. If one receives money in his dream, it means that he is entrusted with something. Handling one to four coins in a dream is a lucky number. Money in a dream is also interpreted as women’s talk. Having a lot of…

…Dreaming about your partner represents your relationships and feelings. It’s important to analyze what role your partner has in the dream and what feelings it causes in you, you should analyze it well in order to know the meaning. Dreaming that you have a partner, when in real life you’re single, symbolizes a relationship or a compromise….

…If the liana hangs from above that symbolizes a means of ascension. If we are restricted by a woody climbing plant that hangs from trees, especially in tropical rain forests, that portends that we will soon reach a higher position. If we’re climbing up the lianas, that indicates our desire to move up. If we’re going down the lianas or we fall from them, that foretells a decline in our position, the frustration of our hopes. If the liana is on the floor, on furniture or in our hands it is a warning about the state of our business. The same meanings apply if we’re dreaming about a vine tree….

…(Alcohol | Beer | Brewery | Cocaine | Drugs | Hashish | Injection | Inebriant | Marijuana | Opium | Sedatives | Spirits | Wine) In a dream, all intoxicants signify suspicions, apprehension and doubt about one’s resources, or the lawfulness of his earnings, the legitimacy of his children, or the religious legality of his marriage. Drinking alcohol in a dream means losing a fight. Using drugs or intoxicants in a contemptible way in a dream signifies apostasy, loss of honor, negation of the truth, corruption of one’s wife, or it could mean profanity. This is because the raw material and herbs used in the preparation of such drugs and herbs are sacred in their intrinsic state. Once mixed and taken to induce inebriety in a dream, they will produce the reverse effects. (Also see Drunk- enness | Marijuana)…

…— sitting in the front row of the stalls, gazing at the stage, which, like the entire auditorium, was bathed in funereal gloom. Presently a hollow sounding clock boomed twelve, and, ere the last notes had died away, the orchestra filled with vast formless things that, seating themselves, evidently in their accustomed places, at the signal of their conductor beat their spectral palms frantically together. On to the stage from either wing there then wriggled and writhed in ghastly imitation of worms, shapes which suggested more than I dare to name — and which I shrank from analysing. And whilst they were in the midst of their hateful evolutions, a cloud of arrows suddenly burst upon them, and, on looking round, I saw, to my terror, that boxes, circles, and gallery were filled with huntsmen, who now levelled their bows at me. A thousand burning pains rushed through my body,…

This dream could be a message from your unconscious on the need to find new ways to express your feelings, or the discovery of a poetic sensibility that you don’t even know yet. In any case you should analyze your tendency to conventionally showing yourself to others.

…Seeing a papyrus in a dream indicates that you’re looking back into the past, because of this you can learn a lot by analyzing your previous interactions….

Is very easy to interpret this dream if you are following a strict diet because hunger is simply a reflection of feeling true hunger at that moment. If this is not the case, we must analyze whether we are able to satisfy that appetite in the dream. If we eat, most authors interpret as a good omen because we will be intuiting a future with abundance. You can also interpret this dream considering that hunger in our dream speaks of an emotional or sexual need.

…Dreaming of a wallpaper means you put yourself above a barrier or a certain type of situation. It may also suggest that you’re trying to hide a secret. Dreaming that you’re breaking a wallpaper can foresee that you will try to breakup with your partner, or that you’re analyzing an obstacle between you two. The color of the wallpaper offers solution clues. Seeing a white paper in a dream means you wish to refresh your life and be more communicative. On the other hand, it indicates your desire to express yourself through writing or through art….

…(Swiss chard) In a dream, chard means blessings and profits. If one eats it raw in a dream, it means continuous indebtedness or indulging in loathsome and suspicious acts such as practicing anal intercourse with one’s wife or homosexuality or performing the forbidden sexual intercourse with one’s wife during her menstrual period. In a dream, chard also means slander….

It could be about a disorder caused by a strong emotion, a fever or illness. If otherwise, we will try to analyze our dream consulting its different contents.

…disease will affect fruit trees, banana trees, date trees, though wheat will be available in abun- dance, even if the farmers were concerned about it in the early part of the year. If the sound of thunder is heard during the month of August in a dream, it means blessings for the people in Syria and the people of Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea. At that time, sea passages will be blockaded, the highways will be forsaken and a war may take place in China. If the sound of thunder is heard at the end of the month of August in a dream, it means the end of a drought in Egypt, risingprices, death, earthquakes, or major political changes. If the sound of thunder is heard during the first eight days of September in a dream, it announces a drought during the early part of the year that will be…

This dream may have various interpretations. Some authors explain that dream of younger siblings indicates that the weight of responsibilities overwhelms us, and older brothers shows a rivalry conflict in our lives. Other authors indicate that you can interpret the dream, considering that the brother who appears is a reflection of our own personality and with this key we can analyze that part of ourselves that requires our attention.

…(Desertion | Denial | Divorce | Estrangement) Repudiating one’s wife in a dream means unveiling or exposing disturbing secrets. Repudiation in a dream also denotes a vow one has forgotten about. Repudiation in a dream also denotes having loathsome sexual preferences, or desiring anal intercourse with one’s wife, or it could mean running away from one’s enemy….

To dream about medieval times represents old habits/attitudes and old ways of thinking. It is important to analyze the activities that occur in the dream for a more detailed explanation.

…Seeing a new house in a dream indicates that you gathered strength again and it identifies new projects. You try to be more mature emotionally about a few things. Seeing some new shoes in a dream suggests that you show off your success. Alternatively, you’re on a life path that is new and unknown. Dreaming about being in a new school means that you feel out of place in a certain situation. Generally dreaming about new things or new places resembles to something new in your life. You can try to learn and analyze what you already know from your previous experiences….

Dreams related to dresses, tell us about the image that we are looking forward to offer externally as well as how we see ourselves internally. If we are poorly dressed, in relation to the making or color of the dress, it means social maladjustment. Depending on the type of the dress, we can analyze whether it is lack of adaptation referring to work, the environment, age, etc. If the dress is dirty or torn, then it indicates that we feel remorse for an act that does not agree with our intimate moral code.

To be welcomed favorably by a man promises that we will receive the effective protection that we need. If the one who is welcoming us is a woman, we should expect some infidelity. If we dream that we are unwelcome, we should distrust the advice we will receive in coming days. And before following any of them, we must carefully analyze them.

…A business person who dreams of being in a pottery shop or in a glassware shop where all the goods are empty, is a warning for bad business. On the other hand, when shelves are full of pieces that are ready to be sold it insinuates good business in the near future. Dreaming of calmly walking around and staring at objects in a glassware shop indicates that the dreamer should be carefully analyzing any affairs that the dreamer might have in order to avoid complications or losses. When a woman dreams of calmly walking through a glassware shop or pottery shop it indicates that she aspires to have a good home with efficient staff at her service. When a woman dreams about a glassware shop employee who is cleaning and rearranging objects on the shelves it indicates that she desires that her husband (in the future or present) is…

This symbol represents two places, one means where we are and the other one where we are going. It’s important to analyze the state of the bridge, and the elements surrounding it, as well as our attitude. For example, if a bridge is over a river with strong currents and we are afraid to cross it, could be interpreted as the fear of being dragged by passions and wild instincts. In any case, this dream shows us the difficulties or easiness that we will go through until we reach our goal.

To see roaches in your dream represents an unwanted quality of yourself in which you need to confront. Maybe this quality is created by undesirable situation of your life. Alternatively, it may be a clever remark of your subconscious mind for smoking marijuana. On a positive note, roaches may also represent quality of being able to grip something firmly. Additionally, it also means longevity. Please also see cockroach.

Your unconscious is warning you about something important that you are overlooking. So you will have to analyze in detail the whole context of the dream.