To dream that you are dealing with some kind of finances could have several meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. The finances could indicate the things you are giving or receiving from those you are surrounded by. If you have to pay the money for something or someone is asking the money from you in order to pay, then such dream indicates the things in your life that you feel are unfair because you have to give something in order to receive something. To dream that you receive the money from someone or you have won the lottery, it is interpreted as your wish that you want to become true. If someone owes money to you, it means that you actually think this person should give something to you.

The inconstancy of your efforts will be criticized and will harm your finances in some way.

If we dream of orderly well-stocked fridge that reveals the good economy and caution of the home owners. If is empty it reveals the lack of foresight and economy. If the refrigerator sinks or is destroyed then our family finances are in grave danger.

If you dream of the stamps, then such dream indicates the necessity of contact with other people. The symbol or the writing on the stamp, interpreters dream much better as the picture is an indicator of the exact meaning, for example if the stamp had king symbol on it, then it means that one is feeling very powerful while communicating with others. The collection of stamps also indicates worries with finances.

Announces opportunities in love and finances.

…(Kitchen | Stew) A ladle in a dream represents a household manger, or the lady of the house who properly manages its finances. Eating meat cooked with vinegar from a ladle in a dream means living happily with dignity from money one has earned from his own labor, or it could mean serving the domestic needs of others, working for rich people and making good money, making healthy profits from one’s trade, or winning an important political appointment. (Also see Kitchen)…

When we are dreaming about a fox or a vixen, then it usually indicates the revelation that some relative is harmful to your ambitions and interests. If the dreamer does not take the necessary precautions and timely action, it is very likely that diverse acts against him, which hinder his activities, will harm his finances.

…In a dream, a kohl jar represents a woman who serves others, advises them in managing their finances and teaches women about their religious and spiritual role. One’s eyes in a dream represent his religious standing while the kohl is used to beautify them or as a cure. Putting the kohl brush or stick inside a kohl jar to extract kohl powder and apply it to his eyelid in a dream means marriage for a single person, profits for a poor person, or knowledge for an ignorant person. If the kohl jar contains ashes, or butter, or a foamy substance, or feces in the dream, it means that one is seeking earnings from falsehood and innovation. A kohl jar in a dream also may represent a coffer, lost money, a box to keep one’s personal papers or documents. (Also see Kohl)…

To dream that you are going to file a complaint indicates upcoming difficulties that will affect your emotions and finances negatively.

Portends future difficulties that will affect negatively your emotions and finances.

…Dreaming of seeing heavy, misshapen jaws, denotes disagreements, and ill feeling will be shown between friends. If you dream that you are in the jaws of a wild beast, enemies will work injury to your affairs and happiness. This is a vexatious and perplexing dream. If your own jaws ache with pain, you will be exposed to climatic changes, and malaria may cause you loss in health and finances….

Reveals worry regarding order and finances.

When you dream about the amazing fairy that is gracious and adorable, the felicity is in your life everywhere you go. If the fairy seems to be angry, sad or ugly one, you might get in trouble with your finances.

If you read the Zodiac and feeling awkward about this fact, then it means that some kind of unpleasable incident will make you sad or even angry. Make sure you prepare yourself for that, then it won’t be a surprise of something unfavourable. If you read the Zodiac and enjoying it, it means that the growth of your finances are on the way and you will also be happy with your current relationships. If you see your own Zodiac, you know yourself very well and like to examine your thought, feelings and emotions.

To dream that you see your own wallet indicates the way you are managing your finances. If you have everything in your wallet being placed, it shows that you are coping with your life perfectly. If you can’t find something in your wallet, you have to take the responsibilities of yourself. If someone stole your wallet, it means that you are afraid of losing it, or there is someone trying to steal your independence.

If you dream that you have lost your purse, then the subconscious mind of yours is sending you a signal that you should be more careful with your finances. The purse that is being stolen warns you to open your eyes, because there is someone in your waking life that is waiting to steal something from you.

…If we are counting coins of little value it’s an omen of economic difficulties. If we lose coins it’s a warning about our lack of finances. If we find coins, then that reflects our intimate desire to undertake more lucrative tasks….

The friends who adores some idols means that will have troubles with their own lives and even could cause some damage for you. If you are the person who idols, then it shows the falling finances or relationships you are in at the moment. You won’t do well. If you break the idol, then such dream means that you will be able to handle any situation on your own. You won’t need any help. If you are condemning the idols, then such dream foretells about the respects you will gain from others.

To dream that you see your own waist can have many different meanings depending on the size and shape of it. The waist that is small, means great success in your finances. The large waist promises domestic happiness. However, if the waist is small or large it has to be in healthy state.

If the dreamer sees himself going up to garret, then such dream indicates the growth and increase with his finances.

The grass that is green foretells about the growth of your finances or even luck in love affairs. The grass that is burnt doesn’t have a good meaning, you will suffer. If you plant the grass, it means you have new ideas and projects on your mind, but it will give results if you will work hard.

Dreaming of a teapot announces unpleasant news. Dreaming that you serve cold water with a teapot announces you’ll receive unexpected favors. Dreaming of an empty teapot indicates that you’ll have a bad streak regarding your finances and maybe your health.

…represents his finances, knowledge, sharing, hospitality and generosity. If one’s own dwellings looked renovated in a dream, it means regaining or developing one’s business for the better. Its fresh paint means fulfilling one’s religious commitments. Its tiles or marble floors represent his pleasures or wife. Dwellings of solid iron cast means longevity and authority. If one enters an unknown house and finds departed souls dwelling therein in a dream, it means that he has entered the realms of the hereafter. If such dwellings are built of mud or plaster, this will be a reflection on his adverse conditions. If one enters such dwellings, then walks out of it in a dream, it means that he will become sick and nearly die of his illness before he recovers from it. If one walks out of it angry in a dream, it means that he will be imprisoned. If he sees someone…