…and to the one who is breast-feeding him. Hiring a wet- nurse to breast-feed one’s child in a dream means raising a child to be like his father, or to have the character of one’s father. Sucking milk from a woman’s breast in a dream also means prosperity and profits. Drinking the milk of a horse in a dream means receiving love and affection from someone in authority and earning benefits from such a relationship. Drinking the milk of a mare in a dream means a meeting with a ruler. In general, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or sheep’s milk in a dream represent lawful earnings. Milking in a dream means craftiness and cunning, or it could mean prosperity. Milking an Arabian she- camel in a dream means working in an Arab country. Milking an Asian Bactrian camel in a dream means working in another country. If blood comes out of…

…(Beverage) Drinking an unknown sweet drink or a glass of a cold and fresh water in a dream means guidance, knowledge, having good taste, and the diligence of the people of the path. Drinking a glass of cold sweet water in the early morning in a dream means lawful earnings and profits for everyone, except for someone who is used to drinking hot boiled water which means sickness, stress, depression and a scare from evil spirits. Any yellow colored drink in a dream means sickness. Drinking an infusion of a violet flower in a dream means recovering from an illness, or avoiding certain food in one’s diet. If one is unwillingly drinking a bitter medicinal syrup in a dream, it means that he might suffer a light illness. If he drinks apple juice or honey or myrtle drink or any other delicious drink in a dream, it means happiness…

…To dream that you are drinking water represents energetic vitality, refreshment of strengths, increasing spirituality. You have a purpose and any trouble in your way will be eliminated. Additionally, you are learning from your past and you will find resolution to any future issues. Alternatively, drinking of water suggest for you to care yourself more. To dream that you are drinking alcohol indicates that you are trying to escape from current period of your life. Alternatively, drinking of alcoholic beverages, which are delicious for you in waking life, means that you are seeking illusory and deceitful feeling of happiness, delight, or satisfaction. In specific, if you are drinking wine, it is often the reflection of the image from our religious culture. Drinking of any wine in the dream has symbolism of a divine power. Also, second meaning of wine is interpreted as induction of external stimuli, but you must…

…(Alcoholic | Beer | Drunkard | Enmity | Evil | Hatred | Inebriate | Temptation | Tippler) Wine in a dream represents unlawful earnings, illegal tender, or easy money. Drinking wine in a dream means committing a major sin, or it could mean becoming wealthy. It also could imply verbal abuse, temptation, or enmity. A river of wine in a dream means adversities. Wine in a dream also represents marriage consent, or dismissal from one’s job. Mixing wine with water in a dream means mixing legal and illegal money, or it could represent earnings from a business partnership with a woman. Pressing grapes to make wine in a dream means serving someone in authority whose employment allows one to achieve noticeable successes in life. If one is invited to a drinking party where he finds platters of fruit and pitchers of wine in the dream, it represents his martyrdom….

To dream that you are drinking some kind of alcohol signifies your desire to escape your problems. Perhaps you are feeling very sad or even depressed, therefore you wish to escape the situations you are unable to change or cope. Alternatively, if you are young and free and dream of drinking, signifies that you are having the time of your life, where fun meets booze. Beware of drinking and partying too much.

If you dream that you drink some kind of the alcohol it could have several meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream and feelings that were felt during the dream. If you were having fun while drinking the alcohol, it means that you are happy with your life and the alcohol doesn’t give you bad influence in your behavior, because it is only uses as the part of relaxation and communication. If you felt aggressive while drinking alcohol, you should reconsider your life and emotions, otherwise the consequences won’t be favorable.

…(Life | Rain | River | Vapor) Water in a dream represents a happy life, money, prosperity, expansion of one’s business, increase in one’s income, or it could mean marriage. If one sees the water pure and abundant in his dream, it means lowering of prices, peace and social justice. If one sees himself chewing on water in a dream, it means toiling and hardships related to earning his livelihood. Drinking a glass of water in a dream means protection against any danger from one’s enemy and it denotes a prosperous year for the one who drinks it in a dream. Drinking more water in a dream than what one usually drinks in wakefulness means longevity. If one glass of water does not quench one’s thirst in the dream, it means discord between husband and wife. If one immerses his hand in water in a dream, it means that…

Drinking hot water from the boiler in a dream means sickness, stress, depression and a scare from evil spirits. If one sees himself drinking cold refreshing water from the regular water tab in a dream, it means comfort and joy. (Also see Cup | Drink | Mug)

…To be given to dram-drinking in your dreams, omens ill-natured rivalry and contention for small possession. To think you have quit dram-drinking, or find that others have done so, shows that you will rise above present estate and rejoice in prosperity….

Dreaming you are drinking when you are very dry, is a sure sign of sickness.

…For a woman Dreaming of hilarious drinking, denotes that she is engaging in affairs which may work to her discredit, though she may now find much pleasure in the same. If she dreams that she fails to drink clear water, though she uses her best efforts to do so, she will fail to enjoy some pleasure that is insinuatingly offered her. See Water….

To dream that you are drinking, when you are very dry, is an assured sign of sickness, especially your dream be near the break of day, and the dreamer be of a sanguine complexion, and lying on the left side.

Dreaming that we’re drinking in a place where the joy reigns, especially if you drink wine, foretells happy times ahead. Also the cup that you drink is important, because if it is gold or silver it means that fortune will be propitious. But if what we drink tastes bitter, it’s a warning of a possible disease.

…To dream of drinking portends a visit to a place of entertainment….

Dreaming you are drinking when you are very dry, is a sure sign of sickness.

When woman dreams of drinking liquor cheerfully, it suggests that she’s getting in inappropriate things, which will lead her to lose her prestige. If what you drink in your dream is clear water, it hints that you usually try to not take any risks, especially if the water is really clear. If you dream of refusing to drink liquor or any other beverage, it indicates that you won’t be involved in dangerous matters.

Obstacles in your path, which can be overcome by temperance.

Getting into mischievous gossip. 5.

Getting into entangled business affairs.

Good fortune. 127.

Common pleasure. 1.

Good times coming, property.

Success in business; for sick persons, a slow convalescence; for loving persons, a speedy marriage.

(See Cup)

Receiving one’s good health again. 43….

Riches in life by economy. 270.

Is a sign of sickness and/or illness.

Vexation, disagreement and dispute in family. 82.

…Dreaming of horses drinking from waterhole means that you’ll experience joy in the future. If the animal that is drinking happens to be a donkey, it means that you will have a fight from which you will come out triumphant. If the waterhole is dry, it foretells a mystery or it may be a harbinger of adversities; if it’s dirty, it predicts the birth of a child. Dreaming of a waterhole usually means tranquility. If you dream that you drink from it, it usually means you’ll lose money, but it won’t be a substantial loss. If animals are drinking from it, it’s a harbinger of great news. If the water is clear, is a symbol of joy; on the contrary, if the water is dirty, it indicates the arrival of a new baby in the family. If you see a wild animal drinking water from a waterhole or someplace…

If you dream that you drink alcohol and celebrate something, it has a positive meaning, which shows that you enjoy and celebrate life. You are the happy person. Alternatively, if you drink alcohol and feel very drunk or unhappy, then it signifies your emotional state of mind where you feel melancholic and even depressed.

If you drink alcohol, it means fleeting joy, moments of unpleasantness accompanied by shallow happiness. If you drink cold water, it means that you will make a short trip; if you drink hot water, you will hear from a wedding.

Sickness, vexation and melancholy. 47.

Danger, hearing about secrets.

Being left by friends, bad health.

Release of a great burden. 39.

A good sign.

Danger, explanation of secrets.

Release from troublesome business.

Dispute and, quarrels among members of a family.

Health and gladness.