The dream about the lake could have several meanings depending on the circumstances and the state of the lake. The lake that is crystal clear and you see swimming yourself in it, indicates your ability to move through life with grace and beauty. If the lake is muddy and dirty, it shows that the circumstances are very unfavorable to you. The lake could also be interpreted as the symbol of freedom, especially if you are floating in one. If you are drowning in the lake, you feel helpless in some situation which scares you a lot. The waves of the lake indicates the chaos and turbulence in your waking life.

…water, with mud that you suppose is pestilent (and it’s worse if it’s moved by a storm), indicates dangers, sorrow, and risks. In short, you’re about to go through a rough patch. If that dirty water floods your home, it symbolizes that you are surrounded by more or less hidden enemies that will try to harm you. If the dreamer is trying to get the water out, but the level keeps increasing and covers your feet, it indicates diseases, a very near ruin, personal and relative’s misfortunes. In reality, this dream is a warning for you, so you are more careful in your work performance, business, or social life. Dreaming of sinking in dirty water or drinking it indicates that you are making serious mistakes and soon, you’ll begin to suffer the natural consequences of it. It will be worse if you dream of drowning in the dirty water….